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This would be an utter and complete disaster for the Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by ChrisXVI Headline-lacking offseason??? I don't know about you but I read about 10,000,000 stories daily about where Manning's going to play next season, and what team's going to trade up to the number 2 pick in the ...

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Old 03-03-2012, 08:31 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by ChrisXVI View Post
Headline-lacking offseason??? I don't know about you but I read about 10,000,000 stories daily about where Manning's going to play next season, and what team's going to trade up to the number 2 pick in the draft to get RG3. Considering we haven't made it to the draft yet I'd say it's been a pretty headline worthy offseason so far. This story is a big deal like it or not.
Mannings "Where will he go George", is old news. The RAMS and RG3..... is that really interesting??? No, not really.

Making the Saints, The most dominant offense in the NFL, Record breaking Team..... That team has been playing players to hurt people..... that is an off season story. More stuff will come out about this that will not be regurgatated Manning and RG3 crap.

This is whole thing is BS! What are they going to do???? Suspend the whole defensive side of the ball??? Good Lord help me....I am P.O.'ed more than I can say! I wish we could cuss!!!

"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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Yeah, and the whole thing is basically just about the principle, because they can't show a concrete example of the Saints injuring a player because of the bounty system - at least I'm not aware of them having that type of evidence against the Saints.

If it's the principle only, then why didn't the Bengals get fined when couple of season a go it seemed like half of their team was in trouble with the law - isn't that against the principle of being a professional athlete and a role model?
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Old 03-03-2012, 08:44 AM   #23
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No. It is perfectly fine with the NFL to have sexual predators, dope heads, thevies, and "Gangsters", playing in the NFL, Fin.

But God forbid if you hit someone "too" hard!

If this turns out to be bad for the Saints..... I am done with pro football! I'm not joking!
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Originally Posted by Srgt. Hulka View Post
Well, I'll tell ya, I just found out a out this "bounty" situation last night. Between work, kids, and being a very slow offseason, I haven't been keeping up with the latest news. So when I found out about this, I immediately came here and started reading. I just watched Total Access this morning. Guys, this is bad, really really bad. Greg Williams is appologizing for this thing. We're going to lose draft pics, we're going to be fined. We are going to be made the poster child of "cheating" in the NFL. This will be a LOT worse than spygate. We know that the Falcons are dirty players. We are now dirtier than them. We, as far as the rest of the league and the rest of the fans, are now no longer as class team. We are now a bunch of low down, scum of the league, DIRTY players. And I tell you what...I'm pissed off. I'm really pissed off!!!!! I'm ready to go kick Greg Williams in the head. We have a very big hill to climb to get out of this frikkin canyon that Williams has put us in. I'm so frikkin mad right now, that I think I'm starting to ramble. I know some of you guys are going to flame me for some of this, and that's ok, but this will be talked about all season, everytime we make a big hit. I just know that we have a very big dirty hill to climb now.
Relax ... it's a slow news cycle right now ....I mean not much going on until the draft, other than trying to sign Drew and the rest of the players. So it is natural there would be a lot of piling on. GOOSFRABA!
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Yeah to many of you have your panties in a wad over this.

This thing happens just that we were the ones that they are singling out over this. The one that will be 'made and example of'. They aren't going to strip us of a national tittle, or keep us from playing in any bowl games over it.

Look went the Saints played the Vikes in the NFC championship, I turned to everyone at the party and said, "I never want a player to get hurt but if Farve needs to get hurt for us to get to the SB, then I am ok with it". Granted I didn't want it to be an illegal hit but in normal play of the game. There is a difference.

And for those of you who loved GW and didn't want him to go... well there you go another reason not to want him here in NO.

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There will be light coming down soon.
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My humble opinion is that the Saints were going to take a step back next season even without BountyGate.

The schedule is murder and the atrocious, stink-bomb Defense is not going to be fixed in one off-season, even without BountyGate.

Not to mention the fact that the Saints have been very lucky that Brees has stayed healthy. Who knows when that luck will run out. Tom Brady's luck ran out and he missed a season. I'm glad that he bounced back well.
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Old 03-04-2012, 01:13 PM   #28
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I think every team does this sh*t. Coaches may not be involved, but players have a way to motivate each other and putting money up is one way. I don't like Roger Goodell. This guy has done more to harm the NFL than to help it.
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Here's what I don't understand, why isn't GW being held accountable. Ban him from coaching for a year. Why the **** is it always the players or fans that pay. Ban that dude.
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