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Some Interesting Stats on 49ers D

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by CCulliver29 The NFC West is undoubtedly a strong division. It's going to be a bloodbath. OK, dude. Now I KNOW you are high. Put the ganja down man ... or you'll get lost on the way the ...

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Originally Posted by CCulliver29 View Post
The NFC West is undoubtedly a strong division. It's going to be a bloodbath.
OK, dude. Now I KNOW you are high. Put the ganja down man ... or you'll get lost on the way the game.
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Originally Posted by WhoDat!656 View Post
49ers winning the NFC West proves they are the most buoyant turd in that division!!
Turd Blossom, same nickname as Karl Rove. How did he get that name anyway?
There's got to be a good story there.
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Its funny.... I dont remember any 49er fans being in here for a looong time..... Now they are jumping out like Falcon fans..... Crazy.....
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Originally Posted by kannon315 View Post
The 49ers have played 5, top 10 passing offenses this season and they are 4-1 with the lone loss coming against Dallas. Here are the numbers....

In five games, opposing quarterbacks went

135/223 61% 1,732 yds. 9 Tds 8 Ints that's a QB Rating of 83.4

which averages out to 346.4 ypg

When it comes to running the football, none of the teams had a rushing attack better than 14th because I excluded the Eagles because of the Michael Vick factor(75 yards rushing).

Yes they went 4-1 but let's be for real.........
*Roethlisberger looked horrible hobbling around on one leg
*Stafford was 28/50 293 yds 2 tds 0 ints and lost by 6
*Vick threw for 405 yards and lost by 1

49ers are a good defense but not great. If we protect the football we will win big! If we turn it over it's gonna be a dog fight. In the 4 games they won they had a average winning margin of 7 solely because of the Pittsburgh debacle which definitely doesn't look as impressive after we saw last weekend's Tebow Show! Without that game win margin goes down to 4.6 which is still a one possession game......and I love our chances with Drew in a one possession game!
This is exactly it!! Have to protect the ball. The Eagles win that game going away if not for the turnovers! Absolutely true.

If ya go back and look at the Lions sched, their offense wasn't putting up the same points total during that 7 week portion of their sched, and they lost 5 of their 7 games over that 7 weeks. Outside of the Panthers and Broncos (I think teabag threw 2 int's for td's) they scored under 20 in all 5 loses.... so not sure how much that says about the 49ers d or not- because the next week they did the same thing against the Falcons and we lit their d up twice??

So, again, not sure how much that says about their d or not. Then you look at the win against Pitt, it isn't even worth commenting on. No way Roth should have even played. The Gianst scored 20 at their place, I think we can score 28 then. I am not sure they can match that. I am not sure we can run the ball on them though, no one has...but if we can even be respectful with that we will definitely win.

I agree with you though- it is about turnovers. We do not want to turn it over, not at all, if we can help it. That is how they win games. Give them credit- they do it regularly!

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Here are some realistic stats... I can play the stat game, these are the stats that count IMHO

Based on my opinion that the only relevant stats are from the previous 3-4 games before you play a team. The team you face on week 3 is rarely the same team you face in week 15... Injuries, a season of cohesion, working out kinks etc., amount of game film to watch, all factor into all of this. All of these stats are from the last 3 regular season games.

Note: I am not even going to attempt to compare Brees to Smith.

Defense last 3 games of the season:

Defense Rushing stats:
NO- #4 with 77 ypg ave
SF- #10 with 111 ypg ave

NO- #22 allowed 4.8 yards /rush
SF #18 allowed 4.6 yards/rush

NO- #14 allowed .7 rushing TD per game
SF- #18 allowed 1 rushing TD per game

Yes, at the end of the season our D was better against the run than SF and in the last 4 games NO faced C. Johnson, A. Peterson, M. Turner.. Not your average backs. SF faced S. Jackson, M. Lynch.....

Defense Passing stats

NO- #31 with 27 completion ave/game
SF- #10 with 18 completion ave/game

NO-#28 with 317 ave passing yards per game
SF-#15 allowed 215.3 ave passing yards per game

NO- #20 with 1.7 TD ave/game
SF- #5 with .7 TD ave/game

We do not have an epic pass defense, but it is important to note... In the last 4 games the only QB SF faced worth mentioning was an injured Roethlisberger..... and his gimp azz threw for 330. We faced Newton and Ryan and held Cam Newton to 158 yards.

We averaged 1 interception thrown per game they averaged 0.
We averages .7 fumbles lost per game SF averaged 0.

Another good one:
NO ave an epic 69.7 third down conversion %
SF allowed 42.8 third down conversion %

SF ave 30.23 third down conversion %
NO allowed 46.8 third down conversion %

NO ave 41.3 ypg
SF ave 68.7 ypg

Red zone scoring % (a wash)
NO- 66.67
SF- 66.67

Red zone scoring attempts per game:
NO- 6
SF- 3

First downs per game:
NO- 31
SF- 19
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So tired of all the stats. I know you are only playing the "I can find stats to support stuff too" game since it seems that's all Niners fans have going for them right now. I've had dozens of conversations with Niners fans this week and immediately they run to the stat sheet they researched on the net to convince themselves, pretending they are trying to convince me.

I really don't need or want any. I know we are capable and better. Come on Saturday!
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Originally Posted by CCulliver29 View Post
The NFC West is undoubtedly a strong division. Just look at the Rams, the weakest team in the division by a wide margin, was able to man handle the Saints with ease. Now imagine the best team in that division against the Saints. It's going to be a bloodbath.

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