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Haslett interview

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; http://www.saintsreport.com/vbulleti...2&pagenumber=1 This was posted by Gerry V of the Gerry V Show. Haslett Interview tonite review.. Asked Haslett to list all that was going on or had gone on already as far as off season evaluations------ We reviewed all tapes ...

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Haslett interview

This was posted by Gerry V of the Gerry V Show.

Haslett Interview tonite review..
Asked Haslett to list all that was going on or had gone on already as far as off season evaluations------ We reviewed all tapes and ranked all the players and the different units.Defensive line and the LB's are the areas that did not grade out as high based on the tape study.

I asked if you had all three picks on the board still available at the following positions LB,DB,DT.If three players that were on the top of your list at all three positons were available which one gets picked?....ans.. DB..need a cover guy and the age factor...#2 LB..#3 DT

How is the Mitchell rehab going?? ans..he ran this mornng out doors and the results look terrific.

Darren Howard update..anything new??..Both sides are still talking.

Did the mental mistakes that took place this year look even more glaring during your tapes breakdowns??..ans..games 1 thru 8 the mistakes were numerous...the 2nd 8 they were greatly improved

How will the mental area be addressed in mini camp and training camp??.....ans ..they have been listed and will be shown and reviewed and be carefully monitored....

Now that you've had sometime being around Aaron Brooks and you have developed a relationship at whatever level...do you sometimes feel that he needs so me tough love?? Where he needs to hear the bark more often??..ans....lots of our guys get tough love.Earlier he almost drove me to drink..we give the tough love at practice and in a private manner as wel as in practice...fans just don't see it 'cause you try not to embarrass player openly.

Aaron Brook and Deuce McAllister( on the show last week) both said that the team needs more professionalism and focus and some players need to be held accountable for their performances.These are your two key guys saying the same thing.What do they mean by this?.....ans.... he said the team has some young guys that need to understand they need to bring it every week.They need to better understand the demands of the NFL...he said both Brooks and Deuce were right and this will be addressed this season and paid attention to. They need to understand what self motivation is.

Offense line..ans..the tape breakdown showed that they were pretty consistent

Defensive line..ans ..he felt that new d line coach H=John Pease will be a great help to re-do the technique breakdowns etc....we need to improve in this area.

was it more frustrating for you since you played the position as you brokedown the tapes to see where the LB's needed to improve?..ans...yes cause you can't play for them yes it was tough and this is another area that we will address.

Why do you like your Off cord and def cord on the sidelines??
ans,.... its a question of comfort .they like the interaction with the players and feel better observing the action from here.they feel they have a pretty good handle on things from that position.

How would you answer a request from a fan if he asked you." Are you commited to winning? tell us something that displays that.Do you guys want to win big?? How would you answer that??ans....we sign our players and we realize that the playoffs are a must but we also want to win more then just a playoff game..our owner spent 40 million on guys last year and we will be aggressive trying to get guys in here and re-sign the guys we need to win..yes we want to win big.

Will next year change you in any way? Its a huge year for you since it has to be a playoff year.Will that change you or will you stay on course on who you are and how you do things??
ans...i will remain the same.we understand what pressure is but i feel realll good about his team as guys are getting healthy and we'll have them back.its the best i felt leaving a senior bowl cause folks liked us as a team and understood what we went through.we had some guys hurt and we made so me mistakes that we felt we improved upon.its the best i felt coming from the senior bowl..i feel really good about next year

there are some free agents we w ould like to get but lets see what kind of a tag their current teams put on them,..wew know what we need and we know what has to improve and we will work on all of that..

he also explained how the loss of Darren Howard and some others changed things ..he feels his young guys Sullivan and others will improve as they were so young

Which group improved the most accoring to the tape study?/..ans..the back end of the defense..thomas...even TBucky Jones did some better things..the offensive line also showed some improvement in some areas...

Recievers?..ans..we havevery talented group here but it needs to happen every Sunday...we were inconsistent..Jimmy robinson ( new rec coach) will be a help here..we need to play..we need to make this happen....
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