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CBS Scouting Report - LB's

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Rod Davis - Positives: Broad-shouldered athlete with thick calves and good overall muscle definition ... Shows aggression as a wrap-up tackler, quickly locating the ball while using his hands effectively to shed working through the inside trash ... Shows fluid ...

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CBS Scouting Report - LB's

Rod Davis - Positives: Broad-shouldered athlete with thick calves and good overall muscle definition ... Shows aggression as a wrap-up tackler, quickly locating the ball while using his hands effectively to shed working through the inside trash ... Shows fluid moves working in space and has a sudden burst when playing off the edge ... Face-up tackler with the lateral agility to pursue and string plays wide, displaying a sharp burst stringing plays down the line ... Has the short area speed to contain tight ends and backs on crossing and fade patterns ... Displays good closing speed, as he can drop quickly into the zone or step up to engage the bigger blockers ... Very effective utilizing his swim moves and displays proper hand usage needed to avoid blocks at his feet.
Negatives: Needs to show better knee bend when trying to contain the inside run ... Has the ability to locate the ball, but will sometimes take bad angles vs. the inside run ... Needs to develop more lower body power to prevent blockers from riding him away from the play, but compensates with consistent stun-&-jolt hand usage ... Adequate in his pass drops, needing to develop better hip swerve ... While quick, he needs to improve on his foot speed.

Richard Siegler - Positives: Has a rangy, athletic build with solid muscle definition ... Finds the ball and flows to it, showing the strength to take on, separate and shed blockers ... Uses his hands effectively to push off blocks ... Reacts and pursues the ball with great effort ... Flashes a strong, hard face-up strike when delivering tackles ... Adequate covering tight ends and backs in the short area passing game ... More comfortable working through trash than on the edge, as it gives him a better chance to utilize his straight-forward burst ... Knows how to get his hands underneath to take tight ends off their routes.
Negatives: Does not immediately react to the play, but shows quickness once he is able to locate the ball ... Very inconsistent vs. the inside running game, as he can simply punish a lead blocker, but then gets swallowed up when facing off vs. the linemen ... Gets walled off too much and has problems escaping if he does not get his hands up first to keep blockers off his chest ... Will over-pursue when tracking down plays on the outside (little stiff, lacking the flexibility to suddenly redirect) ... Needs to improve his play breakdown, as he will miss when working in space ... Lacks the speed to mirror receivers on deep routes ... Shows poor footwork dropping back in zone coverage (stiff hips and feet were not fluid) ... Inconsistent pass rusher who can get to his target if he is able to slip through the pile, but will generally get blocked ... Plays with good energy, but does not show a desire to train intensely during the off-season (does what is asked, not much more) ... Has smaller-than-ideal hands (8 5/8-inches).

Daryl Smith - Positives: Has a compact frame with good overall muscle development, thick upper body and arms and good hamstrings and bubble ... Will push himself to improve and gives total effort from snap to whistle ... Flows to the ball with ease and has a nice feel to locate the pigskin in the open ... Comes downhill well and has the strength to hold his ground vs. inside running plays ... Plays with good knee bend and leverage to take on blocks ... Can hold ground and shed blocks effectively ... Uses his hands to knock the tight ends off their routes ... Has adequate speed to run laterally and cut off the outside ... Works best in the box, showing strength to wrap and secure as a tackler ... Has natural hands for the interception ... Shows nice timing on stunts and blitzes ... Has the quickness to chase down plays and deliver a strong hit upon contact.
Negatives: While he has a nice feel to locate the ball, he hesitates some in his reads ... Has good lateral quickness, but can get caught outside of himself when working in space (more comfortable playing in the box) ... Needs to use his hand punch better to separate from blocks when redirecting through trash ... Little too stiff in his hips to shadow the receiver outside the short area ... Needs to get better depth in his pass drops and does not have the sudden burst needed to close ... Shows strength pushing the pocket, but when he does not extend his hands, he can be caught up and sustained by the bigger blockers.

Jonathan Vilma - Positives: Has a short, yet compact frame with good overall muscular development, a well-defined chest, thin waist and muscular arms ... Plays with great awareness, showing natural instincts to read and react quickly ... Able to use his speed and swim moves to slip past and avoid blocks ... Shows above average explosion upon contact, more than compensating for a lack of ideal size with power and excellent hand usage ... Shows fine open field agility, having the top-end speed needed to cut off the plays near the outside ... Very adept slipping back into the zone in pass coverage ... Excels in lateral pursuit, scraping and flowing to the ball with ease ... Keeps leverage when avoiding traffic on the move ... Reliable open field tackler, who breaks down, fits well and secures properly when wrap tackling ... Has a nice feels for pass routes in man coverage, showing quickness to shadow the receivers through their routes ... Has the lose hips needed to suddenly turn, locate and pick up the receivers on deep routes ... Makes quick breaks on the ball and shows the natural hands for making the interception outside the body's frame ... Has good timing and awareness as a blitzer.
Negatives: Plays like a 250-pounder, but his size does pose limitations, as he will sometimes get washed out and engulfed by bigger blockers ... Does not have the bulk needed to consistently stuff blocks ... Gets bounced around and covered up some when trying to redirect inside (outside of his size, there are no noticeable flaws in his game).

