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Benson tells owners he didn't know about bounties

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The first full day of the 2012 league meetings is in the books, and it included comments from the man at whose franchise Commissioner Roger Goodell threw the book last week. Steve Wyche of NFL Network reports that Saints owner ...

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Benson tells owners he didn't know about bounties

The first full day of the 2012 league meetings is in the books, and it included comments from the man at whose franchise Commissioner Roger Goodell threw the book last week.

Steve Wyche of NFL Network reports that Saints owner Tom Benson addressed his fellow owners about the bounty controversy, explaining that he didn’t know about the situation and stopping short of apologizing.

“He was disheartened about the situation,” Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay told Wyche. “He was very supportive of his people. His tone was great.”

But while the tone may have been great, it’s not so great to continue to blindly support men who, if the NFL’s conclusions are accurate, betrayed Benson’s trust in the worst way possible. According to the league, G.M. Mickey Loomis lied to Benson and failed to put an end to the bounty program and Saints coach Sean Payton failed to manage his staff and encouraged lying by telling his assistants to “get your ducks in a row” before the NFL investigated the situation in 2010.

The disconnect between Benson’s support and the behavior the league believes occurred continues to invite speculation that Loomis and/or Payton have covered for Benson. With Goodell explaining to the media on Monday that the lying has continued into the past several weeks, it’s hard not to wonder whether Benson actually knew about the bounties — and whether Loomis and Payton are taking the short-term fall in order to secure their long-term futures.

Benson tells owners he didn

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Some of these writers won't be happy unless the saints move to L.A.

What's Benson supposed to do? Not support the coaches that turned his francise into a winning organization?

NFL imposed the punishments no need for Bensen issue any.
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I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY that Benson has "no knowledge".... His team was warned in 2009. I would believe that the warning came down from the league through the owner.

If he said "he knew about this in 2009 and told the team to stop" I would believe that.

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I think this whole "get your ducks in a row" thing is blown so our of proportion. So stupid. He realized they got caught and warned them that something was going ot happen eventually. What coward would stand there and let them get hit out of the blue with out warning. its called LOYALTY
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The thing is, if I've read the NFL's report properly, it isn't that the league said stop and Loomie and Sean got together and said, "lets keep doing it just make sure we cover it up."

The league report says they didn't do enough - and it would seem that is true, but I believe lots of people are starting at point "D" and looking back to point "A" and making a lot of assumptions (due to lack of evidence or a willingness to say what they want rather than write factual stuff) about "B" and "C".

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Ron, you touched on this but I am going to chime in. I am so sick of the media taking the "ducks in a row" quote and making it the smoking gun. An attorney would blow that up in court. It doesn't mean SQUAT!! To me, all that means is he was telling his people to get their affairs in order. It doesn't mean to lie!? It would Almost be different if he would have said, "CYA." That insinuates a cover up more than having your ducks in a row.
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