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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The playoffs, in an entirely different animal, than the regular season. As many smart analysts say, it's an entirely NEW season, where it's anyone's ball game. Yes, the regular season decides what position you are in, going in, but these ...

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The playoffs, in an entirely different animal, than the regular season. As many smart analysts say, it's an entirely NEW season, where it's anyone's ball game. Yes, the regular season decides what position you are in, going in, but these are professional football players, not 1A versus 2A. If Hasselback has receivers that can hold on to the passes yesterday, it could have been an entirely different outcome. LOTS of dropped balls.
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I keep telling this to my friends who are still bummed out...the Colts, the Eagles, now the Patriots...the Saints are in pretty good company. Would have liked a different outcome for the Saints in Seattle, but nothing to be ashamed about. Head held high. They were still in it until late in the game, it was a kinda embarrassing loss, but the Saints didn't get totally blown out by four scores or anything. Besides, it's certainly not the first time the wheels have fallen off a defending Super Bowl champion in the first game of the playoffs the next year.
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Misery loves company? I don't want any company on my couch! Bittersweet to watch the Colts, the falcons and the pats go down, still knowing it would have been priceless for us to still be in it. Just goes to show, any given Sunday, anyone can be the best team. I'm still proud of my Saints and what they achieved this season given the obstacles placed before them. Guess I'm pulling for the underdog Packers. But get it right, this will be the only time I pull for them!
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I think its sweet the media will now chow down on the Patriots for a while.

The SeaHawks was a shocker. It seems every QB played their best game of their carrier vs us this season. Not sure how that happens against the #4 defense in the NFL.

Our offense did a great job vs the Seahawks, if reggie would have caught the damn ball and given us 40pts id be happier, but they did fine. Defense imploded, no idea how you allow only 13 TD's all season, but give up 6 TD's to the Seahawks in 1 game. Im sure GW is pretty stunned, having his D wasted by the #23 offense in the NFL.
But the Seahawks did put up 24pts against the bears, supposed to be a better defense than ours.

If we had won the Seahawks game Im sure we would have beaten the Failclowns, but we could not go far after that. To many injuries, if we won the SB it would have been a miracle or all Brees, hes pretty much all we had left on the roster.

I feel sorry for the Pats tho, they were clearly the best team in the NFL this year. I wanted Rex to stop his yapping. Im so sick of his big mouth. Now I have to listen to his BS on the TV for another week, PLEASE PiTT finish it. The Jets are really making the NFL look like a cheap carnival show, can you imagine how miffed we would feel if Smith talked like Rex? I dont hate the Jets, I just cant stand Rex's constant yapping. The man has no grace.

To bad the Pats didnt win the SB. It would have been sweet if we faced them next year in the SB, and they were defending SB champions with 4 rings. Brees vs Brady - Payton vs Belichick, ratings would have gone threw the roof.

All in all, and considering the fluke injuries, we had a great year. Only one win from making history ( no team has gone 12-4 after winning a SB), proud of the boys.

Saints proved that pigs could fly in 2009.
Now its time for another miracle SuperBowl and go where no pig has gone before.

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Actually the Saints defense was ranked higher going into the playoffs, than the Bears was. Either way, I am also proud of my Saints this year. We are just a few pieces away, from bringing another one home. Just gotta keep the players we need, get some upgrades in other positions, and we are right back in it next season. Although, the Bucs will be even tougher next year I think. This division is a monster.... (Carolina excluded)
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Not so lonely now at the bottom of the top of the heap.

Go Packers. This year Favre actually quits and the Pack goes to the Superbowl... Well maybe...

Priceless. Used to really respect Favre, but man... Talk about self-destruction!

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Originally Posted by jeanpierre View Post
F*** Ryan...

I don't like the foot fetish freak...
I don't like him either. I love that fat bastard. He is hilarious and irreverent. Two qualities that I love in a person.
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The Saints beat the Jets.
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IMO, Jets over Patsies was not a big surprise. Though the Patsies would have been the safer bet.

Seagulls over Saints was an upset.
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That"s why they play the games boys and girls. If you go solely based on popular opinion the PATS would still be SB champs.

Yeah it sucks our boys lost. However, I feel happy in the fact that we made the playoffs. Don't take that as an old feeling of "Well at least we made the playoffs" of old. There have been many other defending champs have losing records the following season. We didn"t. So IMO, that's a positive.
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