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You guys really scare me

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; It's just a shame that the 2 best teams can't face each other in the Super Bowl!!...

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It's just a shame that the 2 best teams can't face each other in the Super Bowl!!
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I LIVE for it. I got stared down at an airport by a Packers-jacketed fan on the tram yesterday in Seattle, of all places. I had to look away. He had me and he knew it.

I hate that feeling. Last night the wife says, "Do you believe they booked this for a Monday Night Game?", referring to Rams / Chickens. I responded, "Do you believe that those two teams represent 2 of our last 4 losses?". LOL But it wasn't funny... If you know what I'm sayin'...

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Originally Posted by Budsdrinker View Post
It's just a shame that the 2 best teams can't face each other in the Super Bowl!!
But they can and will in college.
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When someone makes a thread here about being scared, the Saints come out with a win. Now it's all destiny!
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Lets NOT count our chickens before they are hatched...


1. JUST WIN BABY!! (I think if we win out we get #2 seed)

2. Concentrate on getting that #2 seed & not worrying about anythig else (including records for Drew - the only thing I want to see Drew with is another Super Bowl MVP)
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Scary thing about Packers/Saints rematch: the two things that did in the Saints the first time, turnovers (Colston fumble) and short-yardage running game (last play). BOTH have IMPROVED noticeably for the Saints since opening night.
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Thanks. I doubt anyone down here wants to play you either. I certainly don't.
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Hey, Remember back in the early 90's when the cows and 9ers were always playing in the NFCCG? We all knew that was the real SB and who ever won it was gonna cream the AFC opponent. And they did too. If we meet the Packer's for the NFCCG, it will have that same feel to it.
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Originally Posted by papz View Post
I'm thinking more about securing the 2 seed than playing GB right now.
Me too!
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Originally Posted by Arodgers12 View Post
Another thing is Rodgers wasnt taking any shots at the Saints. It was directed toward the media after our opening day game about the offseason workouts. I promise you guys that. Hope there are no hard feelings about this topic between the two teams. If we play in the playoffs I know we will both hate each other come game time. I know that will be a great game if we play. I can just feel Lambeau in January against the High powered Saints offense. Don't you guys just get fired up thinking about it?
I don't even think we gave it a second thought, most knew what he was talking about,,,err I hope. I now there were some threads but they didn't last long.

Saints fans are kind of unusual in the NFL Arod. Most teams fans love coming to the Dome to play. We really don't hate anyone. We make fun of cantlana because their fans are like philly fans, they are just mindless idiots, remember they egged your bus when you played them.
We get pissed when we not treated well, like in Chicago 2006, or some say seahawks game. Otherwise New Orleans is just a huge football town. Most of us want to play the best. We wanted the Colts in the SB.
..and most of us want to play the Pack again, because we had Moore,Smith, and Tracey Porter out for that opener, and Rodgers passed against our rookie robinson all day.
I think it would be the game of the year if we can pull off #2 seed and play a NFC Championship in Lambeau. I just hope the weather doesn't get in the way, otherwise we will never know who is better. We love football not snow.

But I'm still on the fence of wether I want a complete blizzard , because I think that might give us an advantage, because of our OL and RB's, and limits the long plays. Im just not sure the Pack can run against us in that kind of situation,,,,so they will be forced to short pass down the field....
..or clear non windy weather.
I guess god will decide the situation, lol, our boys just need to be ready to play in any environment. I think we all know the Pack will be ready for it. We only worry about the constant whining of bad fans, like the Vikequeens ,failclowns, Phallus CowToys and Dream Team, because their fans are even worse if they win.
I didn't hear any bad things about Lambeau in our 1st game. Just make sure your fans know we are their to have fun and watch a football game, some of us with families, so act like sportsmen.

Saints proved that pigs could fly in 2009.
Now its time for another miracle SuperBowl and go where no pig has gone before.

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