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Grading Jim Haslett

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; If you take a survey on Jim Haslett's tenure as coach of the New Orleans Saints you're probably going to get mixed reviews. Some point to the playoff win and the potential of the team. Others will point to the ...

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Grading Jim Haslett

If you take a survey on Jim Haslett's tenure as coach of the New Orleans Saints you're probably going to get mixed reviews.

Some point to the playoff win and the potential of the team. Others will point to the late season collapses and the disappointment in general.

But, how has Haslett really done as the head coach? To answer that question -- What results would you expect if you hired a new coach for your football team?

Let's draw up a 4-year plan for a new head coach and see how Haslett has done. And let's be very fair with our plan.

OK............Here's my 4-year plan.

1st year - This would be a grace period for Haslett. One in which he could evaluate the existing players and bring in some of his own players. I wouldn't expect a whole lot in the first year. Especially when you consider how bad the team was that he took over.

2nd year - This would be a year when I would expect Haslett to get rid of the dead weight on the team and bring in some more of his players. I wouldn't expect playoffs, but I would expect to be very close. Playoffs wouldn't be out of the question though.

3rd year -- This is the year I'm looking for results. I'm expecting Haslett to lead this team to the playoffs. I'm expecting him to have made the right personnel decisions and have this group of players to play as a cohesive unit. I'd be very disappointed if this team didn't make the playoffs in his 3rd year as a head coach.

4th year -- I'm expecting this team to compete for a super bowl. We've gone through 4 drafts and 4 free-agency periods. I'm looking for it to all pay off.

OK, there's my plan. I feel it's reasonable. Anyone disagree? Anything someone would like to add?

Now, let's grade each year.

1st year -- Finished the season with a 10-6 regular season record. Haslett took us to the playoffs and won the first ever playoff game in the history of the New Orleans Saints. Grade - A+

2nd year -- Finished the season with a 7-9 record. Started the season off well, but collapsed at the end. But, we probably played over our head the first year and it is a very young and inexperienced team. Grade - B-

3rd year: Finished 9-7 for the regular season. Started out great. But, had another late season collapse. Had plenty of opportunities to get one win and make the playoffs. Didn't happen though. Grade: D

4th year: Finished the regular season 8-8. Started off terrible. Looked very undisciplined as a team. I didn't like what I saw from a coaching standpoint. Grade - F

I graded each year based off the results I was looking for in that particular year. And I also took into consideration the talent we had on the team in each of those years.

I know we had a lot of injuries in the 4th year but I still feel like Haslett deserved an 'F' based on how poorly the offense played and they were virtually injury free. And because of how undisciplined the team looked.

Overall Haslett grades out with a 'C'. That's an average grade. Which is what our team has been.

However, if you take away the 'A' from the first year and then average the grades for the following 3 years -- Haslett gets a failing grade. Which is what our team has done for the last 3 years........FAILED. Failed to live up to expectations.

This is Jim's 5th year as head coach. What do we expect? I expect to be competing for a super bowl. I'm not interested in keeping Jim if we don't go to the playoffs. As a matter of fact, I'm expecting to make some noise once we make the playoffs.

Anything short of that, then Jim Haslett is gone in my book.

Fair? Unfair?


Speaking of the upcoming season. There are 3 major question marks.

1. Defensive line.
2. Linebackers.
3. Cornerbacks.

Hell, I guess I could have said the defense in general, But, still, those are 3 areas that have been problems for a while.

Haslett has refused to get proven players in free-agency to address those glaring needs. And guess what? If our defense let's us down this year.....You know who's fault that is? That's right.........Jim Haslett's fault.

There's a lot of hype surronding this years team. A lot of talk about how great the D-line is going to be. A lot of talk about how good Cie Grant and Courtney Watson are going to be.

There's a lot of hype about Donte' Stallworth and our receiving corp. Lot's and lot's of hype.

Oh, it's true. The potential for this team is great. But, we all know what potential means.

Potential = Haven't done it YET!!

At least we have a legit shot at going to the super bowl. But, if this team lets us down, then I think it's time to bring in a new coach for no other reason than Haslett just hasn't been able to get the job done!!
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Grading Jim Haslett

I like Haz (yeah, i\'m sick) but if you look at the coaches we\'ve had in the recent history (i mean, history) of the Saints...he\'s ok. i am surprised that the guy who stepped on Terry Bradshaws\' head in a game is just now truly taking a no-nonsense attitude to the team.

But I have to agree with your assessment. I think this year we should be playoff bound, looking solid, expecting to win in the playoffs, not only make it, to lose big in the first game. If not, then Haz should step down, or be shown the door.

Super Bowl? Sure, we have the talent. Do we have the mental toughness, the schemes and coaching....not so sure. But in today\'s NFL, the Chargers should not be surprised if they make it to the Super Bowl, so why should we? But I do not think this should be a Super Bowl or else year for Haz. But if we faulter again, and like last year, get teh feeling that the Saints are a boat on the ocean with no sense of direction, it\'s time to get someone to direct the boat.

Until then, i am completely behind the Saints......and Haz.....kinda

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