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Sign Lance Moore long term!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Lance Moore will simmer again when Bush is back....

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Lance Moore will simmer again when Bush is back.
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Originally Posted by 504state View Post
Because Colston had a decent rookie year coming out of a small school in the second round. He got alot of hype, but never really grew beyond that. He is the most over rated player on our team.
This guy has been a great WR over the past few years. His size speed and hands, yes hands, makes him the best WR the Saints have. I agree with making Moore a bigger priority but Colston is one of the best WR's the Saints have ever had. Don't get carried away with a few drops he's had this year.
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Originally Posted by saintpaul25 View Post
He signed his one year tenure I believe. Making him a UFA after this season. We also have the Brees contract coming up, so Bush has gotta restructure, so we can get both of them back in the fold.
Brees is getting resigned regardless..
Bush.. well.. If he's difficult.. let em walk, every year he misses like 4-6 weeks of the season it seems.
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Originally Posted by saintpaul25 View Post
Colston is still the 1st WR. He's in double, and triple coverage, on just about every play. Put Lance in at number 2, move Henderson, and Meach to number 3, and 4, and guaranteed, Colston's numbers increase dramatically. Why is Henderson still at number 2, is what I'm wondering. Yes he's a deep threat, but he's averaging what? 2 catches per game?
I agree about his coverage. The part about Colston i just cant get by are the drops that hit him in the hands.... Even at High School football level, the standard is if the ball touches your hands there is no excuse for not catching it.

Is he afraid of getting hit? Does he realize he is going to get hit just as hard if he catches it or if he drops it? May as well make the best of the situation and hold onto it.
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Evey reciever is going to have drops. He dropped a couple this game but came up big after those. He does require double teaming and makes catches that are almost impossibe and gets leveled after the catch. No way is he overated.
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Lance ran great routes last night and it seems like he's becoming Brees favorite weapon. Yes lock him up.
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love me some LM
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This man is a beast in every since of the word Lance is and has been our best receiver for a while. Super Bowl the coach call your name. Your the best.
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Moore should have gotten the deal when Henderson was signed. We locked down a specialty guy (Henderson) and left Moore, who was and is much more dependable, dangling with two one year deals. Where would we be without Lance Moore's contributions to our success? NONE of the other guys we have can do what Moore does. You can ALMOST guaranty that he will get seperation on 3rd down and ALMOST guaranty that if the ball has air in it, he will catch it. He should get the same term length that Brees gets but only .08 cents on the dollar (Brees dollar that is).

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I like Moore. He's a valuable member of the Saints. But, Collinsworth went way overboard with his praise last night.
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