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GeauxForMore 07-13-2012 03:45 PM

I know everyone is excited but...........
Will we still be able to sign Jimmy Graham to a long term deal. Don't get me wrong Im beyond excited that Brees got signed, but we need to continue to bring in good players for Drew. I'm hearing the cap is going up next year but by how much. Plus all the free agent moves we made this off season doesn't look like we have alot of wiggle room.

SaintPauly 07-13-2012 03:47 PM

According to what I heard, this signing will actually help us with cap space, as opposed to what the numbers would have been, had Brees played under the tag. JG isn't going anywhere..... Sproles is another one, I want to keep for at least 5 more years.....

SaintsBro 07-13-2012 03:56 PM

Jeez Louise. Biggest day in the franchise since February 7, 2010 and you are already freaking out about Graham.

GeauxForMore 07-13-2012 03:59 PM

Santsbro its a big day but I want big years. This I'd the NFL. You fix one problem by adding two.

RaginCajun83 07-13-2012 04:02 PM

From the way its structured and the salary cap going up in the upcoming years, there should be more than enough to go around to keep the rest of team together for years to come, besides we have Loomis, how dare you question the Loomis jk

sharke 07-13-2012 04:10 PM

yeah, it is insanely cap friendly. we are so set for the next few years.

Crusader 07-13-2012 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by sharke (Post 418430)
yeah, it is insanely cap friendly. we are so set for the next few years.

Can you explain how? I understood it like its worth $40 mil the first year?

ChrisXVI 07-13-2012 04:49 PM

We GAINED cap space with Drew's deal and if we have to cut a player or two in order sign Jimmy then that's what we'll do. Don't worry folks... Golden Graham ain't going anywhere!

ScottF 07-13-2012 04:58 PM

Graham is under contract for this year, so what's the worry? I doubt there is enough room left after Brees's cap-friendly deal to get get Graham $7 mil this year, but who knows?
Remember, JG had one surprising year, and one incredible year. Yes, he should be even better this year, but he'll to be if he wants Gronk money

ChrisXVI 07-13-2012 05:01 PM

There's been enough stress for us these last couple of months and today is a day to celebrate so let's not worry about things that we don't have to worry about right now!

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