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Good luck with that

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; HUBRIS Good one, 11. You dug deep on that one. LOL But you hit it dead-on because that's the only rational explanation. Alaska...

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Good one, 11. You dug deep on that one. LOL
But you hit it dead-on because that's the only rational explanation.

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I say let him throw! Tracy Porter needs another Championship moment!
And Greer...
And PatRob...
And Jenkins...
And Harper...
Hell, even Quddus if it comes to him playing!


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Originally Posted by Beastmode View Post
He's right though, if Gore gets going like Steven Jackson Smith could throw well under 200 yds and prevail. I have a feeling though GW is going to try and force Smith to throw the ball more and make him attempt something he has not had to produce all season.
Jackson didn't beat us. A blocked punt and a pick 6 beat us.
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GW trying to force anything makes me nervous.
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They are absconding with the "honey badger" popularity.

Honey badger don't care. He does what he wants.

Alex Smith don't care, he do what he want. Hope he don't try to mess with no large animal, after the snake sting him asleep.
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I keep hearing so much of this type of stuff recently from San Francisco and it's fans, I am beginning to really wonder.... I am starting to think it has been a really long time, since they have actually SEEN any great contemporary football, out there in San Francisco, because of the NFC West...it almost sounds like, these SF fans are waking up from a deep Rip Van Winkle type sleep, and they really have not SEEN what has happened in the passing game around the rest of the league in the last 5+ years. It's like they're not aware the rules have been changed, that offensively it's a pass-first league now -- they seem to think that all these top elite QBs out there are just piling up all these yards and stats in garbage time, at the end of games against the second-stringers or something.

I speculate it's because if you are a season ticket holder for the SF 49ers (or even a player on their team?) you always see the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams, every year -- as a ticket holder that's almost half your home games spent watching mediocre football teams IN PERSON. And even if you're a fan on TV, you watch the 49ers play each of those teams twice! So they just don't get to SEE, with their own two eyes, how FAST and INTENSE and ACCURATE these new-model powerhouse passing teams are.

Then I figure, these fans maybe go home from the game, that had a score like a high-hitting baseball game, 12-9....and at night they see some highlights on TV, Sports Center or whatever. And they might see some short clips or highlights of passing plays -- somebody makes a one-handed catch, they see Rodgers or Payton or Eli Manning throw TD's, and they think to themselves "Big deal. Those guys are the same as the guys we see out here in the West." It's like they don't even GET, how fundamentally different today's elite teams are, from what they're used to seeing. Hey guys, Brees threw FOUR touchdowns, today, Sports center is only showing you ONE of the FOUR.... But they see that one clip and they must think that's ALL him or Rodgers or Brady or Manning did that day. They're used to their guys slogging around on their crummy mud field and 49er fans cheering and getting excited whenever they kick field goals. Because I hear them say this stuff, and I literally think to myself, hmm, maybe they have not actually SEEN it yet.
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Originally Posted by Beastmode View Post
In the 70 games Smith has played in he's thrown 2 300 yard games, and when I say 300 I mean nowhere close to 400. He's not going to throw 400 yds. He's not that kind of QB for one and he doesn't have those type of receivers. Besides, they aren't even healthy. I think Crabtree is the only one that is healthy.
I dont know if it is becasue they are playing from behind or what BUT we can make subpar QBs look good.

Ratty Mice had NEVER passed ofr 350 yrds in a game - he did it twice against us - this year.

ASs is right. It doesn't matter how many yards you thorw - its how many points you have.
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From the article:

I dont care, Smith said. I really dont care. Im looking to outscore him. He can throw for how many yards as he wants.

And a comment from the article:

He can throw for how many yards as he wants.

Yes, Alex, yes he can.
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