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BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Dont change anything. I am a noob, as my IT specialist, who's never touched a live woman, calls me. Its easy to get around here. If you change anything, make it do less things. If you just want to make ...

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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

Dont change anything. I am a noob, as my IT specialist, who's never touched a live woman, calls me. Its easy to get around here. If you change anything, make it do less things. If you just want to make it a gold screen with words (and some pictures), that would be ok with me.

Halo is an awesome dude, on and off the field, and I think the moderation is just right. Our reputation is that everything goes. In reality, you can do and say more here, but a$$h@les get shown the door.

I dont know what a server is, but if the server is what makes things turn on faster, then we are the John Holmes of servers. I also dont know what a bandwith is, but I try to not use so many words, so you can save bandwith.

I scoped this site out, after a nasty experience at Site X. I saw supposed Saints fans call each other names you wouldnt get called in Atlanta. Also, their Boy Love Clique was very territorial. Archie Manning himself wouldnt be welcome there.

The Posters on this site rock. We're older, more mature, friendlier, and have lives. I came here to be a Saints fan and talk to other Saints fans, and talk about stuff I love: football, Louisiana / Gulf Coast Life, etc. A bunch of people here have been to my house, or have met me at the Superdome in person, and I expect to meet more this season.

This isnt just some internet site. This is an online Saints Tailgate Party.

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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

Originally Posted by Stealthman View Post
Halo (Mark Clark) and many others behind the scenes have invested a lot of time and effort into this website. How would you rate it overall (including the added features, appearance, moderators, etc.) overall?

This is a good site, and we're about to embark on a Championship run. Glad Black & Gold.com is here... especially for those of us who reside outside of the Louisiana Gulf Coast region.
I would rate it 150. This is absolutely the best site i have ever been on. The posters are knowledgable without being arrogant and we are allowed to speak our minds without getting banned on the spot. Posters here have are more mature than that other site and we don't have some fat arse slob doing goofy pre game speeches that make people sick.
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

It needs to be more newortaneous.
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

all in all i have been on about every site there is for the saints. i stay here for solid info and the class of people i have met here. two thumbs to all the real football fans that love their saints that seem to keep coming back .... like me
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

Unbelievable site. So much better than any forum I have seen. If anything, it's too good, and I spend way too much time on it. I try to explain to my wife that it is more than Saints football, that some of the most intelligent people on the internet are on here.

Oh, I do have one complaint; I am not smart enough to download pictures that fit the pixel range.
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

This is the Best Saints site on the web, second to none. Great guys and ladies. This is the place to get all your New Orleans Saints news. Great Saints fans make up the best site.

Mark Clark ( HALO ) and you all know who you are.
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

I've been coming here for over a decade on and off and having managed to avoid being banned a time or three I can honestly say this is the best location for New Orleans Saints information on the web bar none. Great people who really dig deep and post relevant articles and insight are all over this site. Management is tolerant and actually participates and actively looks for ways to make the place even better. I've sen the place grow and I'm proud to point people here and I do so all the time. Being the only football fan in my house really (my kids are too young), this is a great place for me to come and whine about stuff with other like-minded people - people who tolerate my occasional rants and my obsession with Zooey!

Halo...I love you man!

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How many dancing bananas will Saintfan award YOU????
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

Halo (B&G.com Editor, Mark Clark) is a hero, IMO. He never tries to take the limelight, and is always looking for a way to make this site better.

I know of a situation where Halo tried to reach out to some on another fan website ("Brand X"), and was shunned, and they utterly rejected his olive branch. But the way he handled it showed me a lot, and he really earned my respect as a result (not that he didn't have it before).

Most of you have heard this, but I'm pasting the URL link below ...just in case you haven't: When the Saints went to SB XLIV, Australian radio interviewed him for a worldwide audience. Mark was humble, yet showed himself to be very articulate and knowledgeable in the process. Here it is, in case you missed it:
http://blackandgold.com/saints/24293...ian-radio.html (BlackandGold.com on Australian Radio)

Yes, this site "ROCKS!" Halo: We love you, bro. Keep up the good work!

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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

Hats off not only to the brains, but to all members. Being a fan from from the nether regions, good, solid, reliable information is hard to come by. I drop in every day, good info, especially during training camp, the members of this brotherhood provide some good stuff. Well done to all! now let's get a G***d**m snack, oh and maybe a beer or ten.
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Re: BlackAndGold.com website (...your thoughts)

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