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Greg McMahon needs to go.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Anyone else notice the blatant hold, on the right side of the line? That play should have been called back. He almost tackled the guy he was holding him so hard....

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Anyone else notice the blatant hold, on the right side of the line? That play should have been called back. He almost tackled the guy he was holding him so hard.
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I am VERY irked at special teams coaching and it's not just yesterday.

Last year there was so much defensive and offensive fireworks, which helped to cover up the fact that our special teams units were NOT so special.... Mediocre special teams were evident last year, starting with the Lions game -- it was such a giddy blowout, but people forget they had a HUGE 87-yard kick return that never should have happened and a blocked field goal, etc. Blown punt coverage against Tampa Bay, late in the game last year, touchdown -- lost us the game. It's been bad for a while.

This year's laundry list:

- It seems like there is nobody out there on the field sometimes except for Courtney Roby. My question is, can he kick a 29 yarder! If #15 could hike the ball to himself and then punt it, then run downfield and make the tackle, strip the ball, recover the fumble and score a TD, and then come back out and kick the extra point for us, we would be in GREAT shape on special teams LOL. If we had 11 Courtney Robys, we'd be unstoppable.

- The feeble onside kick against Arizona was TURRIBLE. He kicked it straight to the most sure-handed guy on the whole Cardinals team -- to me that speaks of POOR COACHING or strategy/PREPARATION, the X's and O's, more than just execution or a bad bounce. Like, why couldn't we have formulated a plan, to read the numbers on the jerseys and look for #11, and then where ever he is, let's NOT kick it to THAT GUY.

- Got VERY lucky with a ref call on a fumble on a punt against the Panthers.

- Totally disastrous punt coverage against the Patriots in preseason, that results in Morstead getting INJURED making a tackle. Punters are NOT supposed to be the guy who makes the last-ditch tackle, 40 yards downfield!!! That is a problem with coaching and scheme, more so than individual players. Our players are actually pretty good.

- I know Reggie is awesome and a total game-changer -- I love doing the "Reg-gie! Reg-gie!" chant before punts as much as anyone. But he muffs a punt in a game where we had the lead, and BREAKS HIS FRICKING LEG. I just wonder, should he really be back there all the time, on every punt. I don't know. Seems to me like you definitely want a weapon like that back there if it's an intense situation like playoffs, or a Monday night game in the Dome, or against the Falcons, but risking your X-factor on a windy night on sloggy grass early in the season against a not very good team? I dunno. I think the wild card of not knowing WHO is going to be back there fielding punts, will it be the feared Reggie or someone else, that would actually make teams more nervous and harder to prepare for us, than if he was always back there ALL THE TIME returning EVERY punt.

Like when Roby got hurt, and Pierre ran that kickoff back really well against the Vikings, the unknown X FACTOR of changing guys around or plugging in the unexpected player can help, in certain situations. It's gotten a bit better lately, but for a while right after Reggie went down, it was looking really weak, like they were basically telling Lance to just catch the dang ball and fair catch it every time.

- Ugh, let's not even go into the circus of problems with Hartley/Carney and our rotating cast of holders...MORE importantly, teams are coming dangerously close to blocking our field goals from the outside edge...Carney's big miss in Arizona, watch it again, he had 2 or maybe even 3 Arizona guys right up in his grill by the time that ball was kicked....he had to rush it. On extra point or field goal tries, it seems like the O line sorta goes through the motions, they act like it's a formality -- like they think it's an extra point and they're up by 21...you know that Pro Bowl in Hawaii type of extra point, where the ball is snapped and the guys on the line just bump and tap each other's pads? That's how the Saints look.

The game-winner FG in Tampa Bay that was tipped at the line...lucky. What we NEED is a special teams coach to light a fire and get guys riled up, the way Gregg Williams yells and gets his defense fired up...defenders won't be able to get that hand up, if they're being completely mauled and bulldozed by our O line on kicks

Against Arizona the Saints did this thing on kickoffs, where the guys all get in a huddle in the middle and then suddenly break out....they never did it that way before, and abandoned it right after. So I'm thinking HUH, what is this. If you're going to experiment or change the way you do things, I thought that kind of tweaking and experimental stuff was supposed to happen in preseason, not in live games. Stuff like that, and all the tinkering and strange changes we see happening, it sure looks to me like they don't really know what the heck they're doing with special teams this year. McMahon is basically lucky to be here, he has that Illinois connection to Payton, but unfortunately I think he is completely out of his depth, and it shows.

People were kinda dazzled by the onside kick in the Super Bowl, it makes for this big mythology of the Saints as a total package of awesomeness, but remember that kick was PAYTON's baby all the way, and not the special teams coach...
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Actually Payton wanted to do a fake punt in the Superbowl, it was his special teams coaches who talked him into the on sides kick. Having said that Greg McMahon has got to go!
Payton finally cuts ways with his friend Gary Gibbs who came here with Payton.....he's going to have to do that with Greg McMahon as well. We have some serious problems on special teams. Thank God for Reggie Roby.
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I could go for that. All he did yesterday was collect a paycheck.
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Originally Posted by rfenasci View Post
did you see the hole on the fake punt? they MUST have seen something on film. My 87 year-old grand mother could have made the first on that play. disgusting.
that was a job losing kind of hole. terrible, just bad coaching or knuckle headed player out of position.
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Awwwwww Come on! We cant get rid of Greg McMahon...

He's our guy!
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Agreeing with the general consensus, as soon as i noticed that hole open up down the middle and the punter taking one step forward i knew our luck was going to be done for the day. The only thing that kept me watching was our D forcing 3 and outs, but watching the O basically give cleveland the game persuaded me into turning the game off.

He needs to go!!
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