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View Poll Results: Besides the Fail-Clowns which team do you hate the most?
Vi-Queens 5 13.16%
Plowboys 16 42.11%
TB Sucs 2 5.26%
NE Pat-cs 0 0%
Carolina Kittens 0 0%
None of these I AM A TROLL 1 2.63%
Other (please, do tell!!) 14 36.84%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

Besides the Fail-CLowns what team do you hate the worst!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. Patriots "The tuck rule game", "The snow plow game", "The spying scandal" - they even have names for all the unfair things the Patriots have done or have profited from over the years. Worst thing is that they are ...

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1. Patriots
"The tuck rule game", "The snow plow game", "The spying scandal" - they even have names for all the unfair things the Patriots have done or have profited from over the years. Worst thing is that they are actually proud of those actions.
Plus Belichik and Brady. Yikes.
Add to that that in the not so distant past you had to have a back-up plan (or a back-up team) once the play-offs started if you were a Saints fan. My back-up team was the Colts (Archie's boy) so the Patriots didn't win any sympathy points when they won against them.

2. Eagles
Pretty much for their fans.

3. Bucs
This is probably more about the Glazers and what they are doing to ManU, but they make the list.
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The Broncos. Just because of the amount of Tebow coverage.
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Packers are#1 on my list............. #2 Falcons.................#3 Dallas ........
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My top ten are the Faclowns, #1-9, then the eagles at #10
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Dallas, and for some strange reason the San Diego Chargers. Why I don't know they have given us so much. Thanks A.J. Smith, dude do you still have a job.
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Falcons, Buccaneers, Panthers

Those three are my most hated, in no particular order...

Division rivals and our games are always to close for comfort
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Of course I hate the Falcons more than anything else. If there's a Saints fan who doesn't, I haven't met or encountered them yet. If there's a Falcons fan who exhibits class, I've never met them either. I misike everything about the Falcons and everything to do with them. Especially the fat chick one section over from me, in '09. who had the ridiculous big fat stuffed ugly Falcon bird on a fishing pole, who would wave it around over people's heads, five or ten rows below her, I'm glad she got ejected from the Dome at some point and hasn't been back. We own that series 9-2 since Payton has been head coach. Thank you Coach Payton.

Then, secondly, I have to say I hate any team that ever slighted Drew Brees, Sean Payton, or anybody else on the team...I try and remember that stuff....people out there who thought we should move the team...people who said the QB was too short or too small or had a bum shoulder...those fabulous blowouts we all love, against the Giants and Patriots, etc., they weren't accidents...the undrafted players, the cast-offs, the low picks who got slighted by somebody...racking up the score against Bill Parcells and the Cowboys, 2006 (Mike Karney, unknown fullback, 3 TDs), that was no accident...I loved it...I don't quite know why Sean Payton hates the Vikings so much, but I like it, I think it's just because he can mess with them now, so I'm cool to roll with it -- anybody Sean Payton has a grudge against is fine with me! Anybody who slighted Drew or looked past him (looking at you, Miami, come-from-behind-win in 2009) I am cool with. San Diego. I guarantee you there are fans in San Diego watching Drew on highlights tonight from earlier today, going WTF. And unknown people Drew played against in high school, forgotten people who under-estimated him, watching him every week going OH MAN I REMEMBER THAT GUY. lol
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Don't really hate, but just don't like much.

Atl, Saints big rival.

Dallas, the America's thing was a long time ago. 1970's, 1980's.
You have so many treams now and new rules, that their dominate day is long gone over.
I always have to watch Dallas because , well, they might lose and I want to see the theatrics of it all. Jerry Jones getting angry. Romo's wife gets put on camera now. I do not fault her. Romo has the entertainer celeb thing that he made , so here it is. All of these things that have nothing to do with the game, but when your team, some players, the owner, the hype gets so big, it overshadows your game.

Tebow, I do not dislike him. He is a good boy. I do not listen to or like the coverage about him and Denver anymore. I think is overkill and silly. There are several reports about him on the NFL shows. Sometimes it seems the story has nothing to do with him and they'll throw him in. Enough.
He is just a QB who has won anything big yet or done anything big yet.
He has won some games. He ahs lost some too.
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Considering how bad we're going to beat all of them... I actually feel sorry for them.

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