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Can you imagine.....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Can you imagine signing these guys in the offseason? CB Bobby Taylor, CB Troy Vincent , LB Dhani Jones,CB Will Peterson,CB Champ Bailey ,DT Keith Traylor, DE Grant Wistrom ,LB Julian Peterson,CB Ahmed Plummer, LB Randall Godfrey , CB Shawn ...

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Can you imagine.....

Can you imagine signing these guys in the offseason?
CB Bobby Taylor, CB Troy Vincent, LB Dhani Jones,CB Will Peterson,CB Champ Bailey,DT Keith Traylor, DE Grant Wistrom,LB Julian Peterson,CB Ahmed Plummer, LB Randall Godfrey, CB Shawn Springs,CB Terrell Buckley, DT Ted Washington, DT Chester McGlockton, CB Chris McAlister,S Mike Logan,S Donovin Darius, DE Jevon Kearse,LB Ian Gold, LB Al Wilson,LB Quinton Caver,S Anthony Dorsett, CB Charles Woodson.

Looks to me like there's defensive help available out there. I hope we go after a few of them. Most of these guys are unrestricted free agents, sure sounds good to me. At least to get us some short time help. I highlighted the ones I think I would go after first.
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Can you imagine.....

I\'m still pissed we did\'nt go after Godfrey this year. Yea Joe there is plenty help out there just hope we go after it, we will be in good cap shape again next year.
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Can you imagine.....

I\'m still pissed we did\'nt go after Godfrey this year. Yea Joe there is plenty help out there just hope we go after it, we will be in good cap shape again next year.
Thanks to the Roaf deal everybody slams, we are in great financial shape.
Way too many shortsighted posters have spouted off the Roaf deal was bad for the Saints because the Chiefs are 8-0, not to mention several other players we let go that mysteriously aren\'t worth what the left for.
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Can you imagine.....

That list makes me drool into my keyboard. Lots of good young DB\'s out there. It looks like good LB\'s will be hard to come by again this year, but hopefully Cie Grant will develop into a starter for next year and we won\'t need a big free agent LB acquisition. Most of the defensive linemen on the list seem kind of old and/or overweight. I\'d definitely stay away from the better-known (i.e. more expensive) ones.
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Can you imagine.....

Now Tweeky, are you tellin me that you didn\'t know we\'re surrounded by \"Cap Experts\"? These guys just like to complain, and they\'ll complain about ANYthing...just to watch themselves type I\'ve decided. Let it roll baby...08 Kool-Aid flows freely on this site, and BABBLE has taken over.
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Can you imagine.....

They\'re only 2 players on that list that I will sale my house for. One will be Keith Traylor and no not Champ Bailey, Chris McCalister, or Charles Woodson but Will Peterson
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Can you imagine.....

Guys like McGlockton and Godfrey were free agents this off-season and we didn\'t take a stab at them while we were \"revamping\" our defense. Why will we go after them this year? We may go after a \"shut-down\" corner who is on that list, but other than that, expect to hear a lot about guys like Orlando Ruff. We tend to sign one big name FA a year, and he tends to be a bust.
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Can you imagine.....

I\'m really leaning towards LB on my wish list - especially a playmaker in the middle. I think our D-line over the last couple of weeks has shown pretty good game and they\'ll get Howard back soon.

Eveyone seems to blame the line for rushing yards, but I tend to think that is the LB\'s job. D-line should take on blocks and allow a free LB to fill the hole and stuff the RB. That hasn\'t really happened for us. I thought Hodge was showing pretty good in the preseason, but I wasn\'t too thrilled about his performance in the first game. It\'s a shame he got hurt, cuz we really needed to get a good look at him this year. The rest have played admirably, but we still need a playmaker at that position. My picks would be Peterson, Godfrey or Wilson. These just happen to be the ones most known to me. Maybe a lesser known on that list would be better.

Corner has been a need position for us for as long as I can remember, but I\'d rather get a couple of solid CB\'s than one playmaker here. My pick would be Taylor or Vincent.
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Can you imagine.....

You know Buckley is from Pascagoula. Might be a good time for him to come home and show off to his homeboys before he loses the step.
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