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If the season ended today..Playoff seeding

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Srgt. Hulka Wow, not one person has called this gay yet! LOL That's because it's not - it's based on the factual standings. Not like the journalists giving head to their favorite teams in the Power Rankings!...

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Originally Posted by Srgt. Hulka View Post
Wow, not one person has called this gay yet! LOL
That's because it's not - it's based on the factual standings. Not like the journalists giving head to their favorite teams in the Power Rankings!
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I think SF drops at least 3 more. They will def lose to the Steelers..Maybe the Ravens. And they will slip up on at least one of those divisional games.
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The 49ers are a strong team this season, as long as Alex Smith doesn't revert back to the Alex of old. Harbaugh has done wonders with that team, with essentially the same personnel Singletary had.

With a strong ground game, a strong defense, and a QB who is willing to just manage the game, and not try to win it by himself, it looks like the 49ers will get a first round bye in the playoffs. And I say that because they play in the weak NFC West. There are only two more games they can reasonably lose, at Baltimore (the Edgar Allan Poes are suddenly looking beatable) and against Pittsburgh at Candlestick. That team is going to have either the #2 or #1 playoff seed.

That means the Saints had better secure the #3 seed, and win against the #6 seed in the wildcard round. They would then play at the #2 seed in the divisional round (assuming the #4 seed beats the #5 seed).

But... first things first. Atlanta has a favorable schedule the rest of the way, and the Saints have a tough schedule. Matt Schaub's injury gives Atlanta a possible break in a game that probably would have been an L for them before the Schaub injury (it may still be an L; the Texans are primarily run oriented). The Saints do play four of their remaining six games at home, and their toughest remaining road game appears to be at Tennessee. Point here is, the Saints will have to hussle to win the division; it is nowhere near a lock at this point. Atlanta losing at home this Sunday against Tennessee would be great for the Saints; that would put the Falcons 2 full games plus a tiebreaker behind the Saints, with six left.

Lets try to enjoy the bye week, and see what shakes out.
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Originally Posted by Halo View Post
San Fran's remaining schedule:

11 Nov 20 ARI @ SF
12 Nov 24 SF @ BAL
13 Dec 04 STL @ SF
14 Dec 11 SF @ ARI
15 Dec 19 PIT @ SF
16 Dec 24 SF @ SEA
17 Jan 01 SF @ STL

They have 2 remaining strong AFC opponents in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Unless Arizona is about to go on a tear --- Arizona beat Philly yesterday with a backup QB in Philly.... then again we're talking about PHILLY here!
there are 2-3 games they could lose here, but unfortunately, the most likely losses would be against AFC teams. We have 3 conf losses; SF only 1 (first tie breaker)

That means we need to have one less loss than SF, or we are at best number 3.
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I didn't realize that I was hoping to come in at 3rd.
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It is waaaaaay too early to crunch this kind of thing.

But I would not sleep on the 49ers having to play the Rams twice. I know people tend to discredit the Rams, because of their record, but if I was a Rams coach or a player on that team looking to protect my job next year, I would have those 49ers games circled IN RED on my calendar as days to SHOW UP like they did against the Saints. And I highly doubt the Rams are gonna "suck for Luck" on purpose the rest of the way, because they have Sam Bradford. So it's not inconceivable that the race for the #2 seed might tighten up a bit down the stretch.
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The whiners could actually clinch their division this weekend. Might they (consciously or not) take their foot off the gas?

I agree it's way too soon to start trying to seed the playoff teams. There's still a lot of football left, and if the Rams can take it to the Saints then anybody has a shot at anybody else. Lots of season left my friends.
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There is nothing gay about "If the Season Ended Today" threads, so long as they come after week 4.

I rooted madly for the Giants Sunday, because with the 49er win, I think they've almost wrapped up 1st round bye. We're pretty much a lock to have to play 3 rounds. Im smelling another mail-in game vs. Carolina, because everything by then will be set, and there'll be nothing to gain by then.
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Looking at the AFC side, sucks to be the Texans... They finally get a season without Peyton shoving a football down their throat, end up leading the AFC, and then lose their QB, probably from the season, with Matt Leinart their only hope to keep hold of the #1 seed and steer them into the playoffs.

It's so sad it's funny.
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To Hell with this - its week 10 lets worry about getting to the playoffs. Then we will concern ourselves with who we will beat.
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