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And the big bust will be......

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Well if Deuce goes down we\'ll have Lamar Smith and Aaron Stecker. I don\'t want to sound negative but the worst thing that could happen to this team is losing McAllister. I get a bad feeling about Deuce this year. ...

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And the big bust will be......

Well if Deuce goes down we\'ll have Lamar Smith and Aaron Stecker.

I don\'t want to sound negative but the worst thing that could happen to this team is losing McAllister.

I get a bad feeling about Deuce this year. The one player we couldn\'t lose last year was Howard. We lost him 12 minutes into the season.
That is the single scariest thing I have read in months.

Scary, but very, very true. Should we be angry that the FO didn\'t tag a young guy during the last couple of rounds of the draft or FA?

Scary, Danno. Why you gotta ruin a brother\'s weekend like that? :P
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And the big bust will be......

Fred Thomas....I\'m hoping I\'m dead wrong about this, but he\'s got to start declining somewhere. Plus, he just signed a new contract which usually spells that a guy is going to have a down year. I wouldn\'t be surprised if Craft and Brown elevate their play enough to make Thomas the nickleback this season.
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And the big bust will be......

Sam Gash .........

Gash will all but disappear in blocking duties for Mc Allister and at some point in the season will be released or benched for a roookie .

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And the big bust will be......

Are we even sure Gash will make the team?
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And the big bust will be......

Here\'s my vote... The entire offensive backfield (except for Duece if he stays healthy). This is an area I have had issues with for the past couple of years. Sam Gash is apparently injured; the rookie may be really good, but who knows yet? I\'ve thought that there were decent backup-type running backs at the end of the draft the past two years. Stecker is a special teamer. Lamar Smith is getting old. Ronney Jenkins is..... who the hell is Ronney Jenkins? Tavian Banks couldn\'t make the roster last year.

Here are some of the RBs we passed up in the last 2 rounds of the last 3 drafts. They might not have been all pros, but they might become (and in some cases already are) good backups. Some may be total busts, but what else do you normally get out of the last round of the draft - worth a shot.

Chester Taylor - Toledo
James Mungro - Syracuse
Adrian Peterson - Georgia Southern
Avon Coburne - West Virginia
Ahmad Galloway - Alabama
Earnest Graham - Florida
Jarrett Payton - Miami
Quincy Wilson - West Virginia
Derrick Knight - Boston College
Ran Carthon - Florida
Jason Geathers - Miami (also played receiver, can you say \"catch out of the backfield\")

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And the big bust will be......

Seems like I may have made the wrong choice in picking Courtney Watson. It\'d be great if Waton lives up to this:

-- Watson Could Make a Major Impact --
Fri Jun 25, 2004 --from FFMastermind.com

CBS Sportsline\'s Pete Prisco reports New Orleans Saints second round draft pick ILB Courtney Watson might make a major impact on defense. The Saints are trilled with his progress. He has picked up the defense as fast as any rookie they\'ve had, and he handles himself like a veteran already. Watson will compete with Orlando Ruff and Cie Grant for the starting middle linebacker job, but Watson might be the safest choice, if you can believe that about a rookie.
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And the big bust will be......

Ok, this isn\'t a player but I think the biggest bust will be McCarthy as OC. We have the weapons and the talent but I just don\'t see him getting it done. He\'s not the best at adjusting on the fly, so if another team gets us out of our game plan early he will struggle as usual. That can throw a whole team off. That guy hasn\'t shown me much since he\'s been here.
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And the big bust will be......

Boo Williams is one possibility. Everyone is penciling this guy in as a Pro Bowler b/c he had 5 good games last season. Hey, I think he can be a Pro Bowler and will be good, but he may also flop like every other TE before him since Hoby Brenner.

Grant is another possibility as are Sullivan, Young... pretty much the whole defense. HA HA!
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And the big bust will be......

Boo Williams? H*** no! Freddy Thomas? H*** no. Even though I think he may struggle a little covering the opponents number one receivers (Price, Galloway, Smith).

I think Sullivan is going to be the biggest bust. This guy was drafter number 6 overall and only had 1 sack! Not only did he just have one sack the run defense was terrible. Sullivan shouldn\'t be held responsible by himselft but he had a lot to do with it because he\'s on the frontline and the Saints traded up to get him (which I thought was a stupid move because they had back to back picks). Sullivan better step up or he\'s going to be the big bust again. I don\'t see how Courtney Watson can be a bust when we don\'t have a middle linebacker anyway and he was drafted in the second round. Any contribution from him would be great. We\'re hearing good things so hopefully he\'ll do well.
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And the big bust will be......

ESPN Insider: Saints Middle Linebacker Battle

New Orleans Saints\' middle linebacker

Orlando Ruff vs. Darrin Smith vs. Cie Grant vs. Courtney Watson

Ruff, who started nine games last year, plays with a non-stop motor and shows good strength at the point of attack, but he doesn\'t have great range or athletic ability.

While Smith, who started seven games last year, has the instincts and speed to cover backs out of the backfield, he doesn\'t have prototypical size and doesn\'t play with a wide base.

Grant is a former outside linebacker who uses his ability to read plays quickly, and his upfield burst and ability to slip blocks in space mask his lack of ideal size. However, he missed nine games with a knee injury last year and there is some concern about his ability to stay healthy over a 16-game season.

Watson has the ball skills to make some big plays in coverage, he can anchor against the run and is disciplined, but he doesn\'t have great range and he is untested.

Projected winner:
This is a wide-open battle right now and Watson has impressed the coaches with some strong mini-camps, but expect Ruff to be the starter when New Orleans plays Seattle in the season opener. Ruff is the most experienced of the four and is stout against the run. That said, Watson should eventually push Ruff for playing time and Grant should see plenty of time in the nickel as well as dime packages. The versatile Smith will probably move to the outside, where he is also capable of providing good depth.
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