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lumm0x 10-03-2003 11:17 AM

QB change??
First of all, I'm not posting this thread to advocate a change in QB's. Everyone has their opinion, and have made it know what they wish to have happen. The media is fueling this fire as well now. The only thing that will silence the national critics is a win with success on offense, and what better team to do that to than Carolina, touting one of the best defenses in the NFL. That aside, if Brooks does struggle against this aggressive D, if you were the coach, do you make the change, and do you make it on the road and spare it in front of the home crowd, or do you make the change in front of a home crowd, since based on the "at-game" fan reaction, it would seem to be the vocal majority?

I think we'll see some interesting opinions.

BillyCarpenter1 10-03-2003 11:32 AM

QB change??
The thing is -- there is a POSSIBILITY that a QB change could help. If a change at QB would help, then I\'m all for it. But, I think it\'s too early to do that. Based off of Aaron\'s play through the first 4 games, there is no SOLID reason to think that it would help. There\'s just as much chance it could hurt this teams chances of winning and right now we can\'t afford to be changing, just for the sake of changing.

I would like to think these decisions are based on GOOD SOUND REASONING and not reactions like SwampDog. Mr. SwampDog would be yanking QB\'s in and out all year long if he\'s willing to yank Brooks at this point. But you have to understand that MR. DOG ain\'t exactly a FOOTBALL COACH !! He is a that CLAIMS to have all the answers. Ask yourself do you have the answers?? If not, then how the HELL does Dog know so much more than EVERYONE ELSE??

If Brooks struggles for a period of time, then I am in favor of replacing him. Now is not that time.

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saintfan 10-03-2003 11:37 AM

QB change??
I try to keep a level head about things which puts me in the minority here to be sure. The media gets paid to create controversy. I\'m old enough to know that when I see it, and I\'m not the type of person that considers a knee-jerk response a good idea for any kind of crisis. I also don\'t need the media (or a collection of biased, short-sighted individuals on this board) to force feed me a QB problem when there isn\'t one. My eyes tell me the problems with our team point to poor blocking, injuries, and coaching/play calling, and NONE of those things require a change at QB. I find it dificult to believe that anyone who honestly looks at our team could see things any other way. Those with a short fuse / quick-fix mentality (see swamp boy or whatever his name is) or those who just don\'t like the QB (see Saintz08 among other Delhomme loyalists) will see things differently, but I see through them just as I see through the media. Any one of us can looks at Brooks\' numbers and see that he\'s performing quite well. He ad a bad game as any player can and does have. People like swamp rat (again, whatever his name is) mention interceptions without acknowledging tipped passes or hurried throws becaues they don\'t want to...plain and simple. As so, I\'ll say it yet again...

I continue to beleive it\'s a damn good thing some of you aren\'t in charge.

lumm0x 10-03-2003 11:41 AM

QB change??
Thanks for both of your opinions. I already knew you\'d both be in favour of letting Brooks work through the games, but just to get a hypothetical opinion, if you would pull him, would you do it on the road or at the home crowd?

BillyCarpenter1 10-03-2003 11:48 AM

QB change??
Wouldn\'t matter to me. There are advantages and disadvantages to both situations. I\'ve seen QB\'s come in \"On the Road\" and play extremely well and at home as well. But if I just had to say then I would say at home, because at least he wouldn\'t have the crowd noise to contend with and maybe he would be inspired by the crowd.

saintfan 10-03-2003 11:49 AM

QB change??
I\'d pull him whenever I thought it was necessary regardless.

BillyCarpenter1 10-03-2003 01:03 PM

QB change??
JoeSam --

I really don\'t understand you. I said \"Idiotic Reaction\" and \"Pretender\".

I didn\'t call anyone an Idot -- I said \"Idiotic Reaction\"

And how the HELL does Pretender get edited??

I just have to wonder if you don\'t hold a serious grudge against me.

How bout\' an explination. Cause I can sure as HELL can show you much worse on this board that hasn\'t been edited.

PRETENDER?? Give me a break...

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saintfan 10-03-2003 01:09 PM

QB change??
I\'ve gotta side with Billy on this one JoeSam...and I could use ANY of \"swampdummie\'s\" posts as an expample of being \"edit worthy\" based on the edits from Billy\'s earlier post.

Really Man...What Gives?

TheOriginalSwampdog 10-03-2003 01:37 PM

QB change??
Thanks for the credit. First of all, why in the world did we sign Bouman to a million dollar deal? Second, how long do we have to keep losing before a change is made? 1-5, 1-7, 1-10? LET\'S DO IT BEFORE THE SEASON GOES DOWN THE CRAPPER!

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JOESAM2002 10-03-2003 04:06 PM

QB change??
Ok here\'s the explaination for you. I get tired of having to rewrite every post you two make just to make it where anyone can read it. You two act like I have nothing but time to edit ya\'lls posts. I\'m tired of it, you won\'t listen, you don\'t do what I ask. So here\'s your next answer. If I read anywherewhere the two of ya\'ll are calling each other names(and you both know what I\'m talking about) I\'m not going to edit it, I\'m going to delete it!

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