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looking ahead

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I think we all agree that we will be nervous any time the Saints play a team with a strong offense, particularly one with a good QB who has good protection. However, looking ahead at the Saints' schedule for the ...

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looking ahead

I think we all agree that we will be nervous any time the Saints play a team with a strong offense, particularly one with a good QB who has good protection. However, looking ahead at the Saints' schedule for the rest of the season, I see a lot of winnable games. I don't think there is a defense in the league that can hold us to less than 24-27 points if AB and Co. have a good day. Here's my bold prediction of how the rest of the season will pan out if the offense keeps clicking and the defense plays well against teams who don't have great QB's who can find the open receivers down field, either through good pass protection or through good mobility.

@PHI-W (unless McNabb improves)
@WAS-L (maybe a win depending on Ramsey's protection)
DAL-L (assuming they stay hot-- I don't like our chances vs. Parcells)

Final regular season record: 10-6

I can dream, can't I?
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looking ahead

I\'d swap one of the TB games with the loss at Wash.
10-6 is optimistic
9-7 is realistic
8-8 is unfortunately possible
less than 500 is pessimistic.
I predicted 10-6 and we\'re only one game off my predictions.
But I had @ Philly as a loss which might now be a win.

10-6: I still believe
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looking ahead

I\'ll be happy with one win over the Bucs. No way we\'re sweeping them this year. Dallas definitely scares me, if they continue playing the way they are now. I\'m thinking that eventually they\'re gonna start playing down to their talent level.

At Philly is also a scary one. What if McNabb wakes up? ... or Reid put Feely in?

9-7 feels about right. This year that might be good enough to get to the p-word.

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looking ahead

Actually, if you want to play the numbers game it all comes down to three teams. Tampa, Washington, and Philly. Right now the teams we\'ve beaten have a combined record of 4-15. The teams we\'ve lost to are 20-5. So, does that mean we\'ve average? Who knows.

But let\'s consider - playing the straight numbers game we should lose to Carolina and Dallas (both 5-1 right now). That brings us to 3-6. However, we should beat Atlanta again, Jacksonville, and the Giants (1-6, 1-5, and 2-4 respectively). That brings us to 6-6. So it boils down to 4 games. Two against Tampa, one against Washington, and one against Philly. We basically have to go 3-1 in those games to make it or pull an upset and not have any letdowns. From where I\'m sitting, if you really want to play the numbers game, 8-8 still seems right on. I\'m hopeful that they can turn it around guys I really am.

Let\'s just not forget where we are. Yes, we looked very good Sunday - against the worst defense in the league. We\'ve beat possibly the two worst teams in the league in the last two weeks. I think we can beat Carolina and Tampa. We can also lose both of those games, be 3-6 after nine and it\'s pretty much over. 4-5 will be tough too. Let\'s just not start counting our chickens just yet. Be happy about the win. Be positive, but 9-7 or 10-6? I dunno guys. We played a great game against Houston and happily lost our next three in a row. Atlanta is worse than Houston. Keep it under control.

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looking ahead

Am I the only guy on this thread that remembers the games against Indy, Seattle, and Tennessee?

6-10 still seems really optimistic to me. But that\'s 100% better than a few weeks ago when I was sure we were looking at a 3-13 season.
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