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Still confident in the FO?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Danno Nope, every year people panic because transactions aren't done on their time schedule. Mickey has never given me any reason to doubt their capabilities. This year is no different. In fact, I'd have been disappointed if ...

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Originally Posted by Danno View Post
Nope, every year people panic because transactions aren't done on their time schedule.

Mickey has never given me any reason to doubt their capabilities. This year is no different.

In fact, I'd have been disappointed if a Brees/Nicks/Colston deal was already done.

Its a business and 99% of all fans are on the players side. Thats a recipe for disaster.
Exactly. When is the last time loomis didnt negotiate to the last minute. Its part of what makes him one of the best gms in the league. His job is to get the best deal possible for both sides.
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I agree that we as fans get bent outta shape when deals are not getting done. None of us here (at least I think so) are billionaires. We look at these signings as if we were paying a guy to pour a patio; just write a check. I really don't think any of us fully understand what goes into signing a player.

The last time this organization did a "Just do it" type of action was Ricky Williams. I am not in any kind of way comparing Drew to Ricky as far as performance or anything like that, so no need to bash me. I am giving an example of what a "Knee Jerk" reaction results in.

I have no reason to doubt the FO right now. Now if we don't sign Drew.... hate mail we be sent out by the droves.

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I don't see how one can blame the agent for being a good agent.
Last years deals were all worked based on that time and place.
These will all be shaped in the current space.
Benson knows he doesn't want me making his money decisions, he'd be broke.
However it shakes out, I'm confident that Loomis & Co. will put their best foot forward.
How the players accept/reject/counter or move-on will all be market/cap driven.
I just hope our offensive product is not diminished and the defense is much
improved starting with the front-four. That will take more money.

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We will know shortly.
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I hadn't thought about the Condon factor. Of course he'll draw this out. Brees is the only one in the equation who can directly affect the decision. I just wish he had spoken up by now and just say make me an offer I've gotta' have Nicks and I want Colston too.
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If free agency begins and Brees, Nicks & Colston aren't signed, then I'll say yes to your question. Let's see what happens over the weekend first.
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Blame is not the correct word....this is business. It is not the "fault" of anyone there are alot of cogs in the machine. Do lawyers and agents make it more complicated ....yes. Do some teams make it more difficult....yes as well as do some of the player's. It is the agent's job to make more money for his player and himself. It is the admin of the team's responsibility to make more profit. As fans we all have our favorites and our wishes. I can tell you I would run the team differently as a businessman than I would as a fan. Behind closed doors there is alot of jockeying going on. At the end of the day my wish is for us to keep Brees, Colston and Nicks, is it going to happen, I doubt it. Loomis and the gang have done an excellent job of finding gems in the rough and I have no reason to doubt they will continue.
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