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If there is a lock out Im going on strike

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; When does the UFL start up....

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When does the UFL start up.
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Originally Posted by ALLSAINTS66 View Post
So, are you Swedish? Or you're American living in Sweden?
Just curious!
I swedish!

You can always buy a Chinese jersey for 35 bucks, if you donít mind supporting Communist Chinese businesses. (We do that anyway, every time we shop at Wal-Mart) For the price of one authentic NFL jersey, you can buy the whole teamís worth and wear a different jersey each week and the NFL gets nothing. Just a thought.
I know they are cheap but I don't like to by counterfeit products. I try to avoid that with all products since that kinda stuff ruins the economy both in countries where the stuff is produced and where it is sold.
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Any y'all been goin' to Voodoo games? I've been really enjoyin' 'em,
but then again, I always did like the AFL regardless of what's happening
with the NFL. I like 'em both. Funny thing is, now that the Voodoo are 2-11, I saw some jokesters leavin' the last game with bags on their heads with "VOO DAT!" written on 'em. Hilarious. I just love NOLA football fans. Ain't a people on Earth quite like the sons and daughters of this fair city. Dear NFL Owners... I'M READY FOR SOME FREAKIN' FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Im not buying one scrap of NFL gear till they play.

I'll tell you what we should do. We should get one of us, (I'm too insanely busy) to get on boards of all the other NFL teams, and create
a fan alliance. Falcons fans, Cowboys fans, I dont care .... I might even cooperate with SR.

This could be done. We could unite. Boycotting NFL gear alone would
get their attention. And its not like sports media wouldnt love giving us

get your wheels rolling in your head.
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I agree Mike. I was thinking about this thread a couple of days ago, wondering if anyone has bought any NFL gear since this lockout debacle started. I know that I havenít. And, like you, Iím not going to till they get this BS settled. But I do like those helmet stickers B Dub Saint has. LOL
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Old 06-24-2011, 06:35 AM   #26
Im BACK!!!!!
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yeahhhh.... helmet stickers! mine!
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I have a feeling NFL fans are doing exactly what you say... ALREADY.
If we could see the stats for NFLshop.com, I'm just betting they are DISMAL.
This is the first year, well, EVER... I haven't bought Saints gear, stickers, koozies, ANYTHING in the off season. The day they say they've reached an agreement, I'll buy. But until then... NOTHING. ZERO, ZIP, NADA.
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Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
I hade saved up money to buy a Brees authentic jersey but there is no way that will ever happen now since he put his name on that lawsuit. I'm not gonna buy anything where money might go to players.
Even after you know he's been spending his OWN MONEY to
help pay for training camps at Tulane? If they end up winning
the Super Bowl again this year... that's gonna be a HUGE story.

I'm in for one of those RealTree Camo Brees jerseys
when this all is settled!!!
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