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Ryan better than Brees? WTF?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The majority of interceptions that Brees has thrown have been on long passes that were on third down. They've worked out as an equivalent of a punt. The INT column is just a number. I've love to see the average ...

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The majority of interceptions that Brees has thrown have been on long passes that were on third down. They've worked out as an equivalent of a punt. The INT column is just a number. I've love to see the average yardage change on Brees interceptions. I bet hes averaging close to a a punter.

The interceptions aside, Matt Ryan hasn't proved anything yet.
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That statement belongs on "World's Dumbest"
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Evans conferred in the boston globe Friday that Brees suffered a severe MCL injury early in the season. He was quoted as saying it is the reason for many of the interceptions because Brees was throwing on one leg. Apparently he has been battling threw it without telling anyone.

For up-and-down Saints, a super finish still possible - The Boston Globe

Saints fullback Heath Evans has told The Boston Globe that quarterback Drew Brees might have coped with a more serious injury than he or the franchise let on earlier this year.
In a story scheduled to be published Sunday, Evans said Brees gutted through an injury that would have sidelined a lesser player.
"Everyone knew he had some type of injury going on, but it was probably an MCL injury that no one else would have dared to play with and he didn't miss a beat," Evans is quoted as saying. "He was out there warring through for his teammates the betterment of our team. Lord knows we're nowhere near as good without (No.) 9 suited up for us. So I think the majority of some of those interceptions came during that span when he was really fighting through injuries that a lesser man would have shut it down and said, 'Forget the team, I'm worried about me and I don't want to get myself hurt worse.' He said, 'No, I'm not going to miss a practice snap much less a game snap.' I thought that those interceptions, at least some of them, came from throwing off one leg for six weeks."

example of how bad this can be:
Troy Polamalu sprained his MCL in the season opener, missing three games

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"That extra risk-taking isn't paying off with enough additional productivity to offset the damage it causes, and it makes Ryan's passing game more valuable heading into the postseason, where one additional mistake can cost a team its season".

Brees has been to 1 NFC title match, won a SB, and on pace to repeat with the Saints. His risk taking is a problem alright, for OTHER TEAMS.
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does Matt hace a ring for his team Drew Bress does DUH!!!!!!!! Remeber the one lost at home was against us when we went 13-0 last season
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Originally Posted by Danno View Post
So he's basing these metrics on a season where we lost our top 3 RB's for a majority of games forcing us to pick up 2 scrubs off the street and throw an UDFA rookie with fumbling issues into the starting line-up.

And on the other side, Atlanta is built to run run run then play action. Ryan is rarely forced to win games by himself. Brees has had to carry the team on his shoulders in almost every game this season.

Teams sit back and play safe to limit Brees' success. Every team that plays the Falcons tries to stack the line and stop Turner and Snelling.

His stats are woefully flawed.
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If Drew played with an mcl injury early in the season.......what a badass SOB!!!! The heart of a true warrior. I hope Drew lights them up on MNF for everyone to see!!!
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The title is designed to be a "Membership drive", since that is in a paid area.

On Drews interceptions. There are the tip-balls that "should" negate a large % of them. There is also the area that "hitta" touched on. The "pass/punt", I believe these are done intentionally. No he does not throw an interception intentionally, but they are low % plays, long bombs/hail mary's.... Essentially, we are 3rd and very long, on our side of the field, with one of three out comes.

Pass Completed: First down, we are on the other side of the field, possibly TD after caught. (a win)

Pass Incompleted: We punt. (Nothing hurt)

Pass Intercepted: This is actually not a bad outcome. Brees throws a 50 yarder, it is intercepted on their 30 and the D-Back is tackled there (usually). Most of our team is back on our 40ish, rarely a pick-6 opportunity. This removes the potential for a bad punt, punt returned for 6...... (not a bad outcome)

Pass Interference: This has been done to us, and a few teams use it... Atlanta loves to use it... Chunck the Hail Mary and try to get the D-Back to get called for PI. (nothing to loose)

It makes Brees stats look like crap but I like it. It is actually a safer choice.I am trying to find out how many of his Ints were on 3rd down.

Breaking his Int's down by quarter is interesting. And sheds some light on the situations where he throws them.

1st Quarter: 2
2nd Quarter: 8
3rd Quarter: 2
4th Quarter: 7

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NFL Stats: by Player Category

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Found it!

Brees Interceptions by Down:

1st Down 9
2nd Down 8
3rd Down 14
4th Down 0

Interceptions by Yardline

OPP 19-1 4
OPP 49-20 4

Own 1-20 8
Own 21-50 3
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