Michael Boulware - Positives: Has a long, rangy frame with the potential to add at least another fifteen pounds with no loss of speed ... Has adequate football instincts and awareness ... Uses his hands well to lock on and mirror the tight ends and running backs in the short area passing game ... Has the speed to pursue runners on the outside ... Has loose hips, flipping them open to get into the deep zone coming out of his backpedal ... Darren Woodson type who could benefit from a move to strong safety, due to his speed and ability to cover receivers deep ... Has natural hands going up to deflect or intercept the pass ... Shows a great burst coming off the edge and can immediately get to the quarterback when he's unchallenged ... Has the ball skills to make plays in front of him ... Keeps his feet when moving laterally to make the play.
Negatives: While he has a rangy frame, he needs major bulk addition, especially in his thin arms and legs (looks more like a basketball player) ... Lack of bulk causes him to get run over by lead blockers when trying to fill the rush lane and washed out by offensive tackles when his spin move does not let him break free off the edge ... In addition to his lack of stoutness at the point of attack, he is non-physical in one-on-one confrontations (will back away from the larger blockers, preferring to skip and squeeze through the piles) ... More of a see-and-go type of tackler, lacking the instincts to break down the plays immediately ... Gets covered up and bounced around too much working in-line ... Not a strong tackler and will take on ball carriers too high in his stance, causing him to miss open field tackle opportunities ... Just an adequate worker in the weight room who needs to be pushed (does not train well nor take care of his body) ... Do not see the nasty and aggressive nature one would want at his position (certainly not a carbon copy of his brother) ... Shows nice acceleration to chase down the plays, but lacks explosion behind his tackles.

Karlos Dansby - Positives: Has a tall frame with broad shoulders, long arms and legs and room to add more bulk ... Still learning to play his position (weak-side linebacker is his third spot in three years), but he shows awareness and a good feel for the ball ... Uses his athletic ability and quickness to avoid blocks in run force ... Uses his long arms well to gain separation ... Has the speed to lock on and run with tight ends, using his hands effectively to redirect ... Has outstanding sideline speed and range, easily making plays on the perimeter ... Tracks the ball well in flight and has the leaping ability to compete for the ball at its high point ... Shows good effort in his lateral pursuit, using his hands well to avoid low blocks on the move ... Reliable tackler who uses his long arms to secure, strike and explode upon contact ... Has good man coverage skills (former safety), showing the ability to shadow and run with the receivers in the deep zone ... Does a nice job of recognizing and anticipating the switch-off in the zone ... Has natural hands and ball skills ... Has the speed to turn the corner coming off the edge or the sudden burst to shoot gaps as a blitzer ... Coachable player who responds well to tough coaching and is a solid worker who stays very focused in his quest to play at the next level (much like Takeo Spikes in performance, attitude and dedication to his craft).
Negatives: Still has that outside linebacker's mentality when it comes to playing vs. the run (much rather work the edge than play in-line, as he struggles to shed when working through trash) ... Has long arms to gain separation, but needs to take on blockers with more aggression ... Needs to attack the plays more (likes to wait for the play to come to him) ... Needs to refine his backpedal (breaks are a little choppy).

Keyaron Fox - Positives: Rangy type with lean muscles and a frame that has the potential to add at least another ten pounds of mass ... Has the speed needed to hunt down the ball carriers on the edge ... Uses his long arms effectively to take on and shed blocks ... Does a nice job with his hands to lock on, hold and redirect the tight ends operating in the short area passing game ... Keeps blocks away from his feet with his good hand usage ... Has great speed to cut off and make the plays ... Takes proper angles and shows awareness to avoid blocks on the move ... Uses his long arms effective to wrap and secure as a tackler ... Has the speed to run with the tight ends and running backs on deep routes ... Does a nice job of anticipating the receiver's moves working in the zone, showing the burst needed to recover when beaten ... Has the acceleration to close coming off the edge as a blitzer, chasing hard when coming from the back side ... Example-type leader with a passion for the game ... Will make the extra effort in the weight room and practices to improve ... Has that nasty temperament you like in a cover-two linebacker.
Negatives: Has a thin lower body frame, especially in the hips ... Would like to see him step up more and initiate contact (more of a see-and-go type, waiting for the play to develop) ... Lacks the bulk and strength needed to take on blocks during inside run force, needing to slip off blocks in order to penetrate ... Uses his long arms to separate, but can get tied up when engaged due to a lack of ideal power ... Lacks the strength to take down running backs on initial contact ... Bit high-cut in his hips, causing him to take time to flip open his hips and turn out of his pass drops ... Lack of bulk could force him to shift to safety at the pro level ... Weight room strength does not translate to the football field due to his lean frame.

