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goguxxx 11-02-2011 08:36 AM

Let me tell you how i saw the game on Sunday , and pls stay with me on this,its interesting.

As there was daylight time savings day , (in my timezone the games usually start at 8 pm) , i should have been one hr early,but i forgot about the time change .So i open the tv at 8pm,and i saw it was 0-3,2nd quarter and the Rams on the 3 yard line of the Saints . Said to myself : well,**** happens,could be worse,lets see a defensive stop right here. They rushed into the endzone ,with 1 or 2 mins to the half . I was like awaken from a bad dream .Took 3 hard punches at the furniture,and actually hurt my right hand,the swallowing went off just this morning. Then they scored again after the int ,0-24 at the half ....what a fokin nightmare man. So in 3 mins they managed to ruin my evening.And took another shot at the furniture at halftime,just to top it off.

Tbh i wasnt expecting the team to be on fire in this game,but sure wasnt expecting the Rams to be fired up like that,especially Brandon Lloyd,that was just traded a couple weeks ago.He had the touchdown,then a huge drop,then a miracle catch inbounds to keep them alive . I guess its that "got nothing to loose" attitude that saved the Rams.

Marlboro Man 11-02-2011 06:40 PM

What these maroons need to learn is that you have to set the edge and play contain and we turn our noses up at doing that. We just refuse to set the edge and play containment at the end of the line on either side. It's ridiculous.

Mardigras9 11-03-2011 02:35 PM

Anyone except Shanle, please.

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