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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I had planned on linebacker being the big question mark for the Saints, heading into the fall, but I'm actually more concerned about the safety position, considering that we didn't draft one like I thought we would. TJones is our ...

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I had planned on linebacker being the big question mark for the Saints, heading into the fall, but I'm actually more concerned about the safety position, considering that we didn't draft one like I thought we would. TJones is our starting FS, and that's the best news coming from this position. Mitchell will not be 100% by the beginning of the season, Bellamy, although coming off a career year, does have some negative quallitites, and the DUI arrest doesn't help matters much either. Green was allowed to leave, and Gleason I've only seen on special teams. Is Gleason ready to step up and play? I don't know, I am not in a position to go to any of the training camps.
Is anyone else concerned? What options are available? I believe we have to sign another safety at some point before the season begins. Cie Grant at SS? Hasn't been discussed at all, but he's played the position in college. Seattle is going to move Boulware to safety, which I think is better suited for his skills.
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Haslett was on the radio the other night and said Mel Mitchell was running around and is 100%. Shocked me!! I have some concerns if Bellamy can repeat the success he had last year. I think Bellamy is a liability in pass coverage.

Donovan Darius of Jacksonville looks like he\'s going to be traded. Maybe that would be worth looking into. I just don\'t think the Saints are going to make anymore roster changes.
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Is there any chance that Ambrose could make the transition and play some safety? He\'s had a decrease in speed that comes with age, but he\'s still a ball-hawk (as we all saw last year).

The negative is that we\'re not oh so deep at the cornerback position. I guess it comes down to players available after the next cut.

Whatcha think? Can Ashley make a Rod Woodson-esque switch?
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Yeah, he probably could and play there for a few years, but considering our CB status I doubt they\'ll move him.

I also seriously doubt that we\'ll see Grant anywhere near safety, but who knows?

Has Victor Green signed anywhere else? He\'s a very capable backup. I like the guy and would like to see him back on our sideline.
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I heard the Jags are shopping Darius. I would love to have him back there for us.

Has anyone heard any rumors about us making some noise after June 1?
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I don\'t think Ambrose is physical enough to be a SS. Maybe a FS. I think Tebucky platooned both safety spots in NE, although their safety roles are much different with the defense they use. I still have high hopes that Mel Mitchell can be effective at SS. If he does return 100% and has the speed they claim, it will change the dynamics of our defense considerably.
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From what I have read out of 49er land it sounds as though Zack Bronson is going to be released June 1. This guy is good! I\'m not real sure of his age but he has talent and speed. He isn\'t any track star but he can run. Maybe this is something to add to the mix. I have major doubt about Bellamey as well as some worry about Mel Mitchell being 100% so this guy may be something to think about.
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Ambrose, as smart and savvy as he is, would not make a good safety. He isnt as strong a tackler as Rod Woodson and all of us saw last year what happens when your safety doesnt make tackles. I like Tebucky Jones in year two, and i like Mitchell\'s potential. But after that, Deveron Harper, Steve Gleason, and the undrafted guy from S. F. Austin do not make up a formidable group behind Bellamy until Mitchell gets healthy.
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Turns out that Ambrose had an achilles injury for most of last season. I heard that on SportsWrap the other day. Maybe some of you guys were aware of it??

Anyway, they said it affected him last year and he just wasn\'t the same player. If that\'s true (and I have no reason to believe it isn\'t) then he might surprise us this year. As far as how many good years he has left.......Hmmm, I\'m thinking maybe 2.

I\'m probably one of those folks who are a little more comfortable with our secondary than most. I really like Jason Craft. I think Fred will be above average. We\'ll see about Ambrose. After that we got Keyou. Who knows. I think Keyou can play some ball, but will he even be on the team?

Having said all of that. I still have some concerns about our secondary when we face some of the more potent passing attacks.
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