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Our new best friends!!!! The Baltimore Ravens

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'll play the underdog and underrated team all year long. I'm worried about 1 thing, how deep we go in the playoffs. Screw what the media thinks....

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I'll play the underdog and underrated team all year long.

I'm worried about 1 thing, how deep we go in the playoffs.
Screw what the media thinks.
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Defense keeps up this aggressive play then there's no way this party doesn't end till Feb in Jerry World
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I hope Ray Lewis makes Matty Ice (puke) his ***** over and over and over.

Karma is a beeotch!
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Ray Lewis said he has been studying film on the falcons since lastt week!!! talk about a gamer. Short week so he encorparated falcons film study into dolphins preperations. They will be ready!
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Originally Posted by WVSaint View Post
you know something that bugs me, and i'm sure ill get yelled at for this. sometimes it annoys me how one sided people can be. we talk about the quality for teams atlanta, NY, tampa, and others have, but seriously who have we beat this year that's a quality team?

minnesota? no, they are not the same team from last year and were playing terrible ball when we beat them.
san fran? god no, plus we barely escaped with a win.
carolina twice? HA! no explanation needed
tampa? maybe
pittsburgh? yes

anyway we have one, maybe two quality wins thus far. what does this all mean? i dont know, but my point is you can only play who is on your schedule and after the games play out you're either in the playoffs or at home watching and at this point we are all fighting for a post season spot.

but even from a homer stand point it seems lame to say other teams have no quality wins, when in fact our wins are just as questionable.

...and ps, i still hate the falcons.
I'm not going to yell, but I will remind you of last year. Everyone in the media was saying the same exact thing about the Saints going into the playoffs. Many predicted the Cardinals to come to the Dome and handle us because we were on a 3-game losing streak. We all know how that turned out. Then there was Minnesota. Everyone was on Favre's gonads as usual, and said we didn't stand a chance. Again, they were proved wrong. Then there was this little game called the Super Bowl....I rest my case.
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Nothing i hate more than a Happy Falcon!!!.. With that said,

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I don't really like the Ravens, dem be bunch o' thugs. But I HATE, LOATHE and DESPISE the Falcons. I hope they get completely crushed.
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I just wanna go beat every team coming up including the Ravens, the falcons, the seahawks, the cowgirls, the Bengals, ETC. ETC. I do loathe that we get to go to the Bengals and the Ravens in December. Hopefully December will prove really hot and the NFL gods can go SUCK it.
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Falcons are -1 at home.

This game to the Falcons is what the New England, Monday night game was to the Saints last year.

We'll learn a lot about Atlanta Sunday and it'll be a game to watch.
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We shouldn't forget all those shaky wins we had last year on our way to the SB. Miami? Washington? St. Louis?

While I don't think much of the clowns, wins are all that matter. Even if they aren't pretty.

I hope the Baltimore State Prison League Champions beat the birds. Beware of the Home DOG.
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