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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Looks like I\'ve just been Moonbeamed! LOL...

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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

Looks like I\'ve just been Moonbeamed! LOL
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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

Here you go Chuck, would you consider this fair and balanced...REALISM if you must.
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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

I am only disputing this to show that there is a slant, to some degree. Overall I generally agree with Danno, but...

1-The Saints are a talent laden team with very few glaring holes.
2-We were a few plays away from being 10-6 or 11-5.
3-There won’t be any massive make-overs going into 2004. Continuity certainly couldn’t hurt.
4-We are young at most positions, so team improvement is very likely as experience increases.
5-2004 draft is very promising for addressing the Saints primary needs, CB/LB.
6-Of the consensus needs, all but LB and CB have been addressed. We haven’t downgraded any position. Although T-rex is debatable.
7-The injury bug isn’t likely to devastate this team 2 years in a row, (knock on wood).
8-The signing of a highly respected and sought after D-line coach will most likely improve the unit substantially.
9-Many NFC teams took an offseason hit IMO, (SF, STL, TB, NYG, GB)
9-After 30 plus years of misery, we’re due!
1 - talent hasn\'t translated into wins in any of the last three seasons, and those glaring holes still haven\'t been addressed as extensively as need be.
2 - We were also a few plays away from being 6-10 or 7-9.
3 - Continuity could lead to more of the same old. Poor run defense, undisciplined team... there has been a different/new problem every season in the last three.
4 - Or we could continue to make young-player mistakes. Plus, you assume with experience comes improvement. Has that been the case with our LBs, for example?
5 - Craft means we probably won\'t go CB in round one, the LBs in round 1 are considered by some to be a stretch, and now we seem to be interested in WRs.
6 - We have gotten worse at FB, no question. That\'s going to affect Deuce\'s production and as he goes, we go.
7 - Or maybe our players use bad technique or are put in the wrong place by the scheme. Maybe that has to do with why we\'re so injury prone.
8 - or they could get worse as it takes time for the to learn the new system and \'gel\'.
9 - And many bolstered their position.
10 - Or this is just our MO and we\'re forever mired in mediocrity.

Now, I simply did that as an example. I DO NOT agree with a lot of that, it is just an exercise. True, a couple of those are reaches, but I just want to show that the other half is not so unbelievable or unrealistic.

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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

Most of what you listed I also listed under the fair and balanced Pessimism section also.

WhoDat, I think we agree on whats good about this team and whats bad about this team.

Good-Good young core of talented players, very close to being a great team.
Bad-Coach and front office have yet to show they know how to ride this horse.

I think Haz and company are young and still learning. They may get better or they may not. I think their futures ride on this season, regardless of circumstances beyond their control, like injuries or bad calls. I think they are more likely to improve than they are to get worse or even stand pat.

I disagree with your assessment that we were a couple of plays away from 6-10.
This team was much closer to 10-6 than it was 6-10.

United We Stand,
Divided We Fall
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2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

The whole point of that post was just to point out both the positives and the negatives with this team.
Some people refuse to acknowledge the negatives (the Sunshine Pounders), and some refuse to acknowledge the positives (the Stormy Weather Moonbeams).
I lie slightly skewed to the Optimistic side.
I\'m a Skeptical Optimist.
You are right though. This isn\'t like politics where you have a 2 party system. Its OK to be somewhere in between.
I thought it was a balanced evaluation of both sides.

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