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where are the optimistic?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; How many times do I have to say it before it sinks in? Offense is the big problem!! You guys want to look at the talent on the team but not the play on the field. Pak, your right the ...

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where are the optimistic?

How many times do I have to say it before it sinks in? Offense is the big problem!! You guys want to look at the talent on the team but not the play on the field. Pak, your right the defense played very well the first qtr. Go look at the time of possession for the first QTR. Once the offense stalled and left the defense on the field 2nd. 3rd, and 4th QTR it was over.

The saints defense sucks but that is magnified when the offense, which is suppose to be the teams strength, fails to play to the potential of the talent on the team. Same thing happened the second half of last year and everyone only pointed fingers at the defense.
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where are the optimistic?

ahhhh, this is an opinion board, is\'nt it? yes, we did lose.......and yes, we did not look that good losing........and the worst thing is that howard went out with injury.....that stings..........i\'ve learned to get over it through many yrs of the saints and i\'m over it....while that may be my strong point, i am still optimistic.......which many consider a weak point.......it\'s ok.........i\'ll carry you til the fat lady sings, which won\'t be for sometime now...................smitty

p.s. anyone wants to see bouman this early, or should they wait til it may be too late?
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where are the optimistic?

Youy guys are stating the obvious. It is one game. No one has wriiten off a season, the Saints just gave us, who felt in the draft time and preseason that would could be in trouble, 1 weeks worth of substantiation. The following still holds true, Brooks needs to prove his leadership abilities and pull himself up from adverese situations. The O coordinator needs to mix things and give his team some energy and confuse the defense, and the D coordinator.......nevermind. Horn was frustrated, take a guess why. The guy is a competitor. A team can overcome turnovers and things not going there way, but they cannot have a self defeatist attitude. Maybe a bad example, but an exapmle anyway, was The UM vs. the Gaytors. 4 turnonvers, a football field and a half worth of penalties, and they had the desire to win and won against another ranked team. It was a major comeback that started in the 3rd quarter. The field general can make things happen, he controls the tone. The coaches job is to give them the plan and try to foster that winning attitude for the general to carry on to the field and execute.

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where are the optimistic?

Defense is about where I expected them to be. They did a good job considering what our Offense didn\'t do.

Offense, what can I say. Oh, our TE\'s looked good.

Brooks: I\'m off his bandwagon now. I saw him smiling and giggling AGAIN as we were getting it handed to us. He can\'t hit a WR in stride, which the westcoast system requires.
Although his balls have plent zip on them as they\'re thrown 3 yards behind a streaking WR.

WR\'s: They absolutely suck, but Stallworth looks lighting fast dropping ball after ball.

RB: McCallister is overrated. Sure he\'s a decent runner, but he looked completely uninspired. Did he jump up once pumping his fist or displaying any enthusiasm? Is he on Prozac?

I don\'t think it can get any worse... Oh yes it can, Houston is coming to town.

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where are the optimistic?

Why is it so hard for some people to admit when they are wrong? Although I was not posting it, I have been nodding my head all off-season in tune with the guys on this board who were saying, \"Hey we don\'t look so good\"

People have pointed out our mediocre group on the D side of the ball over and over again. Look at what happened yesterday. You can quote Hasselback\'s stats to me all day long. Alexander ran all over us. Where was our new speed to stop the run? Where were Gravy Jackson and John Sullivan? Once again, we had to stack the line to bring the runningback down. What happened then? Man-to-man coverage wherein our aging (and that is putting it politely) secondary get\'s beat. On another note, why can\'t our D tackle? Coaching problem?

People have questioned Brooks\' ability to lead (hear me, LEAD) this team anywhere. After last season there was a lot of loud talk about excusing his repeated errors and bad decisions on the field. Many said, \"It\'s only his third year playing!\" Guess what: he\'s still doing it. Whether it is not knowing his own playbook (see that missed hand-off to Horn on the reverse?), throwing off his back foot under pressure (can you see the interceptions coming?), or just plain not paying attention (if getting hit in the crank with the snap in shotgun is not just the most stupid thing I have ever seen, well.....) I guess we can all be happy that at least he isn\'t smiling about it... woohoo....

They had a bad game, as many predicted they would. They had so many mistakes, bad tackles, misques, etc. Boil it all down and it says, \"YOU HAVE BAD FUNDAMENTALS!\" It will not be a surprise to me if we win more games than we lose this year. There is some talent on the O side of the ball. We could get hot and have a run of good games. We probably will. But do not ask or expect anyone who knows anything about football to evaluate this team (notice: not O not D, team) as anything but a little south of average.

