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saintz08 01-14-2004 08:44 PM

Receivers coach hired
Jimmy Robinson named new Saints wide receivers coach

The Associated Press

The New Orleans Saints have hired Jimmy Robinson as the club's new wide receivers coach.

Robinson, a 20-year coaching veteran and a receivers coach with the New York Giants for the last six seasons, replaces Hubbard Alexander.

Alexander was fired at the end of the Saints' 8-8 season.

"We talked to a lot of quality coaches in trying to fill this position, but in our view Jimmy's experience and track record made him a cut above the rest," coach Jim Haslett said Wednesday.

Under Robinson, from 1998-2003, the Giants' wide receivers posted the most successful seasons in club history. Amani Toomer became the team's all-time receiving yardage leader with 6,366 yards, and he established team records in 2002 with 82 catches and 1,387 yards.

In 2001, Giants wide receivers caught a team-record 186 passes for 2,680 yards and 15 touchdowns. In 1999, Toomer and Ike Hilliard combined for 2,179 receiving yards, becoming the first receiver tandem in Giants history to total more than 2,000 yards in a season.

saintz08 01-14-2004 09:09 PM

Receivers coach hired
Another move in the Haslett era that has me scratching my head in utter amazement .

From the news of Hubbards releasal :


Both the wide receiver and defensive line units were inconsistent this year, partly because of inexperience and injuries. Receivers dropped passes and missed assignments.
On the hiring of Robinson :


\"We talked to a lot of quality coaches in trying to fill this position, but in our view Jimmy\'s experience and track record made him a cut above the rest,\" coach Jim Haslett said Wednesday.
From this years stats :

Dropped passes

New Orleans 26
New York Giants 32


ami2kind4words 01-15-2004 01:09 AM

Receivers coach hired
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Danno 01-15-2004 07:36 AM

Receivers coach hired
Pat Kirwin of likes him...

2. Jimmy Robinson, wide receivers coach for the New York Giants. In the mold of Sullivan, Jimmy is an excellent teacher and is partially responsible for the development of Ike Hilliard, Amani Toomer and Tim Carter. Last week in the final game of the Fassel era, he was coaching guys named Ponder, Dinkins, Tyree, and they were lucky to learn from Robinson on how to play the game.

deadflatbird 01-15-2004 08:05 AM

Receivers coach hired
good pick up!

saintfan 01-15-2004 08:40 AM

Receivers coach hired
Robinson\'s hiring was received warmly by Saints wide receiver Joe Horn, who had publicly criticized team officials for not retaining Alexander.

BillyC 01-15-2004 08:49 AM

Receivers coach hired
Well, I can see how some folks are going to view ANYTHING done by Jim Haslett and his coaching staff. Some folks are going to view anthing done as being negitive. For example, take the hiring of Jimmy Robinson. He could be a real asset to the Saints, but people like 08 will not even explore the possibilty it could be a good hire, he simply is going to be negitive becuase, well........THAT\'S WHAT HE DOES!! He doesn\'t want to look at any facts relating to ANYTHING. He simply wants to convince everyone that anything done by Haslett is a BAD move. Why he does this, I have no idea.

Fortunatly we have members here that research the facts and post good information and well informed opinions. Thanks Danno and saintfan for providing that info. on Jimmy Robinson, because, quite frankly, I hadn\'t heard of the man.

[Edited on 15/1/2004 by BillyC]

[Edited on 15/1/2004 by BillyC]

saintfan 01-15-2004 08:54 AM

Receivers coach hired
When you\'re pondering what\'s going on with the team, my advice would be to take the word of someone actually ON the team and not the word of someone who\'s seen one to many Oliver Stone Movies Billy. The agenda is clear. Just smile and move on. ;)

BrooksMustGo 01-15-2004 09:09 AM

Receivers coach hired
I\'m sure the guy is a good coach. I\'m not sure that he\'s THAT much better than the guy they just fired.

The main thing is that while Haslett and the co-ordinators are still here, nothing changes.

saintz08 01-15-2004 09:13 AM

Receivers coach hired
Please !!!!

If your a Head Coach and you give up your receivers coach as a sacrifical lamb at least upgrade the position to a higher coaching value . Haslett has complained all year about dropped balls , then goes out and hires some guy who\'s unit has dropped more balls then his .

Fred Graves in Buffalo , unit dropped 19 balls all season . Features top receiver Eric Moulds and Peerless Price .

Haz in Buffalo doing an interview ..... :P

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