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frankeefrank 12-21-2003 08:09 PM

You say fate, I cry BS

"Can you believe that?" said Haslett. "I can't."

It was this same Gerry Austin crew that cost the Saints a game this season against Carolina with three controversial calls. The league admitted later that the calls were made in error.

So here it was Austin's crew making another controversial call late when they overruled a pass interference penalty. The ruling on the field was that Bryant had interfered with Lewis in the end zone. But the ball was tipped by safety Donovin Darius, although the tip looked as if it came after the penalty.

Austin reviewed it and overruled it, forcing a fourth-down throw by Brooks from the 10 that was batted down by defensive end Paul Spicer. After the game, there was still some question in the Saints locker room as to whether that play was even reversible.

"I've never heard that one before," said Haslett, who said Austin had no real explanation as to why it was overturned.

In the pool report, Austin explained the call.

"When the ball is touched, and the pass interference occurs behind where it's touched, then there is no foul because the ball has been legally touched," Austin said. "After that, interference can not occur by rule. That's what brought about the change."


Saint2 12-21-2003 08:26 PM

You say fate, I cry BS
Ok, if the interference was after the tip. How about illigal contact or defensive holding after 5 yards. It was apparent the the defender made contact with Lewis after 5 yds.

Yea! We\'ll get another appology during the week but you know what I\'ll feel the same as I did after the Carolina game. They won\'t give us the win.

P.S. No use passing blame today was 1 of many and with the Seattle win it didn\'t matter the Saints would have lost the tie breaker and the worse Seattle will finish is 9 & 7.

LafayetteFan 12-21-2003 10:58 PM

You say fate, I cry BS
I have to agree. Even non Saints fans I know will say that we got screwed, once again, by the refs. Happens all the time. ALL the time. I used to chuckle about the \"curse\", hell, I\'m usually the one to, in jest, bring it up myself, but man, sometimes I wonder...
I\'m very fired up for next weeks game. The Saints are gonna come out and smoke Dallas... mark my words. It\'s gonna be a good game to fire us up for next year, and give us a nice lasting memory to help us through the up-coming months without football.

LafayetteFan 12-21-2003 11:01 PM

You say fate, I cry BS
But, I have to say, once again, we got SCREWED!!!!!!!!

BillyC 12-22-2003 12:53 AM

You say fate, I cry BS
P. Manning 28/45 347 2 2
S. McNair 13/25 166 1 1
C. Pennington 25/39 236 1 1
B. Johnson 21/38 156 0 1
D. Ragone 11/23 71 0 1
T. Brady 22/34 228 2 0
A. Brooks 22/38 296 2 0

Here\'s what other QB\'s did against that Jaguars defense. Brooks had the best day. Even Peyton Manning and the Colts lost against the Jaguars. Wonder why the Great Colts and Manning lost? They are a good team aren\'t they?

BillyC 12-22-2003 01:07 AM

You say fate, I cry BS
You\'ll not bring me down to that level. You really ought to delete that post before Joe sees it. You are clearly trying to blame the loss on Brooks. Old man. Real old. It\'s like talking to a wall -- :casstet:

You should really try to make this board a better place. There\'s no need in all that stuff. Remember your apology that got you back on this board?

Gator -- I think you have mistaken a one of my earlier post as being directed at you and it wasn\'t. I really don\'t care what you say or what you think. You don\'t and never have hurt my feelings. I\'m over the flaming and the personal attacks. I was stupid for every doing it in the first place. If you can\'t talk football with me and must do the name calling then I will simply ignore all of your posts from now on.

saintz08 12-22-2003 01:30 AM

You say fate, I cry BS

\"When the ball is touched, and the pass interference occurs behind where it\'s touched, then there is no foul because the ball has been legally touched,\" Austin said. \"After that, interference can not occur by rule. That\'s what brought about the change.\"
ROFLMAO - I guess it never dawned on the referee , Had Lewis not been interferred with his route might have taken him in front of Darrius who made the tip .It is a little hard to adjust to a thrown ball while dragging a 200+ pound corner around the football field .

[Edited on 22/12/2003 by saintz08]

WhoDat 12-22-2003 11:43 AM

You say fate, I cry BS
Yes, the Saints got screwed... again. This is the second time that this crew has stuck one up our arses, but you know what? Gator\'s right. If the Saints don\'t play like poo, the officials aren\'t put in a position where one blown call costs us the game. Let\'s place blame appropriately. If you want to point a finger the first place you\'d better look is right at the Saints sideline.

BillyC 12-22-2003 12:17 PM

You say fate, I cry BS
So, WhoDat, in a league where more games than not usually come down to the last drive, the saints should keep a large enough margin on the scoreboard to make up for any bad calls by the refs? Got cha!!!

WhoDat 12-22-2003 12:29 PM

You say fate, I cry BS
Got who? You must be talking to your buddle scrambled brains... er eggs... there Flapjack.

BOTH the Carolina game and Jaguar game COULD have easily been won by the Saints had they executed on any number of plays throughout the course of the game. I\'m not by any means saying that the refereeing in both of those games wasn\'t suspect and didn\'t hurt the Saints dearly. I am saying that the Saints COULD have been in position in both games such that the bad calls wouldn\'t have been deciding factors in the games. You can only blame the Saints for those bad calls. Please Pancake, don\'t try to start an argument with me about how refereeing costs games. The only way that is possible is if the Saints played exceptionally well, executed much better than normally on both sides of the ball, and one bad call flipped the tide. Can you say that has EVER happened to the Saints? Not in my memory, but go ahead and argue that anyway flapjack. ;)

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