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4-4. Believe it.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hey folks - I haven't been around much this past week or so, work has been running me ragged. Sorry if I missed out on any good debates. This week, one of the worst teams in football is coming to ...

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4-4. Believe it.

Hey folks - I haven't been around much this past week or so, work has been running me ragged. Sorry if I missed out on any good debates.

This week, one of the worst teams in football is coming to town and for both us and them, this is a very important game. It's a turn-around game. The Saints played better in their loss to Carolina last week. In fact, they were one Michael Lewis (and thus one stopped kickoff return) away from winning against an undefeated division leading team. That's good news.

There's more good news. If we can beat the Bears, we put ourselves in a position to turn this thing around. We then travel to Atlanta, where the Vickless birds are a bad team. Even if Vick comes back, who knows how he'll play. I won't say that I like our chances (b/c I don't really like our chances against anyone right now), but I will say that the Atlanta game is very winable.

Assuming that we could actually pull out those two wins, coming home riding some momentum (and continuing to get more injured players back each week), the Carolina rematch game is one that we could win also.

Yes, I know, we could very easily be 1-7 after 8 games, but the more I think about it, the more I see 4-4 as a distinct possibility. And while 4-4 isn't where most of us saw our Saints at the Season's halfway point, that puts us back in the running for the wild card and boy, what a turn-around that would be.

This Bears game is crucial. We need the ball to bounce our way. We need to make plays. We need to make a statement - We're back! The Saints have shown me little reason for optimism so far this year, but I had a feeling last week, and I have one this week. There's no good reason to think we will win any of the next three games, but you know what, for the first time this season, I believe that we can anyway. I believe boys. So should you.


(PS - Yes Billy, this is really me! ;) )

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4-4. Believe it.

I projected us at 10-6 before the season started. After 5 games I had us at 2-3. We are only 1 game behind my own personal schedule on the way to 10-6. My predictions did have us winning 3 of the next 4 though. If we do that we\'ll be at 4-5 at the bye.
If we start playing up to our talent and potential there\'s not a team on our schedule we can\'t beat.
I\'m a little more optimistic after the Carolina game. Its the 1st game I saw in our last 10 where I saw a fire in our belly. I\'ll give Carolina credit. They new we were shorthanded on D and if they kept pounding Davis at us eventually we would wear down.

Every member I know here knew it would take 4-5 games for the defense to start coming around if at all, and that was before all the devastating injuries hit us. We\'re getting some guys back now and we may just right this ship and take off. It helps that most teams now circle a Saints game as a Win. We play better that way.

I think 10-6 is still possible, but 9-7 is a little more likely now. But that may squeak us into the playoffs. Of course if we lose this week to Chicago, we can start our 2004 draft scouting wish lists.

Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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4-4. Believe it.

It seems like everything that could go wrong with the Saints season has gone wrong. There were expected to be SOME problems on the defense. However, the offense and special teams were suppose to be strong areas. The offense has had problems doing anything. The only bright spot has been Deuce McAllister and he\'s even had poor outings at times. The offense desperately needs a breakout game. The passing attack needs to come back if we are to have any chance this season.

Mike McCarthy is ultimately responsible for this offense. If his game plan is working, then fine, stick to it. If it isn\'t working he needs to do something different. He seems hesitant to turn Aaron Brooks loose. I don\'t know if he\'s scared to do it, or he is just intent on playing a ball control offense. These receivers we have aren\'t exactly the best in the world at running short routes into traffic. The Rams sure don\'t use thier speedy receivers that way and I hope that McCarthy will start to stretch the field with our speedy receivers.

For once I would like for McCarthy to focus on passing the passing gamel. I would like to see them come out throwing about 70% of the time to start the game. I think it would be successful and even if it wasn\'t, I feel that it would loosen the defense up for McAllister.

If the Saints can somehow get this offense to start playing like last year, I feel that our defense will be better this year and anything would be possible for this Saints team.

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4-4. Believe it.

I\'ll be damned. Whodat was downright positive...first time for everything!

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4-4. Believe it.

Saintfan - that is a great freaking signature!!! I love seeing it!

I don\'t know if I would say I was \"downright positive\". I guess it depends on your definition of downright and positive. I would have to disagree Saintfan. Furthermore, I think you have an agenda to turn me into an \"optimist\". HA HA HA. Sorry Saintfan, I didn\'t want to break tradition.
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