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Randy Moss retires... REALLY???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Randy Moss is actually Snoop Dog. He's not 'retiring'. He's just going back to the "OC" to kick it with his homies, some tanqueray, and some indo......

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Randy Moss is actually Snoop Dog. He's not 'retiring'. He's just going back to the "OC" to kick it with his homies, some tanqueray, and some indo...
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I'm happy with our receivers......there's a couple who could pick it up a notch but we have a good group. No thanks.
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Pass, he's the opposite of a Payton player.

Wouldn't want him on this team if he was free.
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Hell no. If you think Reggie Bush was unrealized potential, (I dont) you'd really love Randy Moss.

Part of what makes us successful is our drama-free locker room.
The whole reason he's retiring is because he's a quitter and a crybaby.
The minute he doesnt get his way, or the ball, he quits. Ask John Tice.

He has no concept of team, and he's a thug. I say "no" on sheer principle. He's not Saint material.
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Hmmm... Devery or Randy, Devery or Randy...

I'm just kidding, I don't even have to think about that one. I'm not sure who this Deverson guy is you are talking about, but tell me more about Randy Moss...
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I couldn't care less if he retires, where he signs, if he signs. As long as its not with us. Moss is all over his rolling stone now.
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Randy who?
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Greatness wasted. When he wanted to play he was flat out one of the best ever. To many ups and downs in his career.
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I still snap awake some nights visualizing how Moss crushed the Saints. His problem was always that he needed a qb who could make that long throw. I'm not sure Brady still could last season, the Vikes couldn't throw themselves on the ground, and the Titans were in such disarray that no one even noticed Moss was on the team.

I bet if properly situated, Moss could have 2 extremely productive seasons. He's still one of the fastest, tallest WR's. You can't play cover 2, and you absolutely must blitz to keep this guy contained. He's more problematic than Bush ever was.

I'm not advocating, I'm just saying. Moss still has Jerry Rice taunting him in his sleep. My bet is that he could be compliant. Throw 2 outs and 4 deep balls to him and he'd be happy.

If he were to be signed by the Saints, I think we could lose Arrington. No one really fears Devery, though they should. Because we can't protect Brees long enough to make a 30 yard throw, there's no incentive to keep a safety deep enough to matter, much less two. Arrington, while he may have upside, has one meaningless game under his belt in 2 years.

I feel that we need an upgrade in WR. Moss may not be the answer, but we need more speed and more height to make a serious SB run.
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