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Looking Back ........................

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Since it is the end of the year, I thought I would look back at what has been the most popular and passionate disscussions on this board. Here is my top 10-list -- 10. Tebucky Jones -- There was much ...

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Looking Back ........................

Since it is the end of the year, I thought I would look back at what has been the most popular and passionate disscussions on this board. Here is my top 10-list --

10. Tebucky Jones -- There was much talk before the season about how Tebucky was going to come in a improve the Saints defense. Then Tebucky came in and proceeded to miss tackle after tackle. As the season wore on, so did fan's patience. Some labled Tecbuky as a bust after the 2nd game and some later on. Some look at the improvement at the Saints pass defense and think Tebucky has a lot to do with that. But, Tebucky has been discussed since day one and continues to be discussed.

9. Sammy Knight -- Knight was a very popular player who played with heart and was a play-maker. Sammy was traded to the Dolphins and generated a lot of heat towards the Saints organization for letting him go. Some point to Sammy being slow-footed and giving up big plays. Some point out that Sammy was a great taclkler and made interceptions and went to the pro-bowl. Sammy has gone on to Miami and given both sides an arguement for their case, as he is still making plays and still giving up big plays.

8. Deuce McAllister -- Deuce has had a great year and is the most favorite player my far. Game after game Deuce ran for one hundred yards or more. He has played with heart and soul and is the true meaning of the word professional. I think most memebers or Deuce is that he is quite possibly the best player to ever put on a Saints uniform.

7. Joe Horn cellgate -- Joe Horn exploded for 4 touchdowns on a Sunday night ESPN game. But, that was completely overshadowed by Joe pulling out a cellphone in the endzone. You had one side that liked it and one side firmly entrinced as being against it. Both sides went back and forth to make their case. Seems like it was about 50/50 for and against.

6. Donte' Stallworth -- Big things were expected from Donte' this year. Donte comes out in the first game and proceeds to drop 5-passes, drawing criticism for his play. Donte' continued to drop easy passes in games and the critcism increases. Donte' then get's injuried and stays out for an extended period of time. Some fans then question his ability to play with pain and label him as a bust. Whether Donte' can come in next year and break his sophomore slump is anyone's guess, but fans will still expect big things from him next year and it will continue

5. Late season collapses -- I wan't around for here for either of the late season collpases, but it is still a hot topic to this day. Because of the late season collapses, some fans think that the talent is being wasted and the team cannot win games when it counts. Some look for reasons for the collapses and heated debates are generated. Anytime the coaching staff is discussed the anit-Haslett crowd will point to the late season collapases. There are some that are looking at the December games this year to prove their point.

4. Jake Delhomme --Jake was a local boy who was a back-up QB. The Jake supporters had been waiting for the day to see Jake play. When Aaron Brooks was injured towards the end of last season and Jake was not put in the games, things really heated up and Brooks became the subject of much criticism and blamed for the late season collapses. The move to not play Delhomme also drew criticism for Jim Haslett. Jake was then traded to the Panthers and more criticism was directed towards Jim Haslett. Eveyone waited on the match-ups between the Saints and Panthers this year to prove their point. The Panthers went on to win both games, with Jake having very little to do with the victories. The Jake discussions have cooled of in recent times but are still brought up from time-to-time.

3. Free Agency -- This topic is brought up all the time. Fans look at avaliable free agents this year and begin to dream how that player would look in a Sants uniform. Lawyer Milloy was a hot topic for a while until he signed with the Bills. Linebacker and cornerbacks are discussed more than any other position. This will surely be a hot topic when the season ends and free agency signings start.

2. Coaching staff -- The coaches were already on the hot-seat with some fans before the season started. Pre-season rolled around and the Saints played poorly and the criticism only increased. Then when the Saints stumbled out of the gate to a 1-4 record the calls to get rid of the coaches really heated up. The team then went on to string together some wins and some came out to support the coaching staff. I think there are more that want to see Haslett gone, but he still has his supporters and this contiunes to be a hot topic and will continue to be one until Haslett can either prove he can get the job done or is fired.

And.............................The number ONE most talked about topic folks is..................................

You guessed it --

1. Aaron Brooks. -- Some love him. Some hate him. Some love and hate him. Some hate him from game to game, half to half, quarter to quarter, and even play to play. There's not too much that hasn't been said about Brooks, both good and bad. The Brooks supporters point to all the TD passes and improvement he has made in the passing game and the anit-Brooks crowd points out the fumbling problems this year. Brooks has come out and had "come-back" victories this year and played great games, He has also cost this team games and both sides continue to make their arguement any way they can. This one subject has generated so many threads that some members have openly complained about it. The arguements have also become very heated and the moderator(s) have had to step in to try to contol things. This subject is not only discussed by the regular members but some "lurkers" have been compelled to come in and give their opinion on the subject. No matter what game the Saints play of what the outcome, Brooks usually get's too much credit and too much blame. Don't expect this subject to go away any time soon. Next year Brooks will once again be the main focus on this team.

Now, this isn't all of the most popular topics here on B&G. As we all know this board has had it's share of drama that had nothing to do with football. Members talking about other members has been a hot topic as well. These type of posts can take on a life or their own and usuallly draw other people in to give thier view of that person and his beliefs. It usually plays itself out at some point. However at some points things have gotten totally out of control and the moderator has had to step in and do what he felt necessary to control the problem. This led to the moderator being criticised for doing his job.

I think with all the discussions about the Saints and all the other topics that have nothing to do with football that the moderator has had his hands full and has done a great job and has made this a great site to discuss football. I'm looking foward to looking back next year at what the most popualr topics have been. I hope to be able to list the "Super Bowl" as the number one topic next year.

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Looking Back ........................

Don\'t forget the baghead discussion.
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Looking Back ........................

Gravy Jackson and the D line ??

Cancerous Saint players on other teams ??
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Looking Back ........................

This won\'t make the top ten, but one of my personal favorites (probably because I wasn\'t involved) was the \"what kills a drive\" debate.
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