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Dont see us pulling out a win Sunday

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Let me see if I can help you out here, supposed "504" fan. Here is how we win...............We score more points than the dirty bird. DONE! DIRTY BIRD CAN'T FLY WITH BROKEN WINGS!...

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Let me see if I can help you out here, supposed "504" fan. Here is how we win...............We score more points than the dirty bird. DONE!

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hey our team talks on the field 504 saints rec vs the falcons after sunday 8-1
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Look champions find ways to win games and that's exactly what we've done the first 2 weeks. Offense not really clicking yet but turnovers and just all around gutsy play prevails. We beat the 49ers on the road when they were pissed that they got butt raped by the Seadongs. Atlanta is coming off a massive point outing and home victory against the lowly Cardinals and so what they have to play us at home and Snelling or Turner won't pull that crap in the dome. They'll get yards but that 3 TD crap is done in the dome! Now you've been a fan for sometime I'm assuming and you should remember the close games that we now win we used to lose so get back on the box, shout it to the mountain top, the bandwagon is leaving for WHO DATville!

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The Falcons are a good team, and the Saints offense hasn't looked like it's normal self, but don't forget that the Saints just played two of the best defenses in the NFL. The Falcons don't have that kind of defense. I expect a coming out party from Drew Brees and co. Add to that the fact that we're at home (and well, we're playing the Falcons) and I think you have a good idea about how the game might turn out. At least I hope so :P
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Saints are 7-1 in last 8 games vs falcons. They have a shaky pass D, banged up runningbacks, and their qb is still young and over rated. What I like best about Saints so far is plus 5 in turnovers after only 2 games.
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Originally Posted by 504state View Post
Someone please convince me otherwise, but I do not see us beating the falclowns Sunday. I dont care what Bobby and Deke say, we played poorly these first two games. I figured it would take us about 4 games before our offense started hitting on all cylinders, and I also figured Bush would get hurt at some point during the year. Our offense does seem off, but I do believe this will correct itself over time, I just question weather or not it will happen this weekend, and to win we will HAVE to put up points. Our defense is what really bothers me. They looked ok against Minny, but it is starting to look like Minny sucks and Farve is done. It was definitely not the team we played in the playoffs. They made Alex Smith look like a Pro Bowl QB, and that is sad. At times he would march their offense down the feild at will. In fact we did not beat the 49ers, they beat themselves with bad coaching, stupid turnovers and a saftey that could have been the difference in a win and a loss for them. No way our D is gonna stop Atlanta if they come out and play like that. Atlanta toasted the Cards, and played a decent enough game against the Steelers who are looking like the best team in the league right now defensively. I just do not see us pulling it out. Sorry to say it.
My fellow Saints fans seem to have a problem with the fact that you are the most negative poster on this board. Overall we are pretty upbeat about each and every game. Maybe you should just try and see the good things that we are doing and not just the bad.....Don't forget that we are the World Champions for a reason.
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Everyone is coming off the top rope on 504 ... Look, I absolutely don't agree that we'll lose this game, BUT --- We have to be realistic as well. I get what he is saying ... The offense hasn't looked stellar, the defense hasn't stopped the run, etc, etc, but he needs to understand ... EVERYONE IS GIVING US THEIR BEST GAME!!! Also, it's only week 2 ... These things take time.

Does anyone really expect us to be firing on all cylinders this early? I like the start ... We only get better from here and while we WILL lose some games --- I doubt it is this one.

504 ... You're at about a "15" and we need you back down to about a "6" All will be well.
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lol, he's probably a troll trying to piss people off, I wouldn't pay him much mind until he starts rattling off reasons for what hes saying. A prediction about Drew Brees having career threatening injury.... I mean hes either extremely extremely intelligent in being able to predict the future through patterns(which I'm not saying hes not) or hes just trying to get a rise out of you all. Probably a Falcons fan.
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With all due respect, you said Atlanta Toasted Cardinal's a team without a direction, a team that is a shell of what they were a couple of years ago, if you look at Cardinal's roster and Atlanta's Roster, Atlanta was "SUPPOSE" To beat the ever living daylights out of Cardinals.
Now Atlanta is coming into a true match up, Saints played bad against 2 of the top 5 defenses in the NFL.
When Falcons played a half decent Defense they didn't show up that well, and Pittsburgh defense isn't what it use to be as well, and they don't have half the offense we have, so i don't see Atlanta having a good day in New Orleans especially with the crowd noise they will have to deal with as well.
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As the SB champs you must know that we will get everyones best game. In 06 when we made it to the Nfc Cha game the next season we got everyones best game but we were not a championship caliber team and couldn't handle it. Our offense was clicking againest the Niners because the wind was whipping and Drew had issues with it. The fact that we won that game againest a top notch defense when our O isn't clicking, in the weather, againest a team that was obviously looking forward to this game during week 1. San Fran is good and we will definitely see them down the road. Guaranteed. They have added lots of offense weapons but our ball hawking d kept them in check. Now we are playing a team indoors in our house, in a fast paced game(the ones we like). And I know week 1 we didn't look great, but no one looks great week 1. I promise you Drew lights them up. All these analysts act like we are in trouble without Reggie. We are accustomed to not having Reggie the whole year. I think it's an advantage this game because they don't know who Sean P will ask to step up, and they can't study film because our O will look completely different this week. I know they not ready for some Ivory. He will be a factor(Moore and Shockey also). WE DAT
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