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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Bottom line: Williams can do more WITH Sharper in than WITHOUT....

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Bottom line: Williams can do more WITH Sharper in than WITHOUT.
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The defense played well. I still don't like the missed tackles by any of these guys. The defense has carried us all year, and we are lookiing a lot better as our starters begin to return. The offense will look more crisp also when Bush and PT get back. Get some rest this week, let some more ailments heal, and then lets go on a 7-game run.
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
Can'ton MIA?..

Is he watching the Browns, just kidding. Second year under Gregg Williams
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
HAHAHAHAHA Strato!!!!!!!

I'll take my chances with Sharper. He does "thrive" under GW and quite possibly only has a couple more years left at best. Stop hating on Sharper. I LOVE all dem boys! Because with all of the Saints, we remain the WORLD CHAMPIONS. Oh and by the way, I was there. Mr. Magic, you didn't see him back there away from the camera eye. The excitement he exudes, makes me wanna run out there with him!
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post
No, Sharper is a good player and i like him. He's just not the amazing playmaker he's made out to be. He benefits from playing in GW's opportunisitc defense.

Sharper misses alot of open field tackles but everyone overlooks that.
Thing is, the other people that have played in his absence haven't benefited as well as he has. The man is a playmaker's playmaker. Period. Being in the right place at the right time is not an accident or luck. It's pretty clear to me that we are a better defense when he is on the field. I don't have to look too far beyond that.
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Originally Posted by strato View Post
I read about a page of that crap, got stupider and had to stop. There has to be something in the Magna Carta or Geneva convention or something that ban people from being that stupid.
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post

The only thing I agree with those tools is that the hit was dirty. Stewart was defenseless and Sharper went for the head. By definition of the new rules it's a dirty hit. Sharper's pockets will be a little lighter this week. I wouldn't be surprised if the Sharper fan club sent money to him to help pay the fine. Only in America will people send money to a guy who has millions to pay a fine. They would do that but wouldn't give the bum on the streets a few dollars to buy a meal.

Oh, here you go, again...

A. Sharper lead with his shoulder, not his helmet. There was helmet to helmet contact, but Sharper's head was up and looking at his target.

B. Stewart was the friggin ball-carrier for crying out loud!! Not like he was "defenseless". Sharper was aiming to jar the ball loose - you know, something all players do...

C. Stewart wasn't down. No knee, no elbow, nothing. If you remember the call was reversed to a fumble.

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Sharper misses alot of open field tackles
What a load of horse manure.

He has missed a few, NOT a lot.

A lot is two words, not one.
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I don't mean to sound offensive to you in any way mr magic, but seriously you call sharper the guy that "cleans up after people make plays", Sharpers hit caused that fumble, porter and vilma wrapped up and sharper forced the ball loose. Stewart was not defenseless, AND you are taught on defense to never let extra yards, stewart was going to fall forward and every NFL defense will gang tackle a player to stop him gaining more yards, sharper just has enought wits about him to not lead with the head, except with the shoulder and put a great hit on.
Do you think Sharpers hit of Faulk vs Patriots last year was dirty? because that was the best hit i've seen in a while, c'mon dude our D is playing lights out, sure the whole D deserves a lot of credit especially D line and LB, but the truth is, when sharper is in there great things happen.

Your bonehead creator picked a fine chapter to omit from your memory bank....let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear? - Vegeta, DBZ
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Originally Posted by Mr Magic View Post
Who wants to bet old hoss here will start a thread to help pay if Sharper's fined?
So....Care to respond to any of the facts that have been presented in opposition to your "arguments"? Or will you just keep on throwing out wild, baseless, accusations?

Maybe you should stick to funny pictures of cats and leave the debates to the big boys.

Not 'smack talk', just a
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