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Be an OC!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Ok everyone, I'm throwing out a fun hypothetical. Pretend you are the Offensive Coordinator. What are the first 5 plays you'd script for our guys against the Bears? If the problem really is playcalling, how would you resolve it? Here's ...

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Be an OC!

Ok everyone, I'm throwing out a fun hypothetical.

Pretend you are the Offensive Coordinator. What are the first 5 plays you'd script for our guys against the Bears? If the problem really is playcalling, how would you resolve it?

Here's my shot
1. Deep post route to Pathon. We're talking 20+ yards here. Pathon seems to be the most reliable receiver, I think he can run by Azumah and it breaks our pattern of Duece up the middle. If the pass is on and the catch is made, people in the dome take their bags off.

2. Short sideline pass (< 10 yards) to Conwell. Even more fun if Duece comes out of the backfield and crosses with Conwell. Should get Urlacher to bite on Duece.

3. Designed run by Brooks.

4. 2 Tight end set, deep pass to Boo.

5. 1st designed run play by Duece, coming up behind Bently.
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Be an OC!

I think you have it correct BMG. Their corners are the weak link on the Bears defense. McQuarters is the best of the bunch and he\'s average at best. I know this sounds strange, but if I\'m the OC I run the ball on the first play. I think the Bears have seen us open up every game with a run and either will be expecting one of the same or expecting McCarthy to break that trend and fire a deep ball. Here\'s how mine goes:

Play #1- I run a 4 spread set with Deuce as the single back. My two slot recievers are Conwell and Boo Williams. Horn to the wide left and Stallworth on the wide right. Get everyone set at the line quickly. Motion Conwell to the left H back spot. Then once Conwell resets, Williams motions to the tackles right. I would have this play practiced out hard to avoid illegal motion on this run. The play is a wide handoff to Deuce behind Boo Williams. Sttallworth streaks towards Boo to appear to be trying to cut off the strong side pressure and let Deuce hit the corner and be man on the DB, but Stallworth turns backfield and it becomes a reverse. The goal from left of the center is contain the cut back pursuit. Jacox and Gandy and Conwell cut of re-direct from the interior of the line and the Lbers and Horn takes the CB to the outside. Stallworth streaks between Horn and the downfield push of the left side blocks and is man with FS. We\'ll see where that goes.

2- I re-line in the two TE set and again motion Conwell to the H-back strong side. The O-line will be instructed to completely tell run on this play. Three point stance mandatory-no heels at all. Deuce will be in blitz pick up, and Conwell will chip the strong side pressure and break to the flat. Boo will be isolation blocking the LB to cut off any strong side flow. Horn, wide right this time will again need to contain the DB from getting up field, trying to direct him back inside. The play action to Deuce turns into Brooks turning back to the strong side and hitting Conwell in the flat.

3- Hoping to have brought more attention to the short game I now hit deep. 3 WR set with Terelle checking into the back field with Deuce. The goal is to spread the secondary out but keep the run in their mind. Deuce motions to the slot, and Terelle is blitz pick up and check down to the flat if coverage holds. Horn runs a hard slant across the middle keeping the FS from checking deep for a moment. Pathon runs a sluggo and tries to take the DB deep up field forcing the FS to choose the deep double or to safty valve the slant. Stallworth runs a completely plain deep fly. Brooks is to pump towards Horn to keep the saftey shallow. If the safety bites to a deep route, Horn is the primary. If the saftey stays in the center zone over top Horn, it\'s a deep ball in man coverage to either Pathon or Stallworth.

4- Lined up in trips strong. All three recievers running varying degrees of out routes to a strong side flood with Brooks on a roll out. Try to get the closest pursuit cover man to attack Brooks and let the shallow reciever run behind the two downfield blocks.

5- A standard counter-trey. I want to isolation block Urlacher and make the outside backers make the tackles. Holdman is hurt and the back-ups are rookies. They don\'t have another linebacker besides Urlacher with more than 1 year play time. Their ends are small and with Traylor and Holdman hurt this can be a team we can run on if we can reach Urlacher with our blockers.

Essentially I want to spread the Bears out towards the side lines with two horizontal plays that exploit the corners of the line of scrimmage. It is my hopes that they will expect me to then attack the middle of the field and Horn is the decoy on that, when it\'s truly a deep route I want. I will then re-attack the spread of the defense to keep them out of the box with my flood route, and follow up with an inside handoff, the counter-trey specifically because it relys on the linebackers to flow to the ball by taking one side of the DL out of the play.

The truth......we botch the first snap and give the ball up in our end.
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