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I Can't Be Alone ...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Im not worried. We are 3-1, taking everyone's best shot, and without our biggest playmakers on offense(Bush), and defense(Sharper)....

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Im not worried. We are 3-1, taking everyone's best shot, and without our biggest playmakers on offense(Bush), and defense(Sharper).
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I'll take the wins any way we can get them. They sure have not been pretty this year to date but they all count come the end of the season and seeding the playoffs.

We definitely are struggling to execute on both sides of the ball and some serious mental lapses are putting us in bad positions. We have been our own worst enemy this season. Drive killing drops and turnovers. Blown coverages, missed tackles. It'll sort itself out and we will start dominating teams we should dominate. And there is and will be the mentality that each team facing us will want it to be a statement game. I do not see anything wrong with the play calling or the game planning we are doing. It's just the little things and tightnening up our game will make a world of difference.
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I think we will get back on track soon. The team has too much potential not to. And hey, we're a 29 yard field goal away from being undefeated.
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Originally Posted by spkb25 View Post
Well said bro- where you at in WV- I'm in blacksburg man
just want to say that area is one of the beautifulist places i've ever been. stayed in christanburg'va, hampton inn for 38 days in 2006. been tru out that countryside. i met frank beamer at the airport. visited the campus.it was only a couple of months later the tragedy happened and i was heartbroke for awhile. awesome place.
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Your not alone. But we are 3-1.
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Originally Posted by Euphoria View Post
There are obvious issues I have noticed like Bree's being a bit off... Drops we have had... which isn't new for this team.

I think what we are seeing is the same team over the last few years. Nothing new though.

I don't think people realize dispite our record last year we were in some crazy games that finished crazy. We are the very same team as we have been. I am surprised you guys don't realize this.
We simply seem to be missing something...it's that 'thing' you can't see our touch or whatever. Call it heart, or desire...but then again I don't think our guys aren't trying - not by a long shot...but SOMEthing isn't the same as last year.

I'm thrilled beyond belief that we're 3-1, because we sure shouldn't be. We may be a missed FG from 4-0, but we're also dangerously close to 1-3 or even 0-4. That blade cuts both ways.

In spite of my howling in the chat box during the game, I believe, as Parcells has said, you are what your record says you are. Still, we are not playing well and I'm pretty hacked off about it.

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I dont think we're missing anything. I think we're playing NFL Teams, and they're made up of big fast men who are trying to beat us.

3 out of 4 times we've found a way, we've done something right, and done a few great things and made great effort against these opponents
best shots.... and found a way to win.

Just wait till we're at full strength.
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