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Danno 03-22-2004 11:19 AM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
1-The Saints are a talent laden team with very few glaring holes.
2-We were a few plays away from being 10-6 or 11-5.
3-There won’t be any massive make-overs going into 2004. Continuity certainly couldn’t hurt.
4-We are young at most positions, so team improvement is very likely as experience increases.
5-2004 draft is very promising for addressing the Saints primary needs, CB/LB.
6-Of the consensus needs, all but LB and CB have been addressed. We haven’t downgraded any position. Although T-rex is debatable.
7-The injury bug isn’t likely to devastate this team 2 years in a row, (knock on wood).
8-The signing of a highly respected and sought after D-line coach will most likely improve the unit substantially.
9-Many NFC teams took an offseason hit IMO, (SF, STL, TB, NYG, GB)
9-After 30 plus years of misery, we’re due!

1- A few of our main holes on this team (LB/CB) haven’t been addressed yet. Depending on 2 rookies to fill those holes is risky.
2-The coaching staff has yet to prove they have what it takes for us to take the next step.
3-Our LB crew hasn’t improved in 3 years, and so far it appears not much has been done about it.
4-We are one key injury (you know who he is) from absolute devastation. I refuse to even mention his name and injury in the same sentence.
5-Many of the NFC teams appear to have gotten much better on paper, (Dall, Wash, Minn, Sea, Phl)
6-After 30 plus years of misery, its inevitable that it will continue.

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whowatches 03-24-2004 08:48 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
Good post, Danno.

I agree with quite a bit of your assessments. I\'m surprised you haven\'t gotten more feedback. Maybe it\'s cause most agree with what you\'ve laid out here.

First, the positives.

1. Agreed. The problem is that we\'ve had these problems (LB and CB) for at least two years. The very positive side is that we don\'t really have holes on the offensive side. Can any of you that have been Saints fans for years remember the last time this was true?

2. Definitely. I don\'t like whining over bad calls or injuries, but the FO has to consider this in free agency.

3. I am most excited about this point. Constant turnover in any endeavor is never, ever a good thing. Worst case scenario is that consistency provides no excuses for the coaching staff.

4. Ditto

5. Keepin\' my fingers crossed.

6. Still a huge concern at LB and CB although I am glad that we did not overpay for a corner. The market went north way too quickly. I think that the combination of Gash and B. Johnson will make up for the loss of T. Smith.

7. I\'m banging my head against a wood plank as I type.

8. Yippee!! Best of all... San Fran is gonna SUUUUUUCK!! next year!!! (Old hates die hard.

9. A... friggin\'.... men!

I\'m too pumped to answer the negative. I\'ve just come home from a kick azzzz fishin\' trip. Too happy to be sad.


Danno 03-25-2004 07:11 AM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
Yea, I put quite a bit of time into this post and was quite disappointed at the lack of feedback. Maybe I didn\'t put enough Eli/Brooks love-hate comments into the post.

Or maybe the two 9\'s under the Optimism confused everyone.

Thanks for the feedback though.

Boogro 03-25-2004 09:58 AM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

Yea, I put quite a bit of time into this post and was quite disappointed at the lack of feedback. Maybe I didn\'t put enough Eli/Brooks love-hate comments into the post.

Or maybe the two 9\'s under the Optimism confused everyone.

Thanks for the feedback though.
I for one agree with you. It was a good post and your hard work didn\'t go unnoticed over here. Looks pretty accurate to me.

DatWho. 03-25-2004 10:22 AM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
I\'m optimistic about this season for the saints. But, I\'m usually an optimistic person. Now don\'t go holdin\' that against me, now!! The Saints could finish anywhere from 0-16 to 16-0. Of couse -- neither one of those is very likely, so, maybe they\'ll go 8-8, which is where most of the negitive folk tend to place them every year, because they don\'t like going out on a limb and making a REAL prediction. They tend to always play it safe and be well..............NEGITIVE.

I think we\'ll make it to the playoffs, and how much more can you ask than that, before the season ever starts. I wish I knew what teams were going to do what, but I DON\'T!! So, for now, I\'ll let someone else tell me. Hi folks!! -- :D -- ;) --

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rusta 03-25-2004 06:14 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
good post D but i don\'t see where you think philly has gotten better on paper

they lost damn near half their defense in the last 2 years and kearse is not gonna help that much from the injury cart

TO does not help this team significantly, they\'ve been winning the last 4 years on their defense which is now almost gone and some serious miracles this past year (i can think of almost 4 games off the top of my head that they should have lost)

anyway back to the saints, i posted bout a week ago that i feel really good about the saints going into this year, i don\'t know why i just have a feeling that i haven\'t had in about 4 years, i\'m perfectly happy with the way the offseason has gone for us with the exception of letting t-rex go

now if we just draft vilma i\'ll be good to go

Danno 04-07-2004 12:45 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
Which side of the fence do all you new guys fall on regarding the upcoming season?
The Sunshine Club or Stormy Weather Moonbeams?

Boccal 04-07-2004 02:04 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
Well me being a new guy Danno ... I would say Im in between the two. I hope we do awsome and have the expectations but in the back of my mind I have to remain critical.

saintfan 04-07-2004 02:36 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED

The Sunshine Club or Stormy Weather Moonbeams?
I\'m not new of course, but since I am a charter member of the Sunshine Club I\'d like to welcome any new members into the fold.

By the way Danno, I LOVE the \"moonbeams\" thing. ...and I needed a good laugh today too! Gatorman and Whodat have ganged up on me again. :mad: :P

WhoDat 04-07-2004 03:50 PM

2004, Optimism/Pessimism? REVISITED
Woe is you Saintfan. Woe is you. ;)

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