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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; saintfan -- What is your opinion on the Saints coaches. What kind of job do you feel they did this year and how do you think they will do next year. I\'d just like to hear an unbiased opinion. I\'d ...

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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

saintfan --

What is your opinion on the Saints coaches. What kind of job do you feel they did this year and how do you think they will do next year. I\'d just like to hear an unbiased opinion. I\'d also like to hear from Danno, LummOx, BlankandBlue, and any other unbiased person.
I have mixed feelings. From all the player turnover and massive injuries we suffered I think we did a pretty decent job. But all the player turnover was caused by this very staff.

McCarthy was everyone\'s darling last year. Did he forget how to coach?

Haslett was criticized in previous years for being to harsh. This year too soft. Whats up with that?

A disciplinarian that keeps having discipline problems? That scares me.

Everyone wanted Venturi thrown under a bus last year. In my opinion he was perhaps the one coach who underachieved the least. Go figure.

Haz is still a young coach, but if I hear the word \"developing\" one more time I\'m gonna spew.

This staff is skitzo and I don\'t know what to think about it.

If the right coach came along I\'d be very open to a change. I just don\'t want to see another 1st year guy come in and re-build what is a pretty good core of talent.

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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

It goes without saying that I think they could improve across the board. I think Haz is married to Venturi to a degree, and while I like Rick and think he\'s capable I\'d like to see someone else take a shot with our defense...someone who\'s proven he can make a difference. I\'m as sure as I can be about that not happening anytime soon tho.

I like Mike as the OC I guess, but I\'m really on the fence about him. He\'s capable, but I also think he\'s predictable at times. The Saints were playing from behind a LOT this past year and I think that handicapped his play calling to a degree. I\'m ok with giving him another year, but if he were replaced I wouldn\'t lose any sleep.

I also like Haz. I understand why people are down on him. I think their reasoning is sound for the most part, but I\'d still like to see what he can do next year. This last year, in my opinion, was a strange year. I understand why people feel the way they feel about Haz, but I keep reminding myself that the Saints are a young team (primarilly) and that it would be hard for ANY coach to overcome some of the issues the Saints had this year. I\'d like to see what Haz can do with a team that is another year older and more mature and one that hopefully won\'t have to contend with the number of injuries the Saints had to deal with this year. Let \'em stay relatively healthy next year, and if they aren\'t markedly better then I\'m for bringing in another HC.

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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

What is your opinion on the Saints coaches. What kind of job do you feel they did this year and how do you think they will do next year. I\'d just like to hear an unbiased opinion. I\'d also like to hear from Danno, LummOx, BlankandBlue, and any other unbiased person.
BlankandBlue? Now that is funny! :P
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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

Oh. Lord..

Should I go back and fix it??? Nah........maybe I\'ll piss him off. Nothing\'s better than getting B&B a little hot under the collar. It was a typo B&B...(tounge in cheek) :P
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Wade Phillips...Saints DC?

I heard the main reson we didn\'t run the 3-4 was that Howard is a perfect 4-3 type DE and would be wasted in the 3-4 style, and we didn\'t have a true NT on the roster.
Not sure how wasted he would be playing the 3-4 style, I don\'t really understand that argument- Howard is one of the most balanced defensive ends in the game. I would question Grant\'s fit into the 3-4 before I would consider Howard a detriment. I\'m more confident that the real reason we don\'t is because A. We don\'t have a true NT on this team and B. As one football analyst stated, The Saints collectively have one of the poorest linebacking crews in the NFL. If we were to move to the 3-4, Sullivan (possibly) becomes expendable, and the only linebackers I would consider putting on the field would be Rodgers and maybe Ruff, keeping Hodge and and Grant as reserves. But you are still talking about replacing three or four guys in your front seven, that doesn\'t include adding very necessary players in the secondary. So for the second year in a row, you are changing the face of your defense- it\'s not healthy. Couple that with the fact that we essentially spent two draft picks on Sullivan in last year\'s draft, which leads me to believe we are set in the 4-3 for a few years. That is, unless, Sullivan proves he can play NT, Hodge, Allen, and Grant all step up their game (yeah right) and we sign at least one top notch, preferably two linebackers that can start on this team and make an impact. You think I trust this team to go out in free agency and acquire top tier talent? I abandoned that ship long ago. Who was the last big name free agent that signed with the Saints? Jim Everett? Please...

To answer your question, Billy, I have not seen enough to warrant this coaching staff to be here any longer. I made that decision halfway through the season. This was the most undisciplined team I have ever watched play football. When a game becomes painful to watch, week after week, because of mental mistakes, turnovers, and penalties, I start to sour on the coaching staff, as that is a direct reflection. Some coaches run their house, others run around their house. To me, Haslett might as well have his hair on fire, as much running around as he did. A WEEK after Joe Horn\'s cell phone incident, we have Stallworth turn around and hand the touchdown ball to the corner that was covering him? How the hell does that happen, A WEEK AFTER Horn\'s incident???

Oh, and the \"BlankandBlue\" reference made me laugh. Your butchering of the english language is almost an art form now. :P

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