Teddy Lehman - Positives: Has a tapered body with long, muscular arms, a broad chest and thick thighs and calves ... Shows above average ability to read keys and locate the ball ... Shows fluid body adjustments and lateral agility on the move ... Has the strength to stack at the point of attack, using a forceful hand punch to shed blockers ... Stays low in his pads to quickly fill rush lanes ... Keeps his position when taking on blockers head-on and has the rip-&-swim moves to separate from the offensive tackles when trying to rush off the edge ... Has the range and speed to get deep in zone coverage, maintaining leverage when attacking the outside running game ... Has superb acceleration to cut off the ball carrier and has a strong desire to strip the opponent from the ball ... Hard tackler who stays in control when making his hits ... Has the hip flexibility (opens quickly) to gain position on his assignment in man coverage, mirroring the tight ends and running backs effectively in the short area ... Gets very good depth on his pass drops, keeping his head on a swivel to break down and make plays in front of him ... Can make the easy interception, showing the hand extension ability to catch the ball away from the body ... Adequate blitzer with the speed and angle technique to close on the quarterback in a hurry ... Plays on all special teams and will do whatever the coaches ask ... His lateral range is phenomenal for his position ... Could shift inside at the pro level to take advantage of his ease-of-movement agility and ability to quickly diagnose the plays ... Hard hitter who gets results when he puts a lick on an opponent ... Understands the game situation like a coach (very smart).
Negatives: Ideally suited for a 4-3 defensive alignment, but will need to refine his pass rushing skills if asked to perform in a 3-4 formation.

Donterrious Thomas - Positives: Has a tall frame with long arms and legs, good upper body muscle definition, thick chest and shoulders ... Shows good football instincts and is very quick to locate and track the ball on running plays (just adequate in pass coverage) ... Will come downhill and take on blocks with effective strength, using his hands with force to shed ... Able to gets off blocks quickly and has outstanding ability to run sideline to sideline ... Covers ground well and is able to run through traffic and avoid low blocks on the move, giving great effort in pursuit ... Solid tackler who brings his arms to wrap and secure, showing pop behind his hits ... Has the sudden burst needed to close off the edge and run down the opponent coming from the back side ... Self-made type with a good attitude and the ability to handle hard coaching.
Negatives: Change of direction agility is only adequate, but can cover ground quickly ... Will struggle to maintain position on the tight ends working in the short area ... Gets a little too high in his backpedal and has stiffness in his hips that makes him look a bit awkward turning and dropping back in the zone ... Does not locate and pick up the receiver well in zone coverage, seeing the play develop too late (also gets frozen by misdirection and play action).

DJ Williams - Positives: Well-built athlete with broad shoulders, trim waist, long, muscular arms and thick thighs and calves ... Has above average agility and game speed, showing an explosive burst to close of the ball ... Plays with exceptional balance and good strength ... Quick learner who has had to adjust to a variety of positions during his time with Miami ... Has the power to consistently hold ground at the point of attack, delivering a forceful hand punch when taking on blockers off the snap ... Has very fluid hips and plays on his feet, showing no wasted motions through transition ... Quick to shed and get off blocks, doing a nice job of grabbing and swimming off them ... Makes good decisions and takes proper angles to the ball ... Has the range needed to cover the whole field and excels at chasing from the back side with his burst ... Disciplined pass dropper with a very good feel for the zone ... Stays low in his pads and drives hard with his legs to knock the lead blocker back to fill the rush lanes ... Has a very good feel getting through gaps and the strength to push the pocket and knife down runners in the backfield ... Productive tackler who will not hesitate to face up, wrap and hurl ball carriers to the ground ... Keeps his shoulders square in lateral movements and can easily knife under the kick-out blocks to come off and make the plays behind the line of scrimmage.
Negatives: While he uses his hands well to deliver punch and mirror tight ends in the short passing game, he does not use them effectively to protect his chest (blockers can get underneath his jersey and lock on, as he "short arms" too much when redirecting inside) ... Instinctive player, yet he can bite on misdirection and play action ... Gets good depth in his pass drops, but spends a little too much time eyeing the quarterback, causing him to rely on his speed to recover when beaten ... Better playing in man coverage in passing situations, as he looks a little awkward handling the switch-offs working in the zone ... Stout player who is not as flexible in his upper body as one would like (looks rigid trying to turn on the ball in flight) ... Does not always play from snap to whistle (will make a tremendous play, then disappear for a series or two) ... "You will not see sixty minutes from him in any one game where he absolutely dominated," one NFL scouting director said. "But you see that he is still learning and progressing. You like to see that. I just wonder if he'll ever be able to play up to his best all the time."
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