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Look out...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; for the tank job. Anyone else feel a little queesy? Does this sound familiar - it's week 13 in the NFL and four of the Saints remaining five teams are worse than the Saints... but Brooks has a "minor" injury ...

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Look out...

for the tank job. Anyone else feel a little queesy? Does this sound familiar - it's week 13 in the NFL and four of the Saints remaining five teams are worse than the Saints... but Brooks has a "minor" injury to a MAJOR ligament in his knee, the offense is sputtering and the defense can't stop anyone especially when they run... and all of this while the Saints are "ready to make their playoff push". Why do I have sounds of toilets flushing in my head? I'm not saying it WILL happen, just saying that I feel pretty queesy at the moment.
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Look out...

I hear ya WhoDat. It is hard to feel confidant about this team right now there MO is ugly, a sloppy team that leads the league in fumbles has one of the worst turnover ratios, commits penalties in abundance and is one of the worst in the NFL at stopping the run. Hard to get overconfident about that, but the competition left is looking pretty bad as well and may provide some of the help we need to win. Realistically I don\'t see a five game march to the playoffs, that would require a consistency this team has yet to show. But as long as this team is playing off a win and have a tomorrow to look forward to I think the fighting, never giving up attitude this team has shown will stay and we\'ll have a chance. Once we get that next loss and the loss of hope with it, thats when the wheels come flying off the wagon. Untill then it\'s one week at a time, one foot infront of the other, till ??????????????????????????????

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Look out...

Are ya sayin it\'s time for the Tidy Bowl Man? :P It does look kinda familier doesn\'t it?
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Look out...

The question was raised earlier, \"what Haz goota do to keep his job?\".

Another meltdown (1-4) GONE!
Slight Meltdown (2-3) 50-50 shot at staying, hottest coaching seat in 2004.
Average play (3-2) You better play lights out next year or pack your bags Jimmy.
Play well (4-1) Probably keep him and review situation at end of 2004.
Play great (5-0) No-brainer, keep him.

The same table is set this year for us. Its definitely an eerily creepy familiar feeling.

Every one says this team doesn\'t have a 5 game win streak in it, but we haven\'t had a stretch of 5 games this winnable all year. Its not even close.

To date we\'ve had a top 10 schedule.
We finish with a bottom 10 schedule.

Its entirely possible, and it\'ll probably come down to the Dallas game that decides who makes the playoffs.

Whether we agree or disagree; its all for Him.
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Look out...

I don\'t feel queesy. With a 5-6 record all the Saints can do is look at their next opponent. There is no looking ahead to the play-offs. Cut back on turnovers and win ugly. Realistically (as in what I think will happen) 3-4 wins.
Reminder: I\'m still the only one who thinks that the new indoor facility will help us late in the season.
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