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WhoDat 12-04-2002 12:57 PM

I want Delhomme
I would love to see Delhomme start this Sunday. Brooks' performance has been one of the most scrutinized topics on this board. Personally, I'm not that happy with him because he almost always seems to make the wrong decision.

However, a lot of people in this forum, myself included, have talked about how much we like Delhomme and how he is the perfect fit for our offense. In reality, we don't know anything about Delhomme. Frankly, what he does in practice, preseason, etc. is completely irrelevant. It's what he does in the game that counts.

I'd like to see Delhomme play just to get a better opinion. Who knows, Brooks really could be the best quarterback we have. One interesting fact: at least one team to make it to the Super Bowl in the last three years has done so with a back-up quarterback.

pakowitz 12-04-2002 01:33 PM

I want Delhomme
nothing against jake but i wouldnt like to see him start, i think that if brooks is able to play then he should play, no ?s asked, what would happen to us if jake comes in and stinks it up, he hasnt practiced that much with the 1st team, and it would definetly hurt us in the playoff race and could mess up all our the timing in the offense

mutusos 12-04-2002 01:52 PM

I want Delhomme
I don\'t want Delhomme to start either I must give him credit for closing the game up and getting that 3rd and 8 that we so desperately needed to run out the clock. But Delhomme has not had much game time experience of course neither did Brooks till 2000 and he won are first playoff game ever. But the game against dallas in 99 was a classic keith Poole burning Deion Sanders for a 54 yard scorching to the endzone he really turned on the after burners. Anyhow the next week either abromowitz coached against carolina or Delhomme just stunk it up for carolina to win 45 to something. But the point can be argued Delhomme did not have the offence we have now in 99.

saintfan 12-04-2002 02:51 PM

I want Delhomme
As for me I like Jake, but AB IS THE STARTER!!! AB\'s numbers are solid no matter the spin you wanna put on it...SOLID. He makes mistakes like they all do, and he\'s a helluva lot better at this point than the great Brett Farve was at this point in his career by Brett\'s own admission. Ya\'ll actually think they\'ll sit Brooks? Gimmie some of what ya\'ll are smokin\'! :cool:

daviddrake2 12-04-2002 05:04 PM

I want Delhomme
As much as I have questioned Aaron\'s judgement on certain plays and even knocked his ambition on occasion, I don\'t think the proper move at this point in the season is to bench him. Yes, I too believe that Jake is a good back-up and yes, he may have waht it takes to win. BUT, he has not gotten the reps with the first team, he has not spent more than a few minutes in game situations since preseason, our whole offensive unit is conditioned to play with him at the helm and our playbook is geared toward Brooks\' abilities, not Delhomme\'s.

If Brooks completely falls apart in a game somewhere down the line and he just can\'t get it together, then sure, put Jake in. But otherwise, \"dance with the one who brung ya.\"

Brooks may not be perfect, but then again, I\'ve yet to see the perfect quarterback. The SAINTS are a very respectable 8-4, pretty much a shoe-in for the playoffs and still have an outside chance of moving up in the seedings. We got there because Brooks led a stellar offense against the very best the NFL could throw at us.

Therefore, in my opinion, I say keep starting Brooks as long as he can pul his own weight.

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

saintz08 12-04-2002 07:46 PM

I want Delhomme
Starting Jake would be a great idea against the Ravens .

Heres why , Ravens have a good defense and starting Jake would confuse the defensive scheme. How many times has a back up come in and lit the playing field up . Bulger immediately comes to mind , to bad , too late for it to cross Fartz mind .

Brooks gets the rest he needs on the arm . Had to put that in for the Brooks loyalists .

Jake gets sometime with the first string , nothing like going into a play off run with an injured 1st string Qb and a cold 2nd string .

If Jake shows good judgement and poise , Haslett will know for sure he does not have to put up with a bad day from Brooks , they only play 16 games and a couple bad ones can blow the play offs .

A good showing from Jake should light a fire under Brooks and might just get him to take the leadership role he needs to , to command this team .

Sitting Brooks is not going to throw off the offense\'s timing , on that train of thought Jakes pass to win the game against Tampa should have been in the stands somewhere . Who do you think has been taking all the snaps this week ???? So who is Ready for the play calling against the Ravens ???

Brooks becomes all too predictable when Duece is out , or injured . Confusing the Ravens with the Quarterback switch may be to the Saints advantage . Worst case , Brooks can go in .

daviddrake2 12-04-2002 11:12 PM

I want Delhomme
I see your point, saintz08.

If Brooks can\'t practice all week and won\'t be in shape on Sunday, then it makes sense for Jake to get the start. But if Brooks is back up to speed, I say play Aaron.

Then, if Brooks\' shoulder starts acting up or if they just want to use the injury as an excuse because Brooks is blowing the game, pull him and put in Jake.

Just some continuing thoughts on this subject...

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston

NellyFord 12-04-2002 11:33 PM

I want Delhomme
I like Delhomme to start this week because there is no way possible for AB to be 100%. Im not saying Delhomme is going to be the answer but everyone has to start somewhere. AB might have all these great numbers but if you look would you trade those numbers for the INT\'s or the bad decisions he makes. My biggest problem with AB is he is trying to be a QB that he is not. It\'s like he doesnt want to be this running QB or something. I agree that it\'s not all his fault and at times he is unquestionably the man for the job. If he is not 100% healthy then he shouldnt play. I think Jake at 100% is better than AB not being full health. I just hate when people talk about his great numbers when he makes some big mistakes too. Numbers dont mean nothing, its getting the job done when it counts. Look at the Browns game, where was all his numbers at when he got to the redzone. Im 100% behind Brooks whenever he is healthy. Start Delhomme whats the worst that could happen he throws a few INT\'s. You cant blame the loss on him because it\'s a total team effort. It doesnt matter who is running the controls of the offense the key is Deuce, if he is hurt u could have Joe Montana back there and it would not make much of a difference. The biggest question here is if Deuce is healthy enough to play and if AB is 100% :exclam:

pakowitz 12-04-2002 11:47 PM

I want Delhomme
i dont agree nelly, if deuce was not 100% would u want him to play, of course you would, and it should be the same with brooks, its football for crying out loud, people get hurt, and its only a bruse, its not like he tore his rotator cuff or anything, its not like he cant throw the ball. its a freakin bruse, and AB will play, and he will play well, and thats my prediction for this weekend.

saintz08 12-04-2002 11:57 PM

I want Delhomme
Haslett can start Jake and go to Brooks if Jake gets in trouble .

This is not a controlled environment , home game . The recent storms could make it real cold at kick off . The Ravens are missing starters on defense and for Petes sake the Panthers beat them . In that environment if Brooks rushes it , he could tear something in his shoulder . Duece is still hurting , sit them both the first half and see what happens .

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