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Sunday's NFC South Showdown

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What kind of challenge do you have this week? If you look at them defensively, its an attacking defense. Its a very well-coached group first of all. I have a lot of respect for what Gregg Williams does over there. ...

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Threaded by papz
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What kind of challenge do you have this week?

If you look at them defensively, its an attacking defense. Its a very well-coached group first of all. I have a lot of respect for what Gregg Williams does over there. Hes one of the finer defensive coordinators in this league. Hes been doing it a long time and has a lot of success. I think he has a good personnel. We expect them to attack like a lot of other teams have and bring in pressure and change up the coverages. We hopefully will be able to get a handle on them and prepare this week for what they do defensively. As far as their offense is concerned, they have a lot of weapons and it all starts with Drew Brees and Coach Payton. I think the two of them are a great combination and a great tandem in terms of the way they work so well together and then you couple that with the playmakers they have back there and it does mean that youre going to have to prepare for a lot of different looks that youre going to get from them. This is most certainly one of the better teams in the league and we know that. Theyre fighting for the lead in our division and they are a good team.

Is Jimmy Graham a guy that you have to put at the top of your list in preparing for?

Absolutely, just because of the different things that they do with the tight end and just the fact that hes a quality football player as well. Hes a guy that is going to give you headaches if he can stretch your team vertically. He has enough athletic ability and route running ability and good hands to cause you problems underneath. And if youre not careful and you try to match him up with the wrong guy, he could take advantage of that. Just the different ways Coach Payton uses him, once again I think you have to look at the playmakers they have. Were caught up in the same boat to a degree, but were young at a couple positions and we have enough playmakers at tight end that you have to account for both of them. We have a good taste of it and I think Jimmy Graham is one of the up-and-comers.

Do you recall the Saints picking him in the third round raising eyebrows around the league?

I was in San Diego and I saw what Antonio Gates was capable of. The Houston Texans took the kid from Cincinnati that played basketball so I think to a degree there was a carry over as far as with the athleticism that you need to play certain positions. Certainly weve seen that at tight end as a position you can have success with if you played basketball. I guess also with a pass rushing defensive end like weve seen with the young man with the Houston Texans.

Does Jabari Greer get enough credit for what he does?

I dont think so. They have good enough players at different positions that some guys are going to get overshadowed. You talk about what they do with their defensive line and their linebackers and their safety play, its easy to overlook people especially when you have guys that make big plays. Like we say as defensive coaches, the only time you hear about a corner is when he gets beat and you really havent heard a whole lot about that with their defense. Sure it was a tough loss against Green Bay, but everyone thats played Green Bay has had a tough loss. I just think that guys will get their do when people take a step back and look at what theyve done over a period of time. Guys like him who just silently do their job, people are going to take notice and say that hes a heck of a player and we have to make sure people know that. Were in the same boat. We have a young cornerback thats been doing a good job for us in Captain Munnerlyn. A lot of people say hes undersized but for what hes done for us, hes been solid.

Full article below.
Rivera and Newton Preview Sunday's NFC South Showdown

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They are not giving away very much. No bulletin board materia here
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So they know we're good.........they will probably give us a good game though.
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Our stats are nearly dead even with the Panthers except for wins.

I'm expecting a close game, unfortunately.

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