One more thing, I\'ve been a fan of the Saints since around \'77. Yes, I am that old. All the years I was in the Army, I had to listen to the other fans crow as their teams won various Super Bowls. I also had to listen to their laughter and derision when I would say, \"I am a Saints fan.\" Through it all, I stayed a Saints fan. I am still one, but I won\'t run around yelling about how we are gonna set the world on fire. I sure that some who post on this board are comfortable calling other people who post on this board \"bandwagon\" fans when they post an opinion not in lock-step with their own. So be it. Anyone who can\'t take an insult or two, I\'d call pretty lame. And I understand that they are just trying to make themselves feel better by lashing out at others.

Here\'s hoping we get a little lucky.
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where are the optimistic?

Billy, how the heck can you sit there tonight and question our football knowledge when it was a few of us who pretty much called the outcome of this game and the play of the saints? Man you got some nerve!

just because you sit back and call for a win every game does not make you one bit more a fan than any other saints fan.

Saints offense is healthy, what is the excuse now for their sorry play? The excuse was injuries, then it was they are waiting for the real games to open it up. Your right it was one game. guess what? I have a bad feeling it may happen to them again next week.
I made no excuses for anyone on the Saints. They had a bad game. Sure you called the game FWtex. As a matter of fact you have called every game of the season as a loss.

Fwtex - You have every right to give up on the season. I just prefer not to look at yesterday\'s game as a playoff game and realize that we have 15-more to go.

Let me ask you a question? If the Saints somehow start winning this year, are you going to jump on the bandwagon? You are off the bandwagon now, right? Please answer this question for me!

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where are the optimistic?

Two notes, b/c I\'m not jumping back into this one. Everyone knows my opinion anyway...

1. Hassleback only threw for 150 yards b/c that\'s all he needed to throw for. When your defense give up 150 yards and over 20 points, and your offense puts up three in a half, YOU DON\'T NEED TO THROW. Trust me, Hassleback didn\'t have a hard time finding open receivers when they did want to throw. He just didn\'t have to. They stuck with the run to eat the clock and control the game.

2. The D looked good on the first three series... then what? This is the problem with this team. They can always look good for a little while, just never a complete series, game, season, whatever...

\"Excuses, excuses, excuses. That’s all anyone ever makes for the New Orleans Saints’ organization.\" - Eric Narcisse

\"Being a Saints fan is almost like being addicted to crack,\"
he said.[i]\"You know you should stop, but you just can\'t.\"
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where are the optimistic?

Billy quote:
\"I made no excuses for anyone on the Saints. They had a bad game.\"

All you have done since you have been posting is make excuses for the saints. BTW, saying they had a bad game is just another lame excuse.

Billy quote:
\"I just prefer not to look at yesterday\'s game as a playoff game and realize that we have 15-more to go.\"

Everygame with this group should be looked at as a playoff game. I hear way too much \"we got\" from the people on this team but I never see what they say they got. Talk is cheap!!

Billy quote:
\"If the Saints somehow start winning this year, are you going to jump on the bandwagon? You are off the bandwagon now, right?

Billy do you know what a BANDWAGON FAN is? It does not appear you do. I find it interesting though to read the lack of confidence in your writing now. \"If the Saints somehow start winning\"????
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where are the optimistic?

I would somewhat agree with the comments made by people saying it is only one game that we lost. No big deal, right? However, when looking at how they performed in the preseason, there is not all that much more to expect. I\'m living up in Bills country, and I am surrounded by their fans. At the end of last year they were in the same position as the Saints. They needed to revanmp their whole D. What did they do? They went out and signed quality players (Posey, Adams, Spikes and Milloy). What did the Saints do, they signed players who are at best on the downside of their careers (Ruff, Rodgers, Ambrose, Ford and Jones). I\'m not saying that the Saints season is done, however I have been reading all of the comments for the whole summer and getting pumped up, and then they fail us once again. This is when the reality has set in that they are just an average team. They didn\'t revamp their D and make it into a powerhouse, they just revamped it and didn\'t improve it. Their O look lathargic and heartless.
I really think that what it comes down to is bad moves on the part of the front office/coaches and no heart on the team. At this point playing teams like Houston scares me....
Lets hope that the front office is as shocked at how badly we played as we all are, and lets go make some trades to improve where we can.
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where are the optimistic?

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