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Diggin' Devery

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; METAIRIE Opelousas native and New Orleans Saints receiver Devery Henderson has a lot to be thankful for this weekend. First and foremost is health and prosperity. Henderson is playing possibly the best of his career with 31 catches for ...

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METAIRIE Opelousas native and New Orleans Saints receiver Devery Henderson has a lot to be thankful for this weekend.

First and foremost is health and prosperity.

Henderson is playing possibly the best of his career with 31 catches for 521 yards and one touchdown.

Second is his team's success.

Henderson is a member of one of only two unbeaten teams in the NFL.

And last, but most important, is his support group.

"My family is great," Henderson said Wed-nesday after the Saints' first practice in preparation for Monday's epic showdown at the Superdome with the New England Patriots. "They've always supported me and been by my side."

Henderson's support group has grown as the Saints have had more success, but he says his core group hasn't changed one bit.

"It's the same. The thing is, my family has always supported me," Henderson said. "I try to get them all to games when I can, but it's really no new people asking for tickets."

As for the ticket demands, Henderson said he's already gotten a ton for the Patriots' game Monday. He tries to honor every request, but naturally has only a limited number of seats to go around.

"The main thing for me is I'm so busy and sometimes you go through things and people don't understand that it's nothing against them," Henderson said. "Some of your friends or family members take it to heart when I don't call them back. It's just my way of being to myself and focusing on other things.

"I just try to get them to understand that, it's nothing personal."

Ticket distractions aside, Henderson said he's ready for Monday's big showdown as the Saints continue the trek to a perfect season.

"I'm excited, especially going into it 10-0," Henderson said. "I can remember the year we won the national championship, it just happened like that.

"It's because we took it one game at a time and before we knew it, we were in the national championship game. It's the same thing this season; all of a sudden you look up and 10-0 creeped on us."

As of Wednesday afternoon, Henderson's Thanksgiving plans were to stay home and relax. But he said a surprise trip to Opelousas isn't out of the question.

"I'm just going to chill," Henderson said. "I don't know what I'm doing yet. I'll probably just stay home, relax a little.

"But you never know, I might take that drive."

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Re: Diggin' Devery

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Re: Diggin' Devery

We, as $A!NT'z fans, have absolutely nothing less than the most respect possible for u DEVERY. Yes, at the begining, we were all a LiL skeptic. There were alot of dropped passes & bad routes. We all as fan's & me especially, thought it just was'nt ment to be. Hell to be honest, i did'nt even wanna see you come on the field for a play. It worried me & just seemed as though any pass that hit u in the #'s u dropped & all of the difficult passes that looked as though they were gonna go over your head or a pass that you had to dive for & was just unlikely to be caught, lol, but some how u would catch those. So basicly we had a rec that would drop perfect passes, but make some of the most unbelievable catches on tough throw's, LoL, had me just sit'n here going WTF, Lmao.
All B/S aside though, most of us fan's really did'nt expect to see you on the roster come the next season. ( BOY, WAS WE EVER WRONG! )
You took it apon yourself to stay after every practice, everyday & practice non-stop to correct & put your rec problems behind, somewere in a trash can, were they belonged. My opinion, i think not only did u put them behind you, you also threw it all in a trash can, but honestly,
I believe that before you turned to walk away, that you drenched the inside of the can with diesel fuel, pulled a box matches out of ur pocket, struck one of the matches on the box & threw tha S.O.B. in the can. From that very moment, u turned around, walked away & NEVER looked back...
Now i could be wrong & im sure that there might be 1 or 2 somewere along tha way since then, but me myself CAN'T recall the last time ive seen you even come close to drop'n a ball. You worked extremely hard with the rec coach, dedicated all your time to correcting this problem & refused to LOSE...
For that, I & Im sure every other Saint's fan out there tip our hat's & have all the up-most RESPECT for u. Not only did you fix your problem's, but now you are considered one of the most dangerous deep threat's in the NFL, a reliable one at that & you deserve it... Hard work & dedication pay's off & your living proof of that... Great job man, keep it up.
Needless to say, i seriously doubt there's anyone out there who could possibly disagree with this & if there is, well, all i can say is that your about a complete idiot... BOTTOM LINE!!!

Now, would Monday plzzzzzzzz hurry & get here, Im losing my damn mind...
N.E. has "NO" idea what there about to get themselves into come Monday night in tha "DOME", OUR TURF, OUR HOME...
10-0 is NOT luck, u can't just win 10 str8t games in the NFL by LUCK. Everyone in this league are professional's. Some are just better than other's. This is were we prove who we really are, show our TRUE idenity & silence tha hater's... Wonder what the excuses will be then??? LoL, it's gonna be a good game, can't wait!!!
~{GEAUX $A!NT'z... 11-0... 2nd place is NOT an option!!! }~
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