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One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Talk talk talk, let's get it on. Adapt and over come. Kock'em the F###OUT!!!!...

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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

Talk talk talk, let's get it on. Adapt and over come. Kock'em the F###OUT!!!!
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

Originally Posted by D_it_up View Post
That is six different scenarios were the Saints beat playoff caliber teams.
Not only that, but the teams on our upcoming schedule are getting better.

If we go 13-3, 14-2, 15-1, or undefeated, we have earned it just as much as any team ever earned their record.
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

I have learned to not let any of the crap bother me. Who cares really what they think?

None of it matters except that we keep winning and find ourselves in the playoffs. Because when its all said and done all that matters is who has won and who has lost.
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

After we win this game the excuse will be we would have lost if the game was in New England.( Can you hear the snow plows warming up!!!!)
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

It seems every game proves something for this team. Monday night's game againt the Pats can be the game that shuts up all the nay-sayers.

I'm really looking forward to the game!!!
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

I'm not going to say that a win wouldn't matter...but I think people will still have something to say about a Saint victory. They will find excuses or some other way to detract from the fact that this is a very good nO team.
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Cool Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

Originally Posted by arsaint View Post
This is some of the same crap we were hearing before we went to Philly (the Saints have only beaten the Lions and gave up 27 points).

Also heard this before the 3-0 Jets came to town (Saints have beaten two bad teams and Eagles without McNabb).

Also heard this before 5-0 Giants (Saints have only played rookie QBs).

Also heard this before Falcons and Panthers (have not faced a good rushing team with veteran QB).

And we're hearing it again now...

I say that if Saints hang on to the ball, no way they lose this game!
It's true, the Saints did beat a GODAWFUL Lions team, but we also beat a good Eagles team. It wouldn't matter if McNabb, Kolb or Jawarski was playing QB.

I heard them say that the reason the Saints beat the Jets is because they have a rookie QB. Last time I checked, the team we're playing on Monday Night Football (Patriots) have lost one of their three games to that same Jets team with that same rookie QB.

The Saints "AINT" played nobody? If that's the case then New England "AINT" played nobody, either!! The Saints are a bigger test for the Patriots than it is vice versa. This is 'their' big test. So if the talking heads want to give props to the New England "Cheating Elvises" and say thet the Saints need to beat them to validate themselves as an 'elite' team, then fine. To be the team you have to beat the team. Right now, the New Orleans Saints are THAT team.

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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

And how about those Vikings??? The only real powerhouse they have beaten this season was Pittsburgh.... Wait a minute... THAT'S RIGHT THEY LOST THAT GAME. They are in a weak azz conference this year, with GB, Detroit, and the Bears, really sucking it up, and haven't really blown any great teams out, but guess what, many people say that they will beat us. Who have THEY played??? But, because Favre is on the team, they are the NFC darlings. Hell, even Madden got tired of Favre, and retired. j/k

I'm sure, WHEN we beat the Pats, we will not have won it, they will have lost it. I say, let the analysts do what they do best, sit around and gossip, like a bunch of old women in a sewing circle. When it comes to the game, I will draw my own conclusions, and go from there.

What's popular is not always right, and what's right is not always popular.....
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

Other fans are pissed because we are Blanking in their corner. What has Payton and Williams been saying about how hard it was going to be to change a culture. This is what we are hearing from the other teams and fans because they cannot believe this is happening to them. This will take a few years before it sinks into their heads. They are hoping for a Saint's downfall so they can say we told you so. It will be up to this organization to bring it to them over a period of time before we can truly say we have turned the corner here in New Orleans. Time will tell.
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Re: One thing that I'm tired of hearing...

The same can be said about the Colts, that they haven't played anyone. The Saints are one of the best teams in the league, that's why they are 10-0. They are better than the teams they beat. If they are better, that is what they are suppose to do.
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