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Forecast on why the Saints win

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Forecast: Why I think the Saints will win | wwltv.com | Football...

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Forecast on why the Saints win

Forecast: Why I think the Saints will win | wwltv.com | Football
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

Excellent article. Makes perfect sense to me!
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

Great read, very nice... I could'nt agree more on pretty much everything u wrote. Yes, the CARD'z did play one hellava game, but like u said, they have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with following up on big win's.
Also, i agree about the media/critic's alway's talk'n about the last game & nothing about the present. Everyone wants to say the $A!NT'z were exposed, are in trouble or so many other thing's. Heck, i could write for an hour straight about wut all the critic's say about us, but it's all good.

The BEST example about how ignorant the media is, well this is as good EXAMPLE u could get: (Pat's vs Colt's)... When Bilichek made the decision to go for it on 4th down, so many folks were shocked & could'nt believe wut they were about to witness. Of course as we know, they were stopped & did NOT make it & so ALL, {critic's, anylast, media & fan's talked down on Bilichek & talked non-stop about how DUMB his decision.}

Well, incase ur wondering were im going with this, well here ya go & im pretty damn sure any & all will AGREE... ( HAD THE PAT'S MADE THAT 1st DOWN, ANY & EVERYONE WOULD HAVE THEN & TO THIS VERY DAY, TALK ABOUT JUST HOW "BRILLIANT" OF A PLAY CALL THAT WAS & THAT "BILICHECK" IS A MASTER MIND PLAY CALLER & SHOWED ALL OF THE
~{{{ I personaly DON'T or CAN'T see anyone disagreeing on that }}}~

We are now HEALTHY & even better, we are HEALTHIER now than we were entering the first game of the season... That's great. Now, with Greer & Porter back & starting again, Big Sed's healthy now, Shockey is back healthy, Pierre Thomas is good to go now & all the lil naging injuries Sharper & Vilma 7 other's had, are better. Oh & as far as C. Grant goes, well i hate to hear he's out & injuried, he just wase'nt dominant at all. He had a few games, mostly in the first 5-6 games, but since then, NOTHING. So now, McCray can get in there & cause havoc on Warner, along with W. Smith on the other end. McCray is very fast & has alway's been well known for his ability to pressure QB's & his speed. I wanted him to start the whole season, becuz, without a doubt at all, he is much more athletic & gives 110% on each & every play. He without a doubt at all, WILL bring the HEAT. He & W. Smith should have a great post season. They will feed off one another & that will be a SERIOUS problem for any apposing team...

Let's get this party going & bust that A$$... Aint gonna be nothing fun for the Card's, once they enter that dome... They better STRAP-UP, becuz we are coming with the HEAT!!!

Oh yea, almost 4-got... Goooooooooo Cowgirlsssssssssss, wooohoooo!!!
There's NO other team we wanna see in the NFC Championship, than the Cowgirl'z, bottom line... So YES, we Saint'z fan's WILL be ROOT'n on yall to be the Viking's!!! LoL, Yeeeaaaa Buuuuddyyyy!!!

((( WhO DaT NaT!on ))) Rep'n our $A!NT'z 100%
~{GeauX SA!NT'z #1 & aint look'n back... "WhO DaT"}~
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

That was a fantastic article, it puts things into perspective. Let's go October Saints.
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

WOuldn't a NO - SD Superbowl be fantastic? Not only could Drew beat the team that dropped him but he could show up the QB they dropped him for!!
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

Saints Chargers Superbowl would be a great story all around. I hold no ill will with The Chargers I will always be grateful for Drew coming here. At this point the following Superbowl stories would be good too! Saints vs Colts,
Saints vs Jets, Saints vs Ravens (hopefully not The Ravens bad history there)
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Re: Forecast on why the Saints win

great read, thanks Strato
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