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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by papz Pros: - Darren frickin' Sproles - Running game showed we can run when we want to... we just need to make the effort. - Robert Meachem is extremely consistent when he's thrown the ball. - It's ...

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
- Darren frickin' Sproles
- Running game showed we can run when we want to... we just need to make the effort.
- Robert Meachem is extremely consistent when he's thrown the ball.
- It's great to have Lance on third downs.
- I've been comparing Jimmy Graham to Jermichael Finley for two years... if Graham keeps this up, it's going to have to start being the other way around.
- Harper is a blitz monster.
- Greer had a great game and was on his receiver like white on rice... similiar to two years ago when he was one of the top 3 corners in the league.
- Great to have Will on the field.

- Two of the top interior tackles in the league hasn't showed us much on defense.
- This game should have been a big blow out. Must start converting FG's into touchdowns.
- We need better linebacking play... especially in coverage.

Anything else?
It's already the other way around for me. Rodgers threw the ball all over the yard today, Finley had 3 catches for 38 yards, even Donald Driver had a TD. Rodger only uses Finley in case of emergency. Ala a matchup against us!!!!

Graham is making us forget we ever had Shockey. He is becoming the best TE we ever had.

other thoughts

- Darren Freakin Sproles....... The Front Office is looking smarter and smarter every day.

- Jabari Greer is way better because he took his lumps against Andre Johnson. He's not done taking lumps but better for it. I figured after taking Dre's best routes all day with little to no help he would blanket any other no name reciever he saw, and so he did.

- Saints 1 road 0

- Linebackers and DT's must get sea legs. Rodgers and Franklin invisible and Ellis was doing better without there help. Who wants to step up and replace Scott Shanle its patch work when he's on the field and other teams know it.

- A win is a win, I 'll take em however we get em see you in Carolina.
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bushrod got smoked all game long.
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- The playcalling is too predictable and pass heavy. With two new starters on the o-line, it's just not smart to expose Brees and the season to so many hits. He's not a big guy. One of these times he's not going to get up. Plus, on 3rd or 4th and 1, it's going to be a run up the middle.
- I know the Saints have to mix it up some on defense, but the the zone looks get ate up every time.
- Devery stepped up big with Colston and Moore out. But, when he's not a feature player, he disappears. All the RB's get their snaps. Payton needs to make sure Henderson gets his. (See * in positives below.)
- With a week to get ready as starters, Brown and De La Puente were not good.
- The Refs were horrible again. The hit on Brees was as bad as it gets. The call on Casillas is a close second.
- Kasay missed.
- Tough road game this week at Carolina.

- * It's great to have so much talent at RB and WR with an emerging star at TE.
- The d-line is getting more active and has played well against the run.
- Having Vilma and Dunbar on the field at the same time is a good thing.
- Greer is playing great.
- Robinson is very improved and is looking like a legit NFL starting CB.
- Porter looks healthy and ready to compete.
- Sproles deserves individual mention. He's the best RB on the team right now. With his versatility, it could be argued he's the best player on the team.
- A week without injuries.
- 3 - 1.
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We won by 2 scores so I can't be too critical but Payton and Brees just can't go the safe route. They have to throw deep on 3rd and short. Multiple times the dump off pass was available and we didn't take it. Yes we had the most rushing attempts so far this year but still should have had more. I understand sharing the carries but when Sproles is getting 7 yards a pop, keep feeding him the ball until they stop him. Would like to see a game where we have more run plays than pass plays this week should be it. Forte ran all over the kitties D. Defensive side, can't believe what I'm about to say but I can't believe GW was conservative on play calling. Too many 3rd and long and he dropped back in zone coverage instead of pressuring Gabbert. It did work once with the Robinson pick but we also gave up a few conversions and extended drives by some weakass LB penalities. Good news we are 3-1 with a great chance of being 4-1 after this Sunday.
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Still looking at too many 1's on the book for our interior defensive lineman, and too many big numbers for safeties and corners. Too much run support will turn into too many injuries on the backside, AGAIN.
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There were good and bad plays all around, but one thing that was eating me up were the drive sustaining penalties!
On at least 2 occasions, Jax had 3rd and long, didn't make the 1st down, but got flags against us for the 1st down... Not Good!
The guys need to keep their heads in those situations and not give the opponents a big first down gift-wrapped with a bow on it.
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Yeah, a team like the Falcons or Lions will eat our lunch if we keep giving them easy penalties on 3rd downs like that.
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-Decent protection considering 2 guys making their first NFL starts
-Brees was actually scrambling and had another past the line of scrimmage carry
- pass rush & defensive play calling

O: touchdowns, forced throws
D: big plays & LB's
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