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Steelers' Harrison Fined $20,000 For Hit On Brees

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; is he going to retire now?...

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is he going to retire now?
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Euphoria is dead on, bottom line is you lower your head and it's a fine. Whether you believe it or not it's just as much for the safety of the one issuing the hit as it is for the one being hit.

If you ever played football, basic technique tells you to keep your eye on what you are aiming for. When you lower your head you can't do that.

Fine was warranted based on that alone. Period. The end.
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Its all crazy. Political correctness is going to ruin a perfectly brutal game. The hit was a love tap. I'll say it again, we are on our way to playing two hand touch below the waist. Perhaps we should cut the salaries down to 30 or 40 thousand since no one will ever be bleeding.
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Originally Posted by Danno View Post
That hit was not a bad hit at all. If his name was Freeney he wouldn't have been fined one dime.

Harrison is a marked man. I've never cared for Harrison much, but that fine is all wrong.
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Originally Posted by saintfan View Post

You are right, I recant my previous statement. I went to NFL.com and read the actual report. He didn't drop his head, I thought that was the reason for the fine.

Well, had he dropped his head, then THAT would have warranted a fine. My bad.
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Drew should go on air and tell NFL to leave that man alone IT"S FOOTBALL! US QB'S GET HIT! LET EM PLAY!.. I bet Drew Would be called the best NFL player of all time if he does that.
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They are showing the wrong play on the site.

THIS IS THE PLAY that drew the penalty and the fine.

He ducked his head, leading with the helmet. It is a bit dirty. All he had to do was keep his head up watching Brees through out the play. The proper technique would have been keep you head up watching the player you are tackling and MAKE A TACKLE by wrapping Brees up with your arms and taking him to the ground not just laying a hit with the helmet.
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I think the league is trying to make an example out of Harrison and the Steelers. I don't agree with it, but I think it's fitting because of how much offensive holding and kind officiating the Steelers have gotten away with in the Roethlisberger era.
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I think it takes a lot of aggresiveness out of the game. Defenses are going to be more worried about getting fined and not making a tackle. There is legitimate "spearing" which is no good, but I don't want to have players thinking " should I let up and give him the opportunity to throw the ball"
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I know a lot of people don't like the NFL crackdown. I have no problem with it. I have been saying for years that players are more concerned now with how hard and violent they can hit someone than they are with actually making the tackle. I have feared that someone was going to be paralyzed or even killed if it kept escalating. I applaud the NFL for doing this. Tackling has become a lost art. It's more "let me see if I can get on ESPN highligts with this hit" than "let me help my team by making this tackle."
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