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Predictions against the Skins

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I just don`t think the Skins have the talent to play with our Saints. We just seem to have a better overall team. The Redskins are also going to be starting a rookie quarterback(a home state one at that). Hmmm, ...

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Predictions against the Skins

I just don`t think the Skins have the talent to play with our Saints. We just seem to have a better overall team. The Redskins are also going to be starting a rookie quarterback(a home state one at that). Hmmm, sounds alot like Detroit which kind of scares me.
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Predictions against the Skins

The Redskins scare me too. I just hope their defence won\'t decide to jell this week. These guys could be really scarey on defence.Three former probowl linebackers and their corners are as good as any in the league.For the life of me i can\'t see why this defence isn\'t one of the best in the NFL.Like i said, I just hope they don\'t decide to come together this week.

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Predictions against the Skins

You are dead right about their defense. Looking at the defensive players it`s hard to believe that they are not the best in the NFL. They just have a ton of talent at every defensive position. They also have the best defensive coordinator in the league.
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Predictions against the Skins

3 things need to happen for us to win.

1. Stay in Ramsey\'s face and put him on the ground. Forcing him into bad tosses.
2. Our WR\'s beat their CB\'s (Smoot, Bailey, Green). NOT an easy task.
3. TD\'s not FG\'s.

The over/under is 45.5 for this game. Take the over cuz the balls should be slinging for 3 solid hours. Trust me on this one. Steve Superior is salivating big time after watching film of Harrington & Maddox light up our DB\'s.
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Predictions against the Skins

Saints win 31-17. Stephen Davis is hurting Ramsey is still new to the offense and their recievers arent very intimidating. Garndner is really the only recieving threat. No tight end to worry about. The defense is better than they have played. The Saints will dominate both sides of the ball and take a 5-1 record in against San Fran.
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Predictions against the Skins

Key to saints win will be the Saints offense. If they come out of the tunnel playing well and scoring early they will win the early \"mental game\". If the saints allow the skins D to gain any momentum this will be just like the detroit game. The saints need to make sure the skins are worried about giving the game away by allowing big plays, just like the saints will be worried if they allow the skins to get early motivation.

If the saints can get an early lead then the defense can play more loosley and put pressure on Ramsey.

Skins d is not bad at all. Nothing the saints can not exploit though with their speed. Saints have to come out early and keep then skins d off balance. The use of the draw to Duece, the middle screen to Duece, a bootleg by Brooks and a reverse early and in opportune 3rd down situations would have the skins playing on their heels which will open up big holes for running which will open the pass this week. A shuttle pass to duece would also be good.
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Predictions against the Skins

Here is my 2 cents worth .

Haslett has been waiting for this game . This is the one he wants and bad , Cowher was the gravy and Spurrier is the bird .

Haslett has been hiding the 32 dime blitzkrieg for 3 weeks now so that Spurrier could not chart it . He unleashes it in the face of a rookie qb . The Saints D spends the afternoon crashing the gaps and knock Ramsey out .

On offense look for Haslett to unleash a few gadget plays , my guess is Duece passing to sloan for some real yardage . Brooks takes the pig skin for a few strolls and gets over 50 yards rushing .

The final

Saints 31
Redskins 13

\"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn\'t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.\" - George S. Patton
On another note, I\'ll take a bite of that crow 08. - Saintfan
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Predictions against the Skins

The scary thing is that all the so called experts and it seems like all the fans pipeing in on the forums say Washington is an offensive juggarnaut waiting to explode. I just wonder what they are waiting for. I think a quarterback. Ramsey put up decent numbers last week, but I don\'t think he is the truth. If Saintz08 is right and Haslett has been holding back on defense than that is good news. Hopefully, we can throw some surprises at the rookie QB and get him off balance. We some injury issues on special teams Carroll is out, McAfee doubtful. Also Stallworth is listed as doubtful. I hear he probably won\'t play again. Just remember Detroit flopped for three straight and got well quick on the saints. Pittsburgh\'s offense was invisible and magically reappeared vs. the Saints. What did they have in common...relatively new starting QB\'s....i.e. Ramsey for Washington. That scares me. I think this game will be closer than most people think. I still think the Saints will win.

Saints 31 Redskins 28


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Predictions against the Skins

I know I was negative about the Detroit game...........but we did let down, as I hoped we wouldn\'t. I don\'t worry as much about let down against the Skins. They could have a great D,especially at cornerback, if they show up. The key to winning this game is discombobulating their offense. We must pressure this kid a QB. If we give happy feet, they won\'t win. Secondly, Deuce must rumble for big rushing and screen pass yards.

We will win this game..........
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