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Goodell is done... we know that

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Can we impeach him ?...

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Can we impeach him ?
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Originally Posted by JimmyB1775 View Post
There's too much controversy surrounding his office for him to be 100% in the right. But as fans, we need to petition the United States Supreme Court and God to get our 6th Amendment Right to a speedy trial in use NOW! If the NFL has to show their cards and the world sees their bluff... Goodell's head will be on a stake and Sean Paytons head will be in a headset and visor. Let's get it going.
He will ultimately resign in disgrace. We all can't wait for the day! Hopefully it'll happen before the SB... or else he'll get a special welcome every time he visits New Orleans.
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Give it to RG for being smart it is going to take a court decision even civil and popular opinion is going to have go hard after him. It is going to take a series of or an unlikely event to cause a shift putting pressure on the owners to erase their support. Lets hope that fate has a part in this. I know this man has not be true or fair in his assesments and has overextended his authority by making an example and plainly not doing the right thing. The big fall hard whern the do so the man has lost it by claiming he was doing this soley for player safety. Band S#@t come back on you eventually.
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Should have proof read
The big fall hard when they do so the man has lost it by claiming he was doing this soley for player safety. Bad S+*t comes back on you eventually.
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The NFL is a monopoly business sometimes operating as 1 business, and at other times masquerading as 32 separate entities. The NFL shifts their story when it's convenient for them. The federal government does not like this at all.

The US Supreme court has decided to give the NFL exclusion from anti-trust laws regarding broadcast TV. The Supreme Court denied exclusion on sale of merchandise which would have allowed the NFL to be the sole seller of NFL jersey's, hats, t-shrirts (huge monopoly ploy).


and politicians are already looking at this.

What the Louisiana Legislature has done is create more reason for the federal government (congress, senate, attorney general) to look at the NFL and their general bullying practices.

We as fans are feeling it now-we fell bullied. Ask Donald Trump and the USFL, a league bullied out of business by the NFL, the league that refuses any competition. The NFL believes they OWN the sport of football.

There is NO Supreme Court case yet to ponder. Contact your local representative no matter where you are and express your feeling of what is wrong without uber-biasing yourself as a Saints fan... write it out in complete sentences and mail it in. Follow up with a phone call.

There's a chance if the NFL brushes off the LA legislature, the State could body slam them by having the state attorney general sue the NFL in federal court and file an injunction on the matter. (REMEMBER WHODAT? ATTORNEY GENERAL IN LA STOPPED THE NFL IN FEDERAL COURT COLD ON THAT MATTER UNTIL IT COULD BE SETTLED)

The judges and federal courts hearing the potential case would be in the districts in Louisiana where the NFL is doing business. Watch as the NFL would try their best to shift and say they are 1 business so they can drag the case to New York - this is how they operate.

Judges in the circuit here in Louisiana will NOT be sympathetic toward the NFL.

Again this further makes the feds look at the NFL as a lawless, disrespectful and una-biding profit hogging monopoly, and if that happens the NFL will be stopped and potentially forced to change its ways or it could be re-split into 2 separate leagues AFL and NFL, which I don't think would hurt anyone's feelings so long as we could keep the Superbowl.

So YES, there is a HUGE CAN OF WORMS that has potentially been opened here and KUDOS to the La Legislature in this attempt. Believe me, it's putting an extra layer of heartache on Goodell who wants all this to go away fast.

This really needs to be prevented from ever happening again.
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