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Saints short-yardage problems.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Frustrating for all. I'm sure Ingram is ready for his breakout as well. All this talk about Ingram, but there's SPROLES. Holy shat!!! He runs like a Hall of Famer should run. If he can stay healthy and we can ...

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Frustrating for all. I'm sure Ingram is ready for his breakout as well.

All this talk about Ingram, but there's SPROLES. Holy shat!!! He runs like a Hall of Famer should run.

If he can stay healthy and we can spread him some ball a little more often, we'll be going places for sure.

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I'ts the line, and it's not a new problem.
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Hopefully the O-line will gell some more as the seaon goes on.
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Our line has been an issue here. I don't think Kreutz is as good a run blocker as he is in diagnosing where he should be in pass protection. Nicks and Evans need to step it up too.
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I have a suggestion... Whats wrong with training one of our 300lb + Tackles to pull a Refrigerator on those 3rd/4th and shorts. I'd love to see someone stop a 300lb guy bulldozing through the line of scrimmage. Just pick a spot and plow through.. If I was on defense I'd make sure I wasn't in the way LOL.
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I think that in the end the lack of success has to come down to play calling and design. SP knows where the weaknesses are in the O-Line and peripheral blocking, so he should call the plays that put the players in the best place to succeed and where their weaknesses are limited.

I know it might feel like a cop out to blame the play calling/design for the lack of production by the players, but ultimately that is where the responsibility must remain. Now, if a player isn't performing up to par - then either work on it with him in the practices or replace him with someone who can get the job done.

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Originally Posted by pherein View Post
Im not convinced we have a problem yet. I saw a huge improvement is Ingram's running against the Bears. I think with 2-4 more games he is going to be a force, once he settles down and is used to the speed.
You could see his hammering power in this game, he is an excellent short yardage RB and Im not sure he even needs very good blocking for 1-2 yards. I think he can literally take defensive player out to make 1-2 yard after he gets comfortable.
I agree with you. There isn't a problem yet... people are still looking at the first game and saying there is a problem. You have to realize 11 players on the other side get paid to stop Ingram as well, and sometimes they are going to do the job.

There is one thing one has to realize about the run game and that is you typically don't just say you're a run team and run. You have to establish it and run it and run it and run it. Its just like the passing game it takes time to develop. We essentially didn't have a power run game last year so we are way behind what everyone expects us to be at this point. It will come around.

Also, there is a big difference between run blocking and pass blocking.
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"On one play Ingram took a toss play..if he cuts back he gets the 1st...but he is young ..he will learn..we did spread em out on the Meach TD..and it worked to perfection."

Agree totally
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Ingram is da best!
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To me it seems like Ingram is tougher to take down once he gets a head of steam. I like the way PT has been running the ball and hitting the hole with power...and in the future if I were going to be running to pick up 1, I'd be handing it to PT...for now.

With all that being said, it is nobody's fault but mine that they are struggling to pick up 1 on 3rd and 4th down. I have noticed that any team on the planet that I want to pick up that 1 yard never does.

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