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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by C17-BING I'll blame him! It's called being PROFESSIONAL!!! My wife had a baby about a year ago ... Guess who shortly thereafter had to take a $262 million dollar jet airborne to teach another guy how to ...

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Originally Posted by C17-BING View Post
I'll blame him! It's called being PROFESSIONAL!!! My wife had a baby about a year ago ... Guess who shortly thereafter had to take a $262 million dollar jet airborne to teach another guy how to fly it!?!?!? Yea, I did ... What if I had just "lost focus" or wasn't 100% right in my head!?!?!?

Enough of the baby excuses --- they are stupid. Having a baby is PHENOMENAL, but if that makes you suck at your job ... maybe you should look at yourself and figure it out!!!
That is so cool! Could you help me learn how to land just a Cessna? I got that far and gave up...my brother was teaching and wanted me to "watch my airspeed" when I was about six feet from the ground. (At least it seemed that way!) Always wanted to finish...never did.

Anyway, as you probably already know, I totally agree with you on your comments, however I'm going to speculate about one thing.

I have ALWAYS felt that a QB with talent still can not do it by himself...or more specific...without protection. I've seen countless future HOF QB's be humbled when their protection mysteriously goes away. Brady, Manning (both), Big Ben, Rivers...the list goes on and on...and besides the absence of 2 real good RB's...I think this is a large part of Drew's problem.

I do think he should focus on football more...but I've always said that. It's just now that some people are finally agreeing.

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I can blame him. 52 other players and 70,000 season ticket holders and 40 million Saints fans around the world expect him to show up prepared and execute. If you can't do your job, stand down and let someone who is interested in success do your job for you.

There are no excuses. He should be benched.
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Physically and mentally people who are sleep deprived make mistakes. Drew just had a baby and I'm pretty sure he is suffering from sleep deprivation........not to mention laying awake at night worrying about how to fix this mess we're in.
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its a team game, i'm not excusing drew either but when henderson and colston and moore were droping pitty pat passes in there guts nobody screamed at there asses. its a team sport we won the s.bowl as one, i even voted to sit drew after the game was out of hand, not in the chance of a comeback. the guy with the hangover sign has 300 bucks a seat tickets he can show his agoney all he wants. we know were better and were all pissed. we'll win sunday night i'm telling youuuuuuuu.
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I have seen a few instances lately where Drew is just trying to do too much with nothing. The play is dead. He is all but in the grasp. The whistle is about to blow, and then, like a rookie, he tries to make something happen when he should just take the sack.

I have every bit of faith in the man. I've never seen another person play the position any better than he has played it since we signed him. There is no doubt in my mind that he'll make the corrections he needs to make - I guess I'm just a bit blown away by the fact that he has not done so already.

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I'm hoping that this is the worst that the Madden Curse can do Brees this season.

There are no excuses for his performance, all QBs do well after losing their 1st and 2nd RBs.

To those screaming "BENCH HIM!!!"

You are f@#$@#g retards and should go and become Falcons fans.
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Originally Posted by foreverfan View Post
Brees had a baby this week. His mind wasn't 100% on the game.

Who can blame him?
I can blame him . . .Brit had the baby, Drew needs to get his head in the game!
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Does anyone remember this.
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Only thing that remains to be said:

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OK Drew threw 4 picks. One was a long pass play at the end of the half. Another was when the 5th or 6th string RB went out when Drew thought he was going to go in. Third was when Drew was in the grasp tryin to avoid a sack and threw a ball that went off of a DLs helmet then bounced off of someones shoe then back into the hands of the DL.

This team has the 3rd best record in the NFC. We were beat by the team with the best record in overtime after we missed a 30yd fieldgoal. We beat a team with the 2nd best record on the road and beat them pretty good. I am not a LSU fan but some of these threads sounds like LSU fans who boo their state college when they are 5-0 or 6-0.

Drew is still a top 5 QB and will remain to be seen as one even when we lose a game. I would not consider benching Drew for one game and I would not consider makin Ivory our #1 RB after one good game. What is our depth like at RB? Should look better in a couple weeks